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BOOK TOUR – My Saving Grace (Vested Interest – ABC Corp Series) by Melanie Moreland

Title: My Saving Grace
Series: Vested Interest – ABC Corp Series
Author: Melanie Moreland
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 25, 2021
Grace VanRyan has her life mapped out.
Law school, a career with ABC, and a bright future ahead of her.
Until Jaxson Richards steps into the picture. He’s everything she hasn’t planned for.
Older, sexy, off-limits.
And her new boss.
When the passion between them explodes, will her life blow up along with it?

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This book has it all–
“This is one of the most fulfilling and wonderful romances I’ve read in a long time. I’m also so honored Melanie Moreland included a nod to my books (cue uncontrollable squeeing). I loved this gorgeous, heartwarming read and can’t wait to read more in the series!”-
Scarlett Scott, USA Today Best Selling Author of Notorious Ladies of London

I ignored life around me until I finished —
“This standalone is the first of a new generation that is everything I loved about The Contract blown up. The scorching heat, the hurt and anger, the broken grumbly hero with the huge heart he knows nothing about. A top 2021 read for me, My Saving Grace had it all and I can’t wait for more of the ABC Corp!”-
Stephanie Rose, author of Never Too Late series

In awe of the brilliance —
“In true Melanie Moreland fashion the reader is once again surrounded by characters that feel like they are family. Hopes and dreams are riding a very thin line and the reader turns each page needing more while at the same time they are in awe of the brilliance that is another Melanie Moreland masterpiece.”-
The Overflowing Bookcase


I knew reading the A Merry Vested Wedding novella that I was gonna fall in love with this new series from Melanie Moreland and I wasn’t wrong…..

Following on from the BAM boys stories, this series focuses on the lives and loves of their grown children.

Grace VanRyan is such a daddy’s girl… both in her relationship with her father but also in how like him she is in manner and characteristics (though she shares a load of traits with her mom!!). I love that she is so focussed on what she wants to do, knows her mind and loves with her whole heart. I hated when she was hurt, even though I understood the reasoning when it was revealed, it still broke my heart that she had felt the way she did..

Jaxson Richards comes across as an arrogant ass except when, for the most part, he’s dealing with Grace. The confirmed bachelor is knocked for six when he meets Gracie and to be honest, he’s not got a chance in hell of recovering…. until he blows it big time!!! Again, I got it, afterwards.. but at the time I wanted to throw him under a train!

The road to their HEA was not going to be an easy one for Jaxson, but I loved that he was a determined and stubborn as his Gracie. She gave him a run for his money but gods, I was rooting for them from the get go and I couldn’t wait to see how things would go for them.

Catching up with the BAM family and meeting the ABC kids whose books are coming was a lot of fun and reminded me of exactly why I adore Melanie’s writing.

I’m so looking forward to the next book in the series and finding out who’s gonna be next to fall…..

A must read in my opinion.

New York Times/USA Today bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of twenty-seven-plus years and their rescue cat, Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.
While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys traveling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.
Melanie loves stories, especially paired with a good wine, and enjoys skydiving (free falling over a fleck of dust) extreme snowboarding (falling down stairs) and piloting her own helicopter (tripping over her own feet.) She’s learned happily ever afters, even bumpy ones, are all in how you tell the story.
Melanie is represented by Flavia Viotti at Bookcase Literary Agency. For any questions regarding subsidiary or translation rights please contact her at flavia@bookcaseagency.com


RECENT RELEASE – Desperate Desires (Snow Twins #1 ~ Dark Leopards MC: West Michigan Chapter) by Maria Vickers


As a young boy, abandoned by my parents and ripped apart from my twin sister, I learned early on that the world was full of evil and hate. I survived by living between the light and darkness, using my shifter abilities to stay alive…until one mistake should have cost me my life. Instead, it became my salvation and gave me a family and band of brothers who had my back no matter what.

The Dark Leopards MC was not a gang to be trifled with, and many gave us a wide birth, and as the Sergeant At Arms, I ensured that’s the way it stayed. But someone was trying to encroach on our territory and begin a war. I suspect the woman I saved, the woman whom I discover is my mate, is tied to it all somehow. I just have to figure out the puzzle before it’s too late.


I was only trying to help a friend. The last thing I ever thought is that my friend would try to kidnap me, but thankfully someone or something saved me. Rushing to meet my roommate, Siam, I got another shock when the gang responsible for my brother’s death are her friends. I didn’t care if her brother had mesmerizing eyes or if I had a hard time not thinking about him. He was the enemy!

But even as my enemy, he may be my only chance to stay alive and learn the truth. And if Snow is the one protecting me in and out of bed, I wouldn’t complain too much.

**Previous published in Dark Leopards MC, Michigan Chapter, it has been expanded and contains new content.

Add to your Goodreads: 

I was on the verge of turning sixteen and needed some money. A thick billfold attached to a chain caught my attention. Easy pickings. Some shifters’ gifts could only be used while in their animal counterparts, but not mine. I had the ability to use mine both in animal and human form, and I took full advantage. It meant, if I wanted to, I could sleep with a roof over my head, and no one would be the wiser.

Ducking into an alley, I kept my eye on my target and stripped before activating my gift. I’d learned at ten that suddenly disappearing in front of anyone tended to make people freak out, and it was worse if you disappeared, but your clothes didn’t. In addition, no one wanted to see a kid strip down naked in the middle of the room so they could become invisible.

Stepping out of the alley, I noticed my target leaning against a big blue mailbox, scanning the area. Maybe he was looking for someone. Good. It meant his attention would be on whatever he was doing, and he was less likely to notice the disappearance of his wallet. He was making this too easy for me.

I moved closer and realized the man was a shifter, and my heart thudded. I swallowed hard, and it sounded loud in my ears. I inched my way toward him, slow and steady because I didn’t want him to realize I was there. There was always a higher level of danger when I stole from a shifter. However, it never stopped me.

His leather cut made me pause, but only for a second. This man was giving off a don’t fuck with me vibe, and I had the feeling many didn’t argue with him. I needed his wallet, though. Three more steps. The pounding pulse in my ears drowned out the sounds around me. This man was bad news. One more step. I could do this. I’d done it a million times, and this was no different than anyone else, except this guy could probably kill me. He had that look about him.

Reaching for his wallet, I noticed the back of his cut. FUCK ME! Not probably kill me. Definitely kill me. Dark Leopards MC was spelled out in bold letters along with their logo. I’d picked the wrong person to steal from…or had I? If I managed to get his fat wallet, not only would I have his money, I could have the satisfaction of knowing I’d stolen it from a patched member of the local badass MC.

Slowly and carefully, I detached the wallet from the chain and began to pull it out of his pocket, and then all hell broke loose. His large paw grabbed my wrist, squeezing hard, and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying out. It hurt like a motherfucker! How? How had he noticed me? He shouldn’t be able to see or smell me. I was completely invisible. 

“Big mistake, boy,” he growled.
See? Very naïve little shit.

Maria Vickers is a bestselling and award-winning author who currently resides in St. Louis, MO with her pug, Spencer Tracy. She has always had a passion for writing and after she became disabled in 2010, she decided to use writing as her escape. Life is about what you make of it, you have to live it to the fullest no matter the circumstances.

From a young age, she has always loved books and even dreamed of being an author when she was younger. Growing up in the Navy, she used to weave tales for her siblings and her friends about anything and everything. And when she wasn’t creating her own stories, she had a book in her hand. They transported her to another world. She hopes that her readers will have the same experience when reading her stories, and that, in some way, they can relate to her characters.

Getting sick changed her life forever, but it also opened doors for her that she thought would always be out of reach.


RELEASE BLITZ – And Then There Was Us (And Then There Was #2) by Jenika Snow

Title: And Then There Was Us
Series: And Then There Was #2
Author: Jenika Snow
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 8, 2021
I’d needed a job and found myself applying at Lyrics, an intimate jazz bar in the heart of the city. My goal was simple—earn enough money so my ailing father didn’t have to worry about anything.
What hadn’t been in my plans was instantly being attracted to Bishop, my new boss and the resident bartender.
The attraction was insane, and the chemistry was off the charts between us. And the obsession he threw my way should have frightened me, but instead it made me want him even more.
He was protective, making me feel as if I were the only woman in the world for him. And after a heated night of passionate abandon, I realized he ruined me for all other men. It was the single most incredible experience of my life.
He said—vowed—he’d never let me go, that I was meant to be his… that it was meant to be between us.
And when I all but snuck out of his bed while he still slept, doing the Walk of Shame, I worried things could never work between us.
What I knew for certain was the one-night stand I just had with my boss was something I wanted to experience over and over again.
Because I realized I’d already fallen in love with Bishop.
But life was full of conflict, and mine especially was chaos. Sometimes that was too much for anyone to take on, even for a man who said I was meant to be his.


Free in Kindle Unlimited

God, she was absolutely gorgeous. The most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. When I first locked eyes on her as I’d come out of the office, I literally lost my footing, unable to move—hell, unable to fucking breathe.
Breathtaking. Yeah… that’s what she was.
I found myself lifting a hand and rubbing the center of my chest. I knew I should have said something, but I was literally tongue-tied by how stunning she was.
Her hair was thick and curly, and so dark it reminded me ofonyx. Her eyes were big, soulful, and a rich brown that reminded me of mahogany. Her dark skin was smooth, flawless, and her lips were pouty and red, drawing my eyes to them over and over again. I thought back to her body when I’d first seen her standing there. Despite the jacket and slacks she wore, I could tell she was curvy, feminine in all the ways that turned me on.
No, nothing and no one has ever made me feel like this.
“Well,” she said, and I blinked, bringing myself back to the present. “I love this bar and the atmosphere. It’s eclectic and unique, and my father loves all things jazz—as do I—so I thought this would be a perfect fit.”
“No,” I said, and she stopped, her eyes going wide. “Korrie, tell me why you want to work here.”
It took her a moment, but I saw that she knew I wanted the truth. I’d never asked an interviewee this, because it wasn’t my fucking business, but there was no denying there was something special about this woman, and a part of me grew curious to know all the things, all her secrets.
Finally, she exhaled and glanced down at her lap, her thick curls falling over her shoulder. My fingers itched to touch her, to smooth my thumb under her chin and bring her head up so I could look into her warm mahogany eyes once more.
“My father is sick, and I need this job to pay his medical and prescription bills.” She looked up at me, and I leaned back, not expecting that to come from her. “And this is the only place that called me back for an interview.” She shrugged and glanced back down at her lap. I could see she twisted her hands together nervously.
“Look at me,” I said gently, coaxing. She lifted her head,and I smiled. “Thank you for being honest. You can’t know how nice it is to hear the truth.” I watched her shoulders relax, and she gave me a tentative smile in return.
“I wasn’t lying about loving this place though. All of that was the truth.” She licked her lips, and I was riveted to the sight.
I got hard.
My heart raced.
My palms started to sweat.
Nothing mattered but her. This tunnel vision settled in, and I embraced it.
“So when can you start?” I gave her a grin when I saw the surprise on her face.
“Just like that?”
I looked down at the application she’d dropped off just a few days ago, one of the waitresses having taken it. Hell, if I had taken the application from Korrie myself, I would’ve hired her right on the spot simply from the connection I felt with her alone.
And the truth was, I still would have hired her even if she hadn’t told me about needing this job, because she had to help her dad out. I wanted her close. It was this strange, sudden, but very strong sensation in me. It was as if this feeling I had toward Korrie was ingrained in my very DNA.
Not having her work for me—not keeping her close—seemed like the worst possible idea I could’ve ever come up with.

99c for a limited time!
Free in Kindle Unlimited

Starting out as an avid reader, Jenika took up penning her first story and published it in 2009. Since then, she’s written books in just about every trope and sub-genre in romance.

RELEASE BLITZ – Holding (Moving the Chains #5) by Kata Ĉuić

Title: Holding
Series: Moving the Chains #5
Author: Kata Ĉuić
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: March 8, 2021
Every rule has an exception.
Tori Russo’s job is very simple—be a pretty distraction for a professional football player with a bad attitude. Her only problem? She’d rather gain some actual marketing experience during her internship than be someone’s arm candy for photo ops. Growing up with a Navy captain father and five older, overprotective brothers, she’s never been allowed to stand on her own two feet. She’s going to prove to them she has what it takes to be an independent adult. Even if it means giving in and faking a relationship with one of the NFL’s most eligible bachelors. Tori doesn’t want to sleep her way to the top, but her client is impossible to resist. If she can keep her heart out of the game, she can walk away with her head held high.
Mike Mitchell’s life shouldn’t be this complicated. All he wants is to play football and earn a good living for his family, but his life off the field is riddled with chaos. After a long-standing feud with an old friend-turned-rival is caught on camera, he’s assigned a PR rep by his team. His options are limited—play nice with the sweet as peaches redhead or be benched. With his paycheck and his ability to provide for his mom and sisters on the line, he’s convinced he can juggle one more ball. His only problem? He’s becoming way too attached to this gorgeous distraction. The friend zone is collapsing day by day. If he can’t avoid her temptation, then he’s going to have to find a different way to play by the rules.

Even with his face twisting in a weird mixture of what I’m guessing is contempt, fury, then finally resignation, Mike Mitchell is a darn fine specimen of the male species. He’s apple pie, bonfires on a cool fall night, and the epitome of what most women imagine when they hear the words “football player.” In short, he’s an all-American stud whose good looks almost overshadow his annoyed expression. His full lips form an upside-down horseshoe. With that kind of expressive control, he’s probably a fantastic kisser.
He drags a hand through sweat-soaked hair that’s a much lighter shade of brown when it isn’t wet. From what I’ve seen of his team photos, he keeps it neat and doesn’t go overboard with products or style like the kind of guys who probably spend more time on their hair in the morning than I do.
Like Ben does. Or maybe he doesn’t anymore. I wouldn’t know because he made it perfectly clear that we needed a break to find ourselves. Whatever that means.
I snap out of my daze when Mitchell speaks.
“I don’t need it, guys. Really.”
A bark of laughter redirects my attention to the doorway. The same man who tested me stands at the entrance of the room like some sort of guard dog, his arms crossed over his chest. “Oh, we think you do.”
Mike throws his arms in the air, clearly frustrated. “Why? My numbers are solid. I’m pulling my weight—”
A round of boisterous laughter cuts him off. Another player shouts, “Yeah, because this is the weight room!”
He rolls his eyes at that admittedly horrible joke. “Butt out of my personal life, will you?”
“I knew it!” someone else calls. “He’s got butt problems!”
“Oh my God,” Mitchell mutters, rubbing his forehead. Then louder, “I’m not gay! Give it a rest already!”
“If you’re not gay, then explain your lover’s spat with Fossoway last week.”
My ears perk up because that name is precisely why I’m here. I open my mouth, but I don’t get a chance to speak.
“Gay or not, you need to get laid, man!”
“How long’s it been? Years?
“Are you a Boy Scout?”
“Relax and live a little! You’re in the big leagues now! Enjoy it!”
With each additional piece of life advice, Mike’s face gets redder and redder. I’m not sure whether it’s from anger or embarrassment. Both of which I totally empathize with. He finally explodes, leaping off his bench like his butt might actually have problems. In that it’s on fire. He stands so close to me; I can actually see the split second of hesitation in his eyes.
In the next heartbeat, my theory is proven right. So right.
If only it wasn’t so wrong.
That thought is impossible to maintain when strong, capable hands grip my hips and knead until I’m nearly purring. A decidedly inelegant squeak escapes my throat as I’m hauled against six feet of solid muscle. The instinct to let my hands explore every plane and deep ridge forces me to fist his damp shirt to stave off my baser instincts. Firm lips and a warm, soft tongue obliterate any other attempt at sensibility. If I’ve ever been kissed like this, I don’t remember it. I’m not sure I’ll remember my own name after even one more minute of this exquisite torture.
Thankfully, he pulls away before I can completely lose myself.
All my hopes for salvation go up in flames as his mouth migrates to the sensitive spot just below my ear, his lips tickling my prickly skin as he speaks. “Follow my lead.”
I’m not sure I could walk a straight line right now, much less follow him anywhere.
Seeming to sense my knees are close to buckling, he drags me away as laughter and more comments pelt me from all sides. The cacophony is barely enough to stop my mind from spinning.
“Give it to her good!”
“Don’t come back here until you’re a man again!”
“Can I watch?”
Heck, I want to watch what Mike Mitchell is undoubtedly capable of, and pornography is not something I’ve ever engaged in.
Once we’re safely in the much quieter hallway, he releases me from his surprisingly gentle grip then rounds on me. “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested. I’ll pay for your wasted time though, unless whoever hired you paid up front.”
The conversation and events that went over my head in the weight room catch up to me with his offer. “You think I’m a prostitute?


Kata Čuić lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and three teens. No one told her life was gonna be this way. She holds a degree in Linguistics with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. Her plans of becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon were foiled by OChem 1. Fortunately, she’d been making up stories in her head since the days of her imaginary friend, Choosy. Putting pen to paper, er…fingers to the keyboard…came surprisingly naturally after her aforementioned teens decided it was time for them to cut their respective cords.
Kata writes everything from angst-filled YA series to standalone rom-coms and has been known to dabble in a bit of paranormal on the free stories section of her website. She believes nice guys shouldn’t have to finish last (except in the bedroom where she prefers an alpha between the sheets but a gentleman in the streets), and that the surest way to a woman’s heart is through laughter and food.

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