REVIEW TOUR ~ Delicate Love by Josephine Brierley

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Delicate Love

(The Stonewater Series #1)

Josephine Brierley



Life has dealt some heavy blows to Mackenzie Tillar. Bullied as a child, and no one to turn to, the one person, who was meant to protect her, to raise her, and surround her with unconditional love, had let her down. Kenzie learnt to deal with life in her own promiscuous way. Until that one fateful night when she met Sam, now she was contemplating breaking the very rules she had instigated.

For Samuel Edwards, being orphaned at a very young age meant that he found his own way in life. He lives it as he pleases, no room for relationships, no belief in love. It was never a part of his life. He’d never craved it, and never missed it. Until one night when he meets his match with Kenzie, she has the same rules, same fears.

They are both void of love, both not even searching for anything else.

Fate brings them together, and thirty-six questions ignite a spark in them both.

Could thirty-six questions lead to love? It was an experiment worth exploring.

Now they are playing a game, a game that suggests more, but is it more than they have bargained for?

** This book is Part 1 in a series, but is a stand-alone. There is no cliffhanger.

**This book contains some sexual content and disturbing situations. Over 18 years recommended.



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BLP Review ~ Tracy

I have to say that I was captivated by this story from the off.. The book was well written, the characters very likable, the premise was interesting, the connection between our leading couple was obvious and believable from the get go and the slow build to their friendship/relationship/whatever-you-want-to-call-it kept me engaged throughout. I didn’t want to put my kindle down, even when I had to….

Samuel Edwards is on a weekend trip with some buddies with the aim of getting away from work and having some fun. Mackenzie Tillar is moving back to her hometown and is on an overnight stop when she heads to a bar for a few drinks. Neither do relationships and they don’t believe in love. A one night stand is all they are looking for when they fall into their shared night at the beginning of the book but fate has a very different idea in mind for this pair.

I loved the 36 questions. Both characters had had a rough time growing up, each experiencing their own share of heartbreak and loss that shaped their lives and gave them the thoughts and beliefs that they had when they first met. Finding out more about both Sam and Mackenzie through the answers to the questions and the thoughts they both had every time they ran into each other as well as the spark, attraction and feelings these meetings brought out led to an fantastic read.

The story takes place over a number of months and though it was a relatively short period of time, things didn’t feel rushed. There was a slow burn to their friendship and an intense insight into the other that isn’t usually found until you’ve known a person for a while. During the time that they are getting to know each other there are a few hitches that make it seem as if any chance of them becoming more than friends could be knocked on the head – trust, faith and belief are in short supply at points and things happen that are quite unexpected that have an impact, both good and bad, on the couple..

This book would have been a 5*  (rather than 4.5*) for me but for Mackenzie’s attitude and reluctance to take a chance on Sam even when it’s obvious he is looking for something more and is serious about her. Don’t get me wrong, I got that things had been difficult for her but I just wished she’d have been more willing to let go of the past a little quicker; however, that didn’t detract from my love of the story or how much I liked her character overall.

There was a good supporting cast made up of Sam and Mackenzie’s friends and family. Some real characters in there and I’m guessing that these guys and gals are gonna be featured as heavily in future books.

This is the first book by Jo Brierley that I’ve read (but I know that it’s definitely gonna be a reread for me going forward) and I’m looking forward to more in this series already! If you haven’t yet picked up this fab read, do it now – you won’t be disappointed.

~ T xxx



One of Five eBooks of Delicate Love by Josephine Brierley


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About the Author

I’m that person that watches the world turn, studying the characters that exist in life each day, finding different personalities, traits and attributes that can be worked into the stories that flow into my head.

I love the escapism of writing, finding the time to create new characters whenever I can, and they do pop into my head often. Writing was something that I had craved to do at a young age. Unfortunately my first foray into putting my thoughts on paper was quashed by a not so supportive partner. Now, with the support of my wonderful husband, I have completed two romance novels and my third is a work in progress.

Chasing Butterflies was my debut novel, and it’s a story I decided I wanted to tell after my own experience with breast cancer. In July 2012, I made the decision that a Bilateral Mastectomy was the best option for me after being diagnosed. Thankfully I was given the all clear after my surgery. It is a story based loosely on my own breast cancer journey, a story of a young woman who faces decisions that no one should have to and finds love along the way.

Delicate Love is an adult contemporary romance, with just a touch of anguish. It’s real life, mixed with angst and romance. The story revolves around thirty-six questions that were originally written as an experiment by Arthur Aron, more than forty-one years ago. His aim at the time was to have a couple fall in love within his laboratory, to prove that intimacy could be encouraged. The laboratory part sounds romantic doesn’t it?

My career has always been in the retail area. Since I was fifteen I have worked in retail stores, spanning clothing, books, recorded music, theme parks and the soft furnishing industry. I have a lot of memories and good times shared with people that were a part of my life. I love taking those memories, good and bad, and entwining them with fiction, to create a novel that may touch someone emotionally.

My husband and I have recently relocated to Bali, where we manage an Italian restaurant located directly on the beach. It really is a dream come true, and enables me more time to indulge in my writing.

Life is good.


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