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RELEASE BLITZ ~ F*cking Awkward – A Romantic Comedy Anthology

F*cking Awkward

A Romantic Comedy Anthology


Romance done right is full of beautiful and awe-inspiring sex, where the only noises are gasps of pleasure, and changes of position happen smoothly and effortlessly. But what happens when it all goes wrong?
This collection of short stories will bring you back to the real world, where you laugh to keep from crying, because sometimes, it’s just F*cking Awkward!

Taryn Plendl
A.D. Justice
Ahren Sanders
Aly Martinez
Amanda Maxlyn
B.A. Wolfe
Brooke Blaine
Brooke Page
Carey Heywood
Christine Zolendz
CM Foss
Dina Littner
Ella Frank
Heather C. Leigh
HJ Bellus
K. Langston
Laura Ward
Lex Martin
Liv Morris
Mel Ballew
RE Hunter
Stacy Kestwick
Tiffany Aleman
Trudy Stiles
— PURCHASE for only 99CENTS

All profits from digital sales will be going to The Bookworm Box
to distribute to their monthly charity!

Dear reader:

Congratulations on purchasing the Awkward Sex Anthology! A bunch of amazing authors in a group called FTN (We could tell you what this means, but then we’d have to kill you) got together to write the most awkward sex scenes you could imagine, all for charity. You might be thinking to yourself, “I can’t believe I just bought a book called F*cking Awkward” and I’m here to tell you, it’s much better than the titles that were rejected:
F*cking Toasters
F*cking Goats
F*cking a Box of Captain Crunch
F*cking a T-Rex While Playing the Trumpet
F*cking My Best Friend’s Neighbor’s Stepsister’s Starbucks Manager While Wearing a Toga
F*cking a Toga
I’m just kidding! Nobody wrote a story about f*cking a goat! It was a wombat, actually, and no one pressed charges, so it’s fine. The author is fine, the wombat is fine, EVERYONE IS FINE AND I DIDN’T NEED THERAPY SO STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT.
Did you know that six out of every seven people in the entire world have experienced an awkward sexual encounter? It’s true. I’ve done extensive research. And by extensive, I mean I did a poll of all the adults in my house – 2 dogs, 3 cats, and my husband and I. I’m pretty sure my dog Fat Ralph was lying when he told me he’d never experienced anything awkward during sex, but he had his nuts cut off when he was six weeks old and is still quite bitter about the whole thing and threatens me with a dog bone shank whenever we chat about sex, so I think it’s 4 best if I stop questioning him about the time I found him in the backyard with a jar of peanut butter, two frogs and the neighbor’s cat wearing pasties.
The cat was the one wearing pasties, FYI, not Fat Ralph. That would just be weird.
So, grab some booze, sit back, and enjoy these hilariously awkward sex scenes. Give yourself a pat on the back for purchasing a book for charity and another one for never experiencing something as crazy as what you’re about to read. Unless you have. In that case, it’s okay to cry and rock back and forth in the corner screaming, “IT WAS ONLY THAT ONE TIME AND I HAD NO IDEA I WASN’T SUPPOSED TO PUT THAT CUCUMBER THERE!” Six out of seven of us totally understand. Except for Fat Ralph. He’s totally judging you right now.
XO Tara Sivec



BLOG BLITZ ~ The Dream Series by Isabelle Peterson


The Dream Series

by Isabelle Peterson
The Six Book Series is complete

Series Reading Order:


1: Ditching the Dream (released Oct. 2013) 
2: Not in My Wildest Dreams (released Feb. 2014)
3: Chasing the Dream (released July 2014)
4: Unexpected Dreams (released Nov. 2014)
5: Feels Like a Dream (released June 2015)
6: Dare to Dream (released March 2016)


Book 1: Ditching the Dream:
Feeling dead in her marriage, Elizabeth Fairchild ditches the dream of her seemingly perfect life with her husband in search of who she really is. 
She went from her parents’ house to her husband’s home and never really learned to stand on her own two feet. She decides to leave her comfortable life in Napa Valley in search of her inner fire in New York City. She certainly didn’t leave her husband to find another man, but she soon finds herself involved with two: Jack Stevens and Kevin Parker. 

Jack is older. He has heart-stopping good looks, is wildly successful, and is very much in control of everything around him – especially Elizabeth.


Kevin is younger. He is carefree with a heart of gold and loves Elizabeth’s spunk. 
While Elizabeth’s old life still calls to her, she also finds what she needs in New York. But which dream will she choose?    




Buy Links


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/1tYgk2b  
Amazon CA – http://amzn.to/1acT8UG  
Amazon AU – http://bit.ly/1bZI5fD
Book 2: Not in My Wildest Dreams:
1979… When eighteen-year old Jack Stevens is spotted in his rural Colorado town by a scout from a New York City modeling agency, his life is flipped upside down. With little more than his looks, he heads to New York with a dream he didn’t know he had. Jack has a rough start, but finds his feet and embarks on an exciting life as a male model in the 1980s living in Manhattan. 
2013… Thirty-four years later, a confirmed bachelor, and very successful, Jack is satisfied with his life, until he meets a breath of fresh air—Elizabeth Fairchild. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he’d find a love like he does with ‘Beth.’ It’s an instant connection. 
Following wild dreams had worked for him in the past… Is this another wild dream he should follow? 






Buy Links


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/1iDkzsP   
Amazon CA – http://bit.ly/NIMWDca


Book 3: Chasing the Dream
Phoebe Fairchild didn’t have a great first year of college. In fact, it stunk! She realized she’d chosen a major, physics, that didn’t suit her. And worse than that, a boyfriend who was a first-class jerk. 
When she visited her mother in New York for Spring Break, Phoebe decided that a transfer to a new university, a thousand miles from her current one, and a new major were definitely in order. With a little assistance from her mother’s friend, Jack Stevens, Phoebe worked a transfer to NYU and better still, an internship at a major TV network. 
Phoebe moved into her mother’s old apartment, made a new friend, and figured out the Big Apple. But one of her biggest challenge was to be her internship assignment. Working in Public Relations, she had just gotten comfortable with the daily routine when she’s suddenly assigned to be the Personal Assistant to mega star, Chase Smythe. Since she was nine years old, Phoebe had been starry-eyed for the blond haired, blue eyed actor. Her room had been practically wallpapered in Chase Smythe pullouts from the teen magazines. 
But Chase Smythe wasn’t the charming, sexy actor on TV and in the movies he starred in. He was still as good looking as ever, but seemed that over the years, stardom had jaded him. In real life, Chase was full of himself, lazy and left a path of destruction in his wake that had been well concealed by his former ‘handlers.’ Now it was Phoebe’s job to rein him in. 
Nonetheless, there is a spark. Phoebe was warned to not cave into his charms, as fake as they are, but there’s more than just his charm. There’s chemistry. Is it real? Or is it an act? Will Chase let Phoebe in to see the real person, not the just TV personality? Did she even stand a chance with him? Especially as she faced new challenges herself? Or was being with Chase just a dream?



Buy Links


Amazon UK – http://bit.ly/CTD-uk
Book 4: Unexpected Dreams
Divorce is a big change… But there are bigger ones. 
A few months after his divorce and many failed blind dates, Greg Fairchild met Tanner Williams. What started out as a good friendship unexpectedly turned into something that Greg didn’t know what do with…attraction. Why would he be attracted to a man? He had been a ladies man back in the day. He was married for more than 20 years – to a woman… He fathered three children with that woman… He was a Republican! 
Was this unexpected development a mid-life crisis? Or had he been living a lie all these years?



Buy Links


Amazon US  http://amzn.to/1sNXzwf    
Amazon CA bit.ly/UDAmazonCA
Amazon AU bit.ly/UDAmazonAU 
Nook bit.ly/UDNook  
Kobo bit.ly/UDKobo  
iBooks  bit.ly/UDiBook  


Book 5: Feels Like a Dream
Like most men, Kevin Parker had always dated women his age or younger. Then after dating an older woman for a couple of weeks (now just a good friend, Elizabeth—Beth—Fairchild), Kevin developed a new perspective on love and romance. With his newfound insight, Shelby O’Sullivan catches Kevin’s eye. Confident. Funny. Beautiful. Getting to know her, he quickly realized that she is the woman of his dreams. 
Nine years older than Kevin, a history of less than amazing boyfriends, and a health history she feels is tarnished, Shelby O’Sullivan has avoided falling in love over the past several years. She doesn’t want to fall for Kevin’s southern charms and sinful good looks, but soon finds herself doing just that. 
Is their romance a dream come true or a nightmare in the making?
M. “When his dream becomes a nightmare, can he find the dream again?”




 Buy Links

Kobo – bit.ly/FLDKobo  


Book 6: Dare to Dream
What’s next for the Fairchilds? 
Elizabeth Fairchild and, her true love, Jack Stevens, have organized the Dare to Dream Gala, and her whole family is joining her in New York. 
Her three children all seem to have secrets. 
Bradley, her oldest, wants to talk to her, but won’t say why. 
Carter, her middle child, is bringing a girlfriend, but has said very little about her. 
Even her youngest, Phoebe, seems to be hiding something. 
Secrets and a reunion…Will there be celebrations? 
This is the final book of the series and not a standalone: 
This is the Dream series reading order: 
1: Ditching the Dream (Elizabeth’s story) 
2: Not in My Wildest Dreams (Jack’s story) 
3: Chasing the Dream (Phoebe’s story) 
4: Unexpected Dreams (Greg’s story) 
5: Feels Like a Dream (Kevin’s story) 

6: Dare to Dream (Everyone, plus Beth’s sons Bradley & Carter)





 Buy Links


Kobo – bit.ly/DAREKobo  

iBooks – http://bit.ly/DAREiBooks



Rafflecopter giveaway



Isabelle Peterson is a Chicago suburbs girl living in Connecticut enjoying days in New York City. Her Dream Series was never intended to exist. Thanks to a couple authors who dared her to a write book, we got the book Ditching the Dream, which then evolved into the Dream Series. It didn’t take more than 8 months to complete the dare from rough draft to published, with several times rescuing the draft from the Deleted file. 

Isabelle has been married for 23 years to an incredible man who is patient and generous in every way. She has two musically talented children (one in high school and one in college at the time of posting), and a 9 pound shih tzu. She loves coffee & wine, reading, and listening to New Country.


You can follow Isabelle …

…On her website:  

…On Twitter and Instagram: @IzzyKPeterson

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