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BOOK BLITZ – Never Fall by Anne Carol


Title: Never Fall

Series: Faithfully Yours #2

Author: Anne Carol


Genre: Mature Young Adult/New Adult

 Release Date: November 17, 2015




“Your fairytale is about to begin.”

Beth and David’s whirlwind romance has survived a year of long-distance dating—dodging exes, dealing with jealousy, and syncing future goals. Eager to move into the next chapter of their lives together, Beth leaves California after graduation to follow her heart, joining David in his native London.

While Beth keeps busy with her university courses, David focuses on building his music career—recording and touring with his band, Vinyl Fog. They’re young and in love with the world at their feet.

Life seems perfect.

But it doesn’t take long before a series of unforeseen events challenges them like never before. How will Beth and David cope with one battle after another, and ultimately hold each other up while life keeps trying to knock them down?

Falling in love was easy.

Surviving love is the challenge.





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This wasn’t supposed to happen. Everything was supposed to be perfect. But I guess you can’t plan for these things.


Move forward, Beth.


I gave the textbook another chance, but after reading the same sentence five times, I closed the book and peered out the window, taking in the darkening sky.


Was this all a huge mistake? Should I have just gone with the original plan?


But then I saw him; he was about to come up the steps to the front door—my reason for living. No, it couldn’t have been a mistake. Things happened the way they were supposed to, and we would have to get through this tough time, together.


I opened the book again, wanting to look busy. The last thing I wanted was for David to continue worrying about me. More than anything, I wanted life to go back to normal, even though I knew deep-down that would probably never happen. Nobody could experience something like we did and return to a carefree existence.



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Author Bio

Anne Carol grew up reading, writing, and listening to English rock bands—obsessing over one in particular. Continuing her fascination with rock stars, she married a bass player and they now have two sons, also budding musicians. Besides reading, writing, and music, she also loves traveling, going to dance class, watching teen dramas, and exploring social media websites. Anne lives in Northern California, where she enjoys wine and chocolate every night as she works on her next novel.





RELEASE BLITZ ~ Losing Traction by Amo Jones

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Book: Losing Traction
Series: Westbeach Series #1
Author: Amo Jones

Genre: Contemporary / Erotic Romance

Cover Designer: Francessca’s Romance Reviews
Hosted By:Francessca’s Romance Reviews


 photo Losing-Traction-Amazon_zpstoaweta9.jpg


My name is Phoebe Rendon. Growing up as the only girl surrounded by the Sinful Souls MC community has never been easy. Outside of the club, I had no life because my brother and his two psycho best friends kept tabs on me. My only out was racing at Point Hellers, the largest and steepest drift mountain in Westbeach, California. Cars were my life, and eight years later, that hasn’t changed. Only now, I have the funds to support my habit.

My love life’s been rocky. All I’ve known of love is twisted biker men from other MC chapters. Until I met Ryder Oakley, the lead singer and Rock God from Twisted Transistor. He showed me the world in two weeks. Then one night he up and left me, without so much as a note. Now, two years later, I’ve been assigned as a fashion assistant to go on tour with Alyx Munroe, pop princess and diva queen. Only my shitty boss Maree omitted to inform me that Alyx Munroe would also be touring with Twisted Transistor. Just when I thought I’d forgotten Ryder, he comes back into my life in full force, causing me to slowly lose traction of my feelings.

With my plans for building my own racing circuit underway, I finally have the footing to leave the fashion industry and concentrate on finalising my circuit. Where we can showcase some of the best and hottest girl racers from around the world.

This empire is mine, but with power and money comes hate and destruction.
Welcome to Westbeach.

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 photo LT- teaser2_zpskqgv0p2k.jpg


Pulling myself up off the grass, I dust off my pants while making my way over to it. I take my primary set of keys from my back pocket and unlock the door, opening it out wide and walking in. Flicking the lights on, instantly the illumination displays all my beauties. The entire bottom floor has a model of each of my favorite cars. There’s a loft that’s on the top also, but it’s mainly used for storage and extra car parts.
My BMW still sits in here nicely. I haven’t been able to drive her since that night. I plan to get back in her one day, just not right now. The last time I was sitting in that car, I had my dad. I can’t push myself to sit there again, not yet anyway.
After my inspection, I walk out of the garage and head back into my house just as Melissa is walking in. Melissa and I have always maintained our friendship over the years, although she never really left Westbeach. She’s doing really well for herself now and owns and cute boutique bakery in town.
“Hey girl, when did you get back?” she asked, pulling me into her grasp.
“Just about thirty minutes ago. I’m waiting for Blake to bring Shooter home,” I say as I make my way back to the kitchen to pour another wine and one for Melissa.
“How are you doing? I won’t be home for long. I go on tour in two days.”
“That’s what I wanted to ask you. Who is it?” As she asked the question her marble eyes filled with excitement.
“Alyx Munroe,” I mumble while rolling my eyes.
“Holy fucking shit! I love her!”
She would.
“I don’t. She’s a diva. I didn’t want a damn diva queen.”
“Phoebe, you’re in the fashion industry. You need to be a little more realistic.”
“Maybe you’re right. Good thing it won’t be for long.”
“Maybe you’ll find a hot French man?” she responds with a smirk.
I laugh. “I doubt that. Haven’t you heard, I like the emotionally unstable ones?” I answer sarcastically. She laughs, throwing her head back.
Dating has never really been something that holds my interest. I haven’t been able to date much, and no one has actually worked out for me. Except, one other guy, who probably doesn’t even remember me. Because, well, because he’s Ryder Oakley and he doesn’t remember much of anything let alone girls.
The door opens up to Blake standing there and Shooter runs straight past his legs, full speed into me.
“Hey boy, how’s it going?” I scratch behind his ears as he licks all over my hands.
“He’s been fed, I gotta go. When are you leaving?”
“In three days,” I say, eyes still locked on Shooter. “Thank you for looking after him.” Looking up at my brother, I adore him the same as I did when I was a younger, just now, I appreciate him more and understand where his over-protectiveness came from. It’s still annoying, though. You’d think that having Pipper, and with Vicky pregnant with twins, that it would keep the heat off me, but he still manages to lock me down the best he can. He’s annoying, to say the least.

 photo LT-Teaser_zpsavflnipe.jpg

Early Feedback

There’s not one thing I would change about this unique story, I felt like I was in an all girls episode of the fast and the furious drifting, then the next minute I was an MC brat to the next scene being RAVISHED by a rock star.. ~ Kitty Kats Crazy about books

I am definitely starting my new year off with a bang. This book is awesome. Phoebe is an exceptional character. ~ Loves To Read Romance

A 5 star rating isn’t even close to emphasizing its qualities \magnitude.
Don’t let the label spin off deter from reading. I had no problems reading as a standalone start to a new series. But !!!! I do know after completing this one I will definitely be reading any other work. ~ Triple A Book Blog

About The Author

 photo Author Image_zpsrlveih6g.jpg

A little bit about me: I ‘m the mama bear to four little kiddos, two girls and two boys. I’m also a wife-to-be to my partner of ten years (We were high school sweethearts, without the high school). My little (Big) family are my rock, and I am so lucky to have them with me through it all. I am from New Zealand! Born and raised in a small town called Rotorua. It’s a beautiful city, just smells a little. I’m currently living in Australia on the Whitsunday Coast (Great barrier reef) where we hope to settle down for a long time. I love the beach, and margarita’s and wine. Don’t forget the wine. Chinese food is the best food. And one day I hope to travel the world, preferably the US, because I’m obsessed with it. I would travel now, but my bank account is like… “Dude, no.” So I’ve put that in the goal bucket.
I also like to think of my self as a professional Cinderella. The type who wears Nike’s, reads erotic novels, and writes about total bad ass men covered in tattoos.
I love all my beautiful readers, you have kept me going. You are my inspiration to keep writing, with all your kind words and reviews. You are all amazing, and I write for you.
That’s enough Yap’n from me. See you all in Wonderland x

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COVER REVEAL – Reaper’s Fire by Joanna Wylde

Cover Reveal

reaper's fire

Are you ready for Gage and Tinker’s story?

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Release Date: June 28th, 2016


New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the “wild and raw”* world of the Reapers MC with the story of Gage and Tinker…

The club comes first.

I’ve lived by those words my whole life—assumed I’d die by them, too, and I never had a problem with that. My Reaper brothers took my back and I took theirs and it was enough. Then I met her. Tinker Garrett. She’s beautiful, she’s loyal, and she works so damned hard it scares me sometimes . . . She deserves a good man—one better than me. I can’t take her yet because the club still needs me. There’s another woman, another job, another fight just ahead.

Now she’ll learn I’ve been lying to her all along. None of it’s real. Not my name, not my job, not even the clothes I wear. She thinks I’m nice. She pretends we’re just friends, that I’ve still got a soul . . . Mine’s been dead for years. Now I’m on fire for this woman, and a man can only burn for so long before he destroys everything around him.

I’m coming for you, Tinker.


About the Authorjoanna wylde

Joanna Wylde
is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.

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RELEASE BLITZ – Imperfect by Rebecca Barray & Tobi Doyle


Title: Imperfect

Author: Rebecca Barray & Tobi Doyle


Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

 Release Date: December 16, 2015




After moving to San Francisco to escape the aftermath of a violent attack, Sophie Schrader will learn from real estate tycoon William Peterson that she is safe, loved…and perfect.


Sophie Schrader came to San Francisco to start over. Fleeing a broken past, she never examined if she was living her passion—until now, when one shocking night in a downtown dance club introduces her to a man who is everything she never knew she wanted. Formidable, sexy, dominating…gentle. Yet no matter what he says, how can one damaged girl from Indiana ever be enough for a workaholic real estate tycoon?


For William Peterson, life’s greatest challenge was always which building to buy next. Now it’s Sophie. The sweet, polite Midwesterner is his perfect woman, but convincing her of that is almost impossible. Keeping her safe is a start, shielding her from both her past and his future, a job more difficult than any he’s attempted. Then William must show her they two can conquer any nightmare. Through the eyes of love, our scars make us who we are: imperfect and without flaw.



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Rebecca Barray

Rebecca Barray is a mommy, writer, reader, photographer, and perpetual student. She spends most of her time chasing toddlers, but her precious free time is spent writing, photographing, and learning as much as she can about anything. She has three energetic children, a fun-loving husband, a messy cat, a lazy dog, and some very resilient fish. 


Tobi Doyle


Tobi Doyle was born in Massachusetts, grew up in California, went to college in Texas, and raised her children in Indiana and West Virginia. She taught middle school science for several years until her husband took away her red pen and encouraged her to follow her passion for writing. Tobi enjoys the menagerie of animals and children that roam through her home, along with cooking, knitting, sewing, red wine and chocolate.





SALE BLITZ – That Man 1 by Nelle L’Amour


Title: That Man 1

Series: That Man #1

Author: Nelle L’Amour

Genre: Romantic Comedy

 Release Date: April 8, 2014




There’s a new beautiful player in town…

Blake Burns, the sexy head of SIN-TV, who goes through women like some go through water. Until he meets Jennifer McCoy, his outspoken new assistant and development executive.

Newly engaged Jennifer has no idea that her devastatingly gorgeous new boss is the man she kissed, blindfolded, in a game of Truth or Dare. That kiss, that man, that beautiful stranger she cannot forget.

Blake hasn’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss either…and he’ll do anything to win Jennifer — even if it means being a beautiful bastard and breaking all the rules.

THAT MAN is a five-part romantic comedy serial with an element of suspense. All books are available and FREE to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.



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“Mr. Burns?” A sweet voice at my doorway diverted my attention, and I looked up from my computer screen. In tandem, my eyes blinked, my body jerked, and my cock tensed. Subtly for her not to notice.

Though her neat auburn bun, prim tweed suit, and tortoiseshell glasses made her look like some bookworm who should be working at a corporate law office, I swear I’d recognize that face anywhere—with its dewy-skin complexion, delicate bone structure, and those expressive, turned-up lips. Someone pinch me. I must be dreaming. But there she was. That girl I’d kissed last night in a game of Truth of Dare. In fact, her lips were still swollen. Holy fucking shit!

“Hi, I’m Jennifer McCoy.”

It took several long moments for my brain to communicate with my mouth. I cleared my throat and licked my lips. “Please come in and take a seat.”

Unlike last night when she was blindfolded and took short hesitant steps, she strode into my office with a strong confident gait and lowered herself onto one of the two armchairs facing me. She placed her shoulder bag and briefcase on the floor next to her and crossed her shapely, long legs. I had the burning urge to uncross them.

“So, Ms. McCoy—”

“You can call me Jennifer.”

Okay, let’s start over. “So, Jen-ni-fer, you come highly recommended by my boss, Saul Bernstein.” God, I loved saying her name. It sucked the air out of my lungs.

She flashed a small smile. Two little dimples winked at her kissable lips. My cock twitched and I continued.

“However, I’m not sure why someone with a passion for children’s television would want to work for a porn channel.”

Without flinching, she held my gaze steady. “Adults are no different than children. They need to be entertained.”

That was a fact. And that’s why we referred to our network and programming as “adult entertainment.” I wasn’t done testing her. Or studying her—especially her eyes. Her blindfold had hidden them from me last night, and after she’d disappeared, I kept imagining what they looked like. I thought they might be brown or blue and deep-set. But they were wide-set and green—the greenest eyes I’d ever seen on a human being. When she blinked, it was if they were two leaves fluttering in the wind. I caught my breath.

“Well, it’s one thing to tell a producer of a cartoon that he—”

“Or she,” she interrupted.

“Or she needs to make the shaggy dog bark louder, but it’s another to tell the producer of a porn flick that his female star who’s being shagged needs to scream louder.”

“Not a problem,” she said flatly.

“Well, then, let’s pretend I’m the producer, and I’m not quite sure what you want. Can you please demonstrate?”

“Sure.” She cleared her throat and then took off her glasses, setting them on my desk. Fuck. Her eyes were beautiful.

My gaze stayed fixed on them as she flung her head back, and a look of torturous pleasure washed over her face. It was identical to the expression on her face last night as I held her head back and fucked her mouth with my tongue. She squeezed her eyes shut.

“Oh, baby, yes! Make me come! Oh God! Oh, yes, Yes, YES!” Each breathy “yes” was louder than the one before, the last one a roar so loud I thought the whole office would hear her. Holy shit. This girl was a fucking tiger. Beneath my desk, my cock was applauding. Was this how Ms. McCoy, M.A., came, or was she just a great actress? If the latter, this girl should be starring in porn flicks, not giving script notes.

“Was that loud and clear enough?” she asked matter-of-factly, staring me in the face. A slight blush colored her cheeks.

I felt heated. Flushed and flustered. And I could feel my cock uncomfortably strain against my fly. Fuck this girl. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to work with her, but I had no choice.

Collecting myself, I said, “So, I assume you’ll be able to work long hours. Be on the set if necessary to oversee a shoot. Even at wee hours in the morning.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to do a great job.”

How about a blow job? Or a hand job? I bit down on my tongue.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

She scowled at me. Damn. She was sexy when she did that.

“What kind of question is that? What does that have to do with this job?”

“I’m just curious. Is that a crime?”

“Well, it borders on sexual harassment, and the answer is yes. I have a boyfriend. In fact, a fiancé. He’s a dentist.”

Her tone was defensive. Like she was off limits. I glanced at her left hand. There was surprisingly no ring on her fourth finger. I let it go and instead handed her a thick file.

“What’s this?” She opened the file and gazed down at the stack of papers.

“Your first assignment. This file contains our latest ratings reports. I’d like you to review them and then tomorrow present a full analysis of why our daytime ratings are sagging.” I checked my agenda in Outlook. “Why don’t we say at ten a.m.?”

She closed the file and then retrieved her shoulder bag and briefcase. “I’ll get right on it,” she said, rising to her feet.

My eyes glanced down at my desk. “Don’t forget your glasses.”

She twitched an embarrassed little smile. I handed them to her and brushed my fingers against hers.

“Thanks,” she said, nervously setting them back on her face. “And thanks for hiring me. You won’t be disappointed.”

With that, she marched toward the door and disappeared. My cock flexed. I hoped she was right. The word “disappointment” didn’t exist for Blake Burns.





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Author Bio



Nelle L’Amour is a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling Author who lives in Los Angeles with her Prince Charming-ish husband, twin teenage princesses, and a bevy of royal pain-in-the-butt pets. A former executive in the entertainment and toy industries with a prestigious Humanitus Award to her credit, she gave up playing with Barbies a long time ago but still enjoys playing with toys with her husband. While she writes in her PJs, she loves to get dressed up and pretend she’s Hollywood royalty. She writes juicy stories with characters that will make you both laugh and cry and stay in your heart forever.


In addition to the Gloria’s Secret Trilogy, she is the author of the bestselling THAT MAN series, the Seduced by the Park Avenue Billionaire boxed set, and the highly rated Amazon bestseller, Undying Love. Unforgettable, her latest series, will be published in Fall 2015.


Nelle loves to hear from her readers. Connect to her at:


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COVER REVEAL ~ Be Careful What You Witch For by Thomas Hoobler

Title: Be Careful What You Witch For 
Author: Thomas Hoobler 

Magic is a tricky thing. Especially when it comes from an ancient book of spells that jumps off a shelf into Olivia’s hands. Bad news for the popular girls in her new school who don’t like Olivia. But hey–now she can get the attention of her crush who’s more interested in comic book superheroes. And when she finds out her aunt is a witch, she imagines all her problems are solved. Unfortunately, not quite–what she conjures up is trouble. And the only one who can help her is an 800-year-old woman.




Thomas Hoobler has written nearly 100 books with his wife Dorothy, and some more by himself. The Hooblers are the co-authors of the Samurai Detective Series, which tells the adventures of a boy in 18th century Japan who helps his samurai father solve mysteries. The third book in the series, IN DARKNESS, DEATH, won an Edgar as the Best YA mystery of 2004. The Washington Post also chose the book as one of the Best Children’s books of that year. Tom won $500,000 on the quiz show WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, making it easier for the Hooblers to follow their career. They have written history for children, young adults, and adults.

RELEASE BLITZ ~ Pleasure Pain or Purpose by Al Daltrey

~ Release Blitz ~

Title ~ Pleasure: Book One
Series ~ Pleasure Pain or Purpose
Author ~ Al Daltrey

Genre ~ Erotica Romance

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Pleasure, Pain or Purpose is the story of three best friends.When everything seems perfect, that’s when a curve ball is likely waiting around the corner. Biljana Stevens’ blissful life is derailed after the sudden death of her cherished David. Now a lonely submissive, she travels the world with a crushed heart.

A contradiction all her life, Jasmin Stallworth loved Barbies; but she also loved baseball with the boys. Now an undercover cop, Jasmine has a penchant for risk: kinky risk. Will she put her career on the line and her life in danger to satisfy her hunger?

Vicky Knox and her husband Andrew were compatible, but she longed for more than a roommate. Why can’t the magic and enthusiasm always so plentiful in the early stages of a relationship, last a lifetime? Married life became mundane. Until rough sex and a password changed everything.

Together the three friends help each other navigate life, loss and love.
Oh, and kinky sex…very kinky sex.






By day I work in Marketing, which involves a fair amount of writing. Therefore, I never really had an interest to write for pleasure. When you do it all day, the last thing you want to do when you get home, is more writing. All the while, as my career progressed, so did my involvement in the BDSM lifestyle.
This interest in kinky sex started in my University years. Like most men, I loved meeting women, and especially the occasional one who didn’t mind being tied up, or blindfolded, or spanked. All sex was great, but kinky sex was more exciting, more exhilarating, and more fulfilling.
Over the years I was lucky enough to meet my fair share of submissive women. And don’t for a minute think these women were weak. Outside the bedroom they were confident, opinionated, gregarious and self-assured. However, inside the bedroom (so to speak) they wanted to feel the strong firm hand of a dominant man taking complete control.
Eventually I found the perfect partner, and am happily in a relationship.
One day, I flipped my laptop open, and to my surprise – I had an urge to write a BDSM story. Soon I had 20 pages, then 40, then 60. The novel that resulted was ‘Testing the Submissive’. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the reviews excellent – all of which motivated me to continue writing. ‘A Condo with Two Views’ is my second full length novel, with other projects in the works. If you decide to give any of my writing a try, I hope you enjoy it!
~ Al

Testing the Submissive


A Condo with Two Views  

PROMO TOUR ~ Heartstrings & Hockey Pucks (Holidays in Lake Point Series) by Sarah Cass


Heartstrings & Hockey Pucks
Holidays in Lake Point Series
by Sarah Cass


Promotional Tour

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After a year abroad Penelope Giroux is set to chase after an old dream. She can’t resist making sure her first stop is to see her best friend, Cage Strawski. While they’d once had a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, it had cooled before her departure for Europe. 
The red-hot center of the Rochester Rebels hockey team, Cage has his sights set on an NHL spot. When Pen comes back into his life, his feelings for her resurface. Her protests of their disparate lives are nothing to his ears—but the fact she’s kept secrets from him bring his rush to claim her to a screeching halt. 

When Cage learns what she’s been up to in Europe everything starts to change. Can Pen face the truth of how dreams can change? Or will the pair be forced to part ways once again under the guise of a false future?


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The confusion that had left him with a sad puppy dog expression morphed into pale shock, and then red-faced anger. “I know you’re not blaming Chicago on me.”
“Not exactly.”
“Breaking that off was your idea.”
“You sure as shit didn’t argue with me.”
“What was I supposed to do?”
“I don’t know.” She threw her hands up in the air. “Argue with me, maybe. Object. That is, if you had any objections at all.”
“Of course I did.” He moved closer, but stopped when she backed away for each step he took. “Shit, Pen. It about killed me to watch you walk away for your flight.”
Never in her life had the airline terminal been so long as when she’d walked away that day. She’d known he’d been on the other end, not budging as she made her way to the checkpoint. “But it didn’t. And it didn’t kill me, either. Obviously we made the right choice.”
“Then why does it still hurt?”
“It doesn’t.” Her lips twitched beyond her control at the lie and she spun around to hide the tear that slipped down. “You just think it does because you saw my song. Which you weren’t supposed to do. I asked you for one promise. It didn’t mean anything. It’s a stupid song.”
“Why hide it from me if it means nothing?” His hand closed around her upper arm.
“Because we still can’t do this. We still shouldn’t. This conversation can’t happen. Not now. Not two days before my audition.” She cupped her hands over her face in an effort to form blinders against him. “Please.”
“No. You wanted a damn argument, you’re getting one.”
“You know this would never work. Just drop it. Let me do my audition, argue later.”
“No.” He grasped both of her wrists and pulled her hands away from her face. “Not this time. We’re doing this now.”
“Then my arguments are all the exact same.” With each word her heart jumped and cracked more. “We can’t ever make it work.”
“Why the hell not?”
“You travel all the damn time. During hockey season you’re away more than you are home. If I get this I’ll be in Philly. You could get picked up by a team god knows here, maybe even Canada, or,” she shivered out her disgust, “California. Long distance doesn’t work, especially with how much and how hard we both work.”
“We stayed close when you went overseas. This could work. I’m not buying it.”
“You’re a distraction.”
“That’s the Wicked Witch talking.”
“The Wicked Witch has a point. You are a distraction.”
She backed up a step, but couldn’t get far because he still had her wrists. “Let me go.”
Without argument, he did as she asked. He shook his head. “You need a distraction. You can’t live, breathe, and eat work.”
“You do.”
“No. I go out. And I have you. You’re my distraction.”
“I can’t fail again. I have to do this, Cage. And I can’t do this with you.”
“Tell me it’s what you want. More than anything. More than the songs you’ve been writing. More than those videos.” He tucked a finger under her chin and stepped right up close to her. “More than me.”
“I’ve wanted it since I was eight.” Her voice squeaked, but she didn’t tear her gaze from his. Tears blurred her vision enough that she could lie about the last part of his demand. “I have to do this. I have to see what I can do with this.
You’ve gotten your dream, or at least close enough to taste it. Let me have mine.”
His finger left her jaw fast as though he’d been burned. He went so far as to take a step back. “That’s unfair.”
“Maybe it is, but you’re thinking with your dick.”
“I object to that too. This isn’t about that.”
“It’s always about that. You’re a meathead hockey player.” She took the chance his distance of offense afforded her and scrambled around the bed. “We never should have complicated our friendship with sex. I thought I could handle it, but I couldn’t.”
Across the room next to her pink suitcase, he stood in silence for a few minutes. His hands clenched into fists while he hung his head. “So you do love me.”
“I have always loved you, idiot. You’re my best friend and…” She tried to say more, but all the words tangled in her throat refusing to leave. If she spoke them everything would get worse, so much worse. She couldn’t handle this now;
she should make a break for the door again.
His head snapped up when her voice trailed off. “And?”
She shook her head so hard she got dizzy and had to lower her gaze to the floor.
The words that had choked off her voice erupted in a gut-wrenching sob.
“Son of a bitch, screw this shit.” Before she could even catch her breath or try to speak again he was in front of her. His warm lips closed over hers as he caressed away tears with his thumbs.
Her mind railed against the move, telling her to push him away and leave, but her soul had a whole different idea. All the fears fell aside, and she opened up to him with one demanding swipe of his tongue.
She trembled against her own doubts, and then curved into his hard body eagerly. With a mind of their own, her hands danced up his chest until her fingers were able to bury into his thick curls and tug him close.

He backed her into the wall and hiked her legs around his waist. The last lingering stubborn doubt fled as the hard promise of his desire pressed into her heat and they both moaned.


Logic and doubts would have to wait until the morning.


What Others Are Saying
The story of Penelope and Cage is breathtaking. You will not only be wanting to laugh but you will feel their anxiety. The details are written well and leave nothing to the imagination. It is a very fast paced and easy read that will play through your head like a movie. This series will keep you interested and highly entertained. Each book is placed around a holiday. The title goes along with each holiday. This book Heartstrings and Hockey Pucks goes with Valentine’s Day. Each book can be a stand alone and will not need to be read in order. ★★★★★ by Amanda Hamilton
Beautiful little story about how Penelope and Cage worked through their problems of his career, her dream career, her mother’s interference and the issues of a long distance relationship to a happily ever after. Loved these two characters and the storyline. Just enough challenges to hold the interest and to help Pen grow a strong backbone and stand up for her own desires. ★★★★★ by Dee Archer
Heartstings and Hockey Pucks is one of my favorite in the Lake Point Series. One of the things that I Love about this series is how true to life it is. Outside forces can always color your opinion about things and the way Sarah portrays this is phenomenal. I won’t give the plot away but the twits and turns these characters take felt real and genuine. Would definitely recommend! ★★★★★ by Jessi F

About the Author

Sarah Cass’ world is regularly turned upside down by her three special needs kids and loving mate, so she breaks genre barriers; dabbling in horror, straight fiction and urban fantasy. She loves historicals and romance, and characters who are real and flawed, so she writes to understand what makes her fictional people tick. And she lives for a happy ending – eventually. And enough twists to make it look like she enjoys her title of Queen of Trauma Drama a little too much.

An ADD tendency leaves her with a variety of interests that include singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, and being a photographer. She fights through the struggles of the day, knowing the battles are her crucible; she may emerge scarred, but always stronger. The rhythms to her activities drive her words forward, pushing her through the labyrinths of the heart and the nightmares of the mind, driving her to find resolutions to her characters’ problems.

While busy creating worlds and characters as real to her as her own family, she leads an active online life with her blog, Redefining Perfect, which gives a real and sometimes raw glimpse into her life and art. You can most often find her popping out her 140 characters in Twitter speak, and on Facebook. 

Author Links

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COVER REVEAL – Low by Mary Elizabeth

Title: Low

Series: Low #1

Author: Mary Elizabeth


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: Hang Le 

 Release Date: February 1, 2016




It’s hard living on the wrong side of the tracks.

Lowen Seely has a criminal record to prove it. Determined not to follow in his father’s footsteps, he fights instinct and tries honesty. But hunger becomes painful, and bills are due. Forced to choose between what is right and wrong, the boy from the hood learns abiding by the rules is nearly impossible when corruption is in your blood.

Falling for an outlaw has changed everything.

Poesy Ashby is the definition of ride or die, even when it means turning her back on freedom. The girl from the suburbs gives conformity the middle finger. Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on her love story.

On the run with consequences in the rearview mirror, Lowen and Poesy accept the truth: they are the bad guys.

But can they get away with their crimes?




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“Keep the engine running,” I say. “If I’m not out in five minutes, leave.”

Poe nods her head, but doesn’t argue.

When the nine o’clock hour comes, both she and I watch the clock on the dashboard turn to one minute after.

“You’ll need to keep your mask on, Poesy. Make sure none of your hair is showing,” I say. “Keep your head down the entire time.”

“Okay,” she answers in a small voice.

“If you see cops—”

“I know what to do, Lowen. I know you want me to leave you.” She sighs. “But I don’t know if I can.”

Despite our circumstances, I smirk. “Hopefully you won’t have to.”

At nine thirty, Poe and I switch seats, and she gets behind the wheel while I load the pistol. With hands that shake uncontrollably, I place the ski mask over my head but don’t pull it down my face. I help Poesy with hers, tucking in every stray strand of hair so they remain unseen.

She grabs my wrist, and our eyes meet. I see fear combined with love and loyalty in her stare.

I kiss her knuckles and promise with the chance of lying, “We’re going to be okay.”

Unlike when we drove into the garage, the streets are alive and filled with a variety of automobiles, and dirty sidewalks carry several pedestrians. The forty-second drive to the bank feels like forty years. Thick blood courses through my veins, and I feel it flow through arteries and vessels, nourishing muscle and bone. My head echoes with the thump, thump, thump of my hard heartbeat. Every breath is shallower than the one before it.

“Pull down your mask,” I say, but my voice sounds foreign and feels a million miles away.

As Poe drives into California Credit Union’s parking lot, I grip the cold steel in my hand.

The edges of my vision blur; I’m blinded by adrenaline.

My skin crawls like I’m covered in spiders; I’m delirious with edginess.

“Your ski mask,” Poesy shrieks. “Cover your fucking face, Lowen.”

My girl reaches over and pulls it down for me. The car stops to a screeching halt, and reality crashes into me in a brutal rush, stripping me of air and voice.

“If we’re in this, you need to go,” Poesy says in a calm but stern tone, hidden behind her black mask.

There’s peace in her eyes.

There’s strength in the girl who stayed with me when I was locked up.

The one who’s remained by my side, believing and starving all at the same time.

With the gun in my hand and determination in my heart, I leave Poesy in the car and push open the glass double doors into the bank.

As I step foot onto the burgundy carpet, I yell, “Everyone down on the fucking floor!”





Author Bio


Mary Elizabeth is an up and coming author who finds words in chaos, writing stories about the skeletons hanging in your closets.

Known as The Realist, Mary was born and raised in Southern California. She is a wife, mother of four beautiful children, and dog tamer to one enthusiastic Pit Bull and a prissy Chihuahua. She’s a hairstylist by day but contemporary fiction, new adult author by night. Mary can often be found finger twirling her hair and chewing on a stick of licorice while writing and rewriting a sentence over and over until it’s perfect. She discovered her talent for tale-telling accidentally, but literature is in her chokehold. And she’s not letting go until every story is told.


Author Links

RELEASE BLITZ ~ Counter To My Intelligence (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #7) by Lani Lynn Vale

Title: Counter To My Intelligence
Series: The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #7
Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Genre: Adult, Motorcycle Club Romance
Release Date: January 6, 2016

Sometimes the heart wants what it can’t have.
That’s the motto Silas Mackenzie, the president of The Dixie Wardens MC, has lived by since he was a young man.
Now he’s well on the way to middle age, has three grown children, and he’s lusting after a woman he should definitely stay away from.
Especially not one that his ex-girlfriend had given birth to, and happened to be only twenty seven years old.

Sawyer isn’t a young girl at heart, though.

She’s seen the inside of a jail cell for eight long years, and every one of them she spent paying for a crime she didn’t commit.
Silas Mackenzie knows as soon as he sees her that the girl has sacrificed enough.

And maybe…just maybe…so has Silas.
It’s time for Silas Mackenzie to get what he deserves, and put a little bit of happy back into Sawyer’s world, one rough, bearded kiss at a time.




“I like your vest.”
“It’s called a cut,” he muttered laughingly.
“What’s a cut?” I asked.
The hail and rain got worse, hitting the roof and the side of the garage like tiny little battering rams.
“A leather vest,” he quipped.
I giggled against his chest, turning my face so it could rest against his neck.
He growled when I kissed his exposed throat, but otherwise didn’t move.
“Joking aside, it’s my club. The cut is me. The top rocker, which is the white banner at the top, is our club name,” he said.
I felt along his back as he spoke, feeling what he was saying as he explained what each one was.
“The bottom rocker is our club’s location. We’re in Benton. We have other chapters all over the south,” he explained. “On the front is my name, club title, and the city again.”
I knew he was explaining this to me to get my mind off the fact that the roof was shaking around us, literally.
“I can’t believe Dallas hasn’t at least come to check on me,” I muttered darkly.
He tangled my hands in my hair, and I looked up at him…or where I thought he was.
“Your brother is a shit head. And I don’t think he even realizes that he is. Because if he did, he wouldn’t be telling your parents anything about how you were. My guess is that he really is worried, but he doesn’t know how to handle that worry. So, he closes himself off, telling himself that by telling your mother how he thinks you’re doing, he’s helping. Which, in reality, he’s not,” Silas said. “Maybe it’s time you had a talk with him, let him know you don’t appreciate being treated as a child.”
I agreed, and I’d already planned on doing that.
“I was going to do that today, but then he had that huge freakin’ party,” I told him darkly. “And I had to park in the street.”
He lowered his mouth down to mine.
“Well, then it’s a good thing he’s preoccupied, because right about now I could really fuck you on top of his car and he’d never even know,” he said tightly, lifting my body off the bench and laying me down on the car’s hood.
I laughed. “You know,” I said as he stripped my shorts from me. “This is my brother’s pride and joy.”
“Well your brother’s pride and joy is about to become our fuck stand,” he growled, then he was on me.





I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.





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