REVIEW ~ A Barbarian Bonding (The Instinct series #2) by Marie Harte

A Barbarian Bonding
by Marie Harte


Release Date: May 16, 2017

Genre: , ,


Mandy Jacobs sought a job on planet Ussed because it took her far from her problems on Earth. Her goal has been simple—keep a low profile. Not that easy to do when two larger-than-life barbarians are keeping an eye on her. Avoidance seems like her best plan of action…until danger from her past comes calling. Soon on the run from an old enemy, a new enemy, and hunky warriors with a crazy notion to claim her, she’s running out of options.

Zhen and Lore have bonded, but they’re in need of female to complete them. When they see Mandy, they know. She’s the one. But the stubborn human female needs some persuading. And some saving, since she’s got humans and a rival clan after her. With time not on their side, Zhen and Lore must convince Mandy that she belongs with them. And that if she’ll let herself, she’ll find acceptance in the arms of not just one, but two barbarians who have nothing but love to give.

A M/M/F bisexual, menage romance. 

About the Series

In the future, Earth isn’t the only inhabitable planet anymore. The resort on planet Ussed is a tourist attraction known far and wide throughout the galaxies. It’s a pleasure haven, home of beautiful people, flora, fauna, and fascinating vistas–the most intriguing being the barbarians who work as security for the resort. There’s a treaty keeping the tourists and the natives separate. Until the barbarians realize the women of Earth might just be worth breaking a few treaties for.


Had they called her smart? Mandy drew back inside the administrative building, hoping she hadn’t been spotted. Smart? Ha. Mandy considered herself beyond stupid, considering she shouldn’t still be on the planet, let alone allow herself to be constantly distracted by the sexy barbarians. So much for keeping a low profile.

In the year she’d been at the resort, she’d done her best to fit in. She’d discouraged attention, kept to herself, mostly, and had fended off her more serious pursuers with the silent treatment. Most of her fellow workers at the resort treated her kindly—she was in charge of handing out pay after all—and left her alone.

Yet it seemed like every time she turned around lately, someone had been leaving presents on her doorstep. A flower, a sweet meat, some small gift. She knew the barbarians were to blame, because she’d spotted Lore dropping off a flower once. That and they constantly watched her. On shift or off, she forever felt their gazes on her, like a weight that seduced instead of frightened.

Lord knew, she should have been terrorized. Both males stood a good head and a half taller than her slight five foot three. They had plenty of golden muscle exposed by naught but loincloths, boots, and those animal hide arm-guards that covered them from wrist to elbow. Both possessed long, black hair kept out of their eyes by warrior braids at their temples.

And the feature that truly stunned her, their golden eyes. A golden center in the middle of a white orb. She’d seen plenty of barbarians in her time on the planet, but the only one who’d had an eye color not gold was Lore. One of his eyes was green, the other barbarian gold.

The very first time she’d spotted the pair, she’d stared, entranced. For some reason, the two recent transfers mesmerized her. They weren’t all that different from the others who’d worked security, but she’d sensed Zhen and Lore to be more dangerous. Thus her campaign of avoidance.

What did she get for staying out of their way? Presents. And those looks, the heated glances, as if they’d seen her naked and relished the fact. She’d never given them any hint she was receptive to their gestures, yet they didn’t seem to care.

Other books in the series

A Civilized Mating (book #1)

If one barbarian is lethal, two are even more dangerous…in bed

Earther Skye Jones arrives to rescue her friend from a kidnapping, knowing she’ll be throwing away her chances of a dream job on planet Ussed. But with her skills, she doesn’t anticipate being captured by a group of the lethal barbarians. Or that she’ll fall for the sexy squad leader. If that weren’t bad enough, she’s brought back to their encampment, where she meets their clan leader, yet another hulking warrior that sets her blood afire.

When the mating instinct takes over, Skye finds herself with not just one, but two bed partners. Her life isn’t meant to be lived among the uncivilized. Or is it? Before she can decide what she wants, the choice is taken out of her hands by an enemy clan. And if she’s not careful, she’ll lose a lot more than a stubborn heart.

A M/M/F bisexual, menage romance. 

Buy Links:


A Warrior’s Claiming (Book #3)
– out June 20th

Arghet doesn’t know what to make of the new addition to the clan. Skehl is huge, an indomitable warrior with a berserker’s power.
Once part of a hated enemy clan, he’s watched carefully. Somehow Arghet finds himself having to look after the beast. He has more important things to do than care for a troubled male. He’s doing his best to track down the strange female who stole his kill not long ago. 

But when he finally finds her, Arghet learns he’s no longer the hunter, but the hunted. And that Skehl is much more than the quiet, subdued warrior he once seemed…

Find an exclusive excerpt from A Warrior’s Claiming on Marie’s website


Whenever I need a break from contemporary romance I know that one of my favourite ‘go-to’ authors will always hit the spot, and as ever, Marie Harte has done the trick!

Paranormal and sci-fi romance are my all time fave reads, though unfortunately I’ve not been in the genre all that much of late… Marie has soothed my craving and brought me right back into my comfort zone with a really great read in A Barbarian Bonding – book 2 in The Instinct series

I loved reading about Mandy, Zhen & Lore.
Mandy has had a less than stellar life so she has fled to Ussed to try and live life her own way, what she wasn’t expecting was an attraction to not one but two hulking barbarians. Mandy has some secrets that she has managed to keep hidden so far but the more she’s around the mated males the more one of her secrets in particular threatens to come out. I got her concerns and hesitation given her past but lordy, I could have shaken her a time or two to make her see what was in front of her face!!

Lore and Zhen have been together, both as friends and as much more for some time but they are in need or their third, and when they spot Mandy at the planets resort, they both know that she is the one for them. However, knowing that she is human and that they cannot just spirit her away, the set about trying to win her affection and eventually her commitment and love.

I love Marie’s imagery and descriptions of the far flung plants and worlds that she builds for us in her books. The affection, caring and love that she weaves between her characters is palpable and her sex scenes are hot and heady (in more ways than one! lol 😉 ) I really enjoyed the fact that the guys were already in a serious place and mated before they met Mandy and that even through the turmoil and events they face during the story that threaten their future with their third, their relationship stood the pace.

I’m going back to reread book 1 in the series A Civilized Mating before the third book A WARRIOR’S CLAIMING is released on the 20th of this month!

A solid 4.5* read and one I’d recommend to all sci-fi and PNR lovers.

About the Author:mh3-cropped200

Caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, MARIE HARTE is a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she’s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after.
Award-winning author Marie  has been writing professionally since 2005. She’s both a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author and has written over 100 books and counting. Marie writes books with heat, humor, and character. She writes independently and for several publishers, to include Sourcebooks and Samhain. Though currently writing contemporary romance, she also writes paranormal and romantic suspense. Before turning to writing full-time, she earned a B.A. in English from Pennsylvania State University and spent several years in the United States Marine Corps as a communications officer.


The Facts According to Marie:

  • I’m a mood reader. If I read a book with a bad ending, it throws me into a funk for days.
  • If it’s paranormal, I’m digging it.
  • I majored in English and have yet to read Jane Austen. Seriously. *I hang my head in shame*
  • I’m naturally lazy but perform best under deadlines.
  • I’ve fired a 9mm pistol, a Squad Automatic Weapon, an M16A2 rifle, an M203 grenade launcher, and have thrown live grenades. And I loved it!
  • Grammar is my rock. I respect those who know when to use their, there, and they’re correctly.
  • I’m definitely a night owl.
  • Long live the Oxford comma.
  • I love books. I’ll read until they bury me, and then I’ll haunt libraries.
  • I can’t write to music or television. I need perfect quiet.


Author Links:


Mailing List






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