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Quickie Anyone ? Copper King by Vivian Arend

Copper King (Takhini Shifters #.5)

Copper King (Takhini Shifters #1)

by Vivian Arend
Three things make billionaire Jim Halcyon’s to-do list: women, work…and more women. It’s a perfect agenda for a rich shifter who has no problem letting his inner grizzly out to play. From the bright lights of Vegas, to the sophisticated action of New York—he’s got the money and the power to do anything he wants.

Anything, except resist the lure of Lady Luck, an ancient copper coin he gambles yearly to possess. Jim is determined to regain control of the pretty penny, and damn if he’ll let any bit of eye candy distract him from his goal. Not even the mesmerizing woman in the middle of the casino floor with the shimmering hair and enormous green eyes.

With a life-changing move ahead of her, Lillie’s finagled a temporary layover en route to her future. She’s got five days to soak in new experiences, and while Vegas is too big and shiny and loud for her shy bear self, she’s eager to do this up right. It’s the last chance she’s got to let her hair down.

Until his challenge begins, Jim is more than willing to oblige Lillie’s wish for a final fling. Only Lady Luck has some twists of fate planned for them both…


Quickie Anyone??

I normally am not a fan of novellas, I prefer longer reads with the time to develop and become invested in the characters and their world however if it’s fast paced, well written and hot then I’ll fit a quickie in!

For those who don’t know, “quickie” is the term given to a sexual romp that is exactly that – quick. It is to the point, exciting and usually quite intense. And it’s often more animalistic and lust-driven than regular ‘romantic’ sex.

‘Copper King’ is shifters so the animalistic and lust driven is pretty much a given but as it’s also a Vivian Arend you know it will be fast, furious, hot as fuck and leave you satiated and happy……

Ms Arend delivers as usual with the story of Jim and Lillie, they are just perfect together from the very first meeting and even though it’s a novella the author manages to tell a sweet, romantic story with a sensual erotic touch that will satisfy every parawhore out there with a soft spot for a good shifter story. Jim is a grizzly bear so ** swoon ** he’s a large alpha shifter more than capable of sweeping a shy black bear off her feet and into his bed. Keeping her there may not be as easy! But an interesting twist made for a satisfying and surprising ending.

Damon (Jim’s BF) was fabulous comic relief, this combined with a flowing story, some hot steamy scenes and a couple you can’t help but love and ‘Copper King’ was a winner for me.

~ Rebecca ~

Author Bio 
Vivian Arend
Vivian Arend in one word: Adventurous. In a sentence: Willing to try just about anything once. That wide-eyed attitude has taken her around North America, through parts of Europe, and into Central and South America, often with no running water.

Her optimistic outlook also meant that when challenged to write a book, she gave it a shot, and discovered creating worlds to play in was nearly as addictive as traveling the real one. Now a New York Times and USA bestselling author of over 30 novels and short stories in both contemporary and paranormal genres, Vivian continues to explore, write and otherwise keep herself well-entertained.

She loves to hear from readers- vivarend@gmail.com You can also drop byhttp://vivianarend.com for more information on what is coming next.

Release Day Blitz ~ Extra-Curricular by Jake Malden


Sixth-form student Christina is indulging in a harmless flirtation with Josh McClain, chef at the restaurant where she works evenings. But when Josh’s uncle Gavin meets her hot teacher Amanda, a wicked bet is made – which of the two women will be seduced first? The race is on – but even Josh has no idea how far the ride will take them all. Gavin’s devious twist to the situation will take them all to an evening of insane eroticism, where anything might – and will – happen. Taboos are about to be broken and major lessons learnt – in the art of unchained lust. Brace yourself for the most outrageous Gavin McClain story to date and be swept up in a torrent of extreme debauchery. These girls are going to get schooled.

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Just a taste of what's to come...
He rapped at the door to apartment nine, seemingly as preoccupied as she was. Her mind flitted to Gabe and her parents and her fellow workers at Renard’s, all going about innocent pursuits while she was here, dressed up like a fuck-doll … and about to be used as one. Christina’s mind reeled at all that might unfold the other side of that door.
Then it opened and he stood there—massive yet trim, gorgeous yet utterly terrifying. He smiled in greeting, the essence of wickedness in casual slacks and an open-necked shirt. Her breath caught as his dark eyes stared deep into hers.
“Christina, good evening. I was delighted when Josh told me you’d decided to join us. Please, do come in.”
Oh Jesus …
What choice had she?


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A little bit about Jake...

Jake Malden is a freelance journalist and writer based in London. He has been experimenting with erotica both on the page and off for some years and has a growing number of titles available. His interests, aside from the staringly obvious, are theatre, cinema, literature, fitness-training and travel (particularly back to his native Ireland). He is an enthusiast of juicing, in every possible sense.

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COVER REVEAL : Henry’s End by Julie A. Richman

By Julie A Richman

henry's end cover

Pre-order on iTunes:
RELEASE DATE: February 2015


henry's end use


I used to have them—before the nightmares started.
I dreamed of nice guys, love…normalcy.
Things like reading the Sunday paper in bed with my

But who needs dreams when your reality is filled with a string of faceless dominating men in uniform? Men that pack a thick bulge and are only too happy to satisfy my deviant sexual cravings.

Me. That’s who.

And then HE walked through the door and shared with me, a total stranger, his intimate dream of love. Damn him for verbalizing every single detail of the dream I buried long ago.

And now I don’t know how I’m going to live without that dream.
Or him.

henry's end full cover


Needing Moore Trilogy

ONLY $4.99

Goodreads Link:
Barnes & Noble:

All three Bestselling, Top-Rated Books from The Needing Moore Trilogy by USA Today Bestseller Julie A. Richman, PLUS never before seen BONUS CHAPTERS for each book.


henry's end use teaser 2

henry's end teaser sue 3

henry's end teaser use 1
About the Author:julie richman bio

Author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas. A creative writing major in college, reading and writing fiction has always been a passion. Julie began her corporate career in publishing in NYC and writing played a major role throughout her career as she created and wrote marketing, advertising, direct mail and fundraising materials for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. She is an award winning nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust. Julie and her husband have one son and a white German Shepherd named Juneau.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest

Blog Tour: ICE (Regulators MC, #1) by Jessie Lane & Chelsea Camaron

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]

Title: ICE (Regulators MC, #1)

Authors: Chelsea Camaron and Jessie Lane

Release Date: December 8, 2014



Amazon US:  http://goo.gl/jPybHq

All Romance Ebooks:  http://goo.gl/vR0uje

Barnes & Noble:  http://goo.gl/8sFnEh

Smashwords:  http://goo.gl/kFwE88

Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/85jx8Y

Amazon CA: http://goo.gl/oJOfVo

Amazon AU: http://goo.gl/x6eJCT 

LIMITED TIME BONUS…buy your copy of Ice before 01/05/15 and get TWO bonus short stories from the Hellions Ride Series & the Ex Ops Series!

*On 01/06/15 both short stories will be pulled from the Ice book and set up to be bought individually by their respective authors. This means the short stories will disappear from the copy that you buy once your device updates.*

Regulators MC Series …

Ice #1 – Available Now

Hammer #2 – Coming March 2015

Coal #3 – Coming June 2015





She’s an investment banker.

He’s an outlaw biker.

A little bit of heaven is about to meet a whole lot of hell.

Morgan Powell was raised to be perfect, to set an example for her sisters to follow. Her life has been dedicated to making something of her career, so she wouldn’t know what to do with a man even if you gave her an instruction manual.

Brett ‘Ice’ Grady spends his days trying to keep up with his teenage daughter, his nights consumed in Regulators’ MC business. He has no time for anything more than a casual hookup.

Two worlds collide when the dangers of his life crash into the calm of hers.

Can she go beyond her own boundaries and chip her way through to the man known to be as cold as ice?

Loosely attached to Chelsea Camaron’s Hellions Series and Jessie Lane’s Ex Ops Series.


Excerpt 1


“Suck harder. Right there… Fuck yeah, that’s it.”

The half-naked platinum blonde kneeling in front of me sucks dick like a damn champ.

“Shit! Dammit, Dad!” my teenage daughter Brooke suddenly shrieks from across the living room while covering her eyes with her hands. Her voice immediately kills my hard on.

Pushing the bimbo off me, I stand to pull up my pants, wincing as I tuck my still sensitive cock away. I move forward to find my daughter, who is not supposed to be home today, and the blonde paws at me as I go to make my way past her. I would have preferred it if she’d run her mouth and taken off; instead, she’s pouting at me because we didn’t finish. I wish Brooke would have just given me five more minutes to get off, then I could have gotten rid of the broad on her knees. Tossing this barfly would be a hell of a lot easier then.

“Get out. I’m done with ya,” I dismiss her, tired of the sulking look on her face. Damn, woman, take a hint already.

With a huff, she rights her clothes, collects her things, and scurries out.

Making my way down the hall of my not so modest home, I bark a sardonic laugh when I turn the knob to my daughter’s room and find it locked.

“Open this door, young lady,” I order in what comes out as a bellow. We have danced this dance on more than one occasion.

“Sorry, I’m busy searching for the eye bleach. I can’t unlock the door right now, check back later,” my sassy mini-me replies.


Excerpt 2



Parking my bike on the edge of the road, I hop off with Hammer and Coal following suit. They don’t bother asking questions, because my reason for coming here is obvious as we make our way into a house full of drunken teens.

Walking inside like I own the place, I see kids in every corner, making out. The sight makes my blood boil. If I find some little dipshit with his hands all over my baby girl, it is going to take both Hammer and Coal to keep me from beating the shit out of him. I don’t care if they are teenagers; no little prick is good enough to touch Brooke.

I glance into the formal dining room to my left, and someone has one very expensive table that seats eight, making a perfect set up for beer pong. Jesus, this is the nightmare of every parent. If I see one kid doing any drugs, my head is going to explode.

“Brooke,” I call out. “Brooklyn Rayne Grady, get your ass out here… Right. The. Fuck. Now!” I roar without a second thought.

All the teens stop and stare at me and my brothers filling up this ostentatious entryway. When nobody moves, Coal steps up to be right behind me on the left.

“Brooke, find her now,” Coal clips out, giving his cold glare to every teen in the room.

At the top of the stairway, I watch my daughter meet Coal’s gaze without one ounce of trepidation. Baby girl is showing balls of steel for her friends. Her short as sin shorts make my blood pressure shoot up even higher. The camisole tank top that I bought to go with pajamas is far from hiding her buds from all these teen pricks.

“Dad—” she starts as I interrupt.

“Don’t say another fucking word. Get your ass on my bike.”

“Death of you,” Hammer chuckles behind me as he turns around to get ready to leave.

Yes, my daughter will be the death of me. I watch as she grabs her friend by the wrist and half drags her down the stairs, mumbling at her the whole way down. When the two girls reach me, I don’t move.

“Come on, Dad,” Brooke lets out a huff. “Let’s go. This is embarrassing enough already.”

“Everybody here, you have twenty minutes to get this house cleaned the fuck up. Since you dumb shits have been drinking, a bus will be here to pick each one of you up and take you home. My man Coal here is gonna stay behind and make sure you do as I say.”

“Daaaad,” Brooke whines, “leave everyone alone.”

“Brooke, I suggest you shut your mouth and get your ass over to my bike. If your friend needs a ride, Hammer will take her. Outside. Now. You’re in enough trouble, don’t add more.”

Defeated, the two girls stomp off while Hammer shakes his head at me while I turn to follow them all out. I haven’t even made it to the door when I hear some pre-pubescent shithead slur out a question.

“Do you think they are, like, real biker dudes? Maybe we can ask them to pop a wheelie or something. Wait!” His voice cracks as he gets excited. “Maybe they’re from that show on TV! We should ask for their autographs!’

God save me from teenagers. No doubt, Hammer is cussing me out in his head for sticking one on his bitch seat.





Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]



Jessie Lane are the authors of one of my favourite shifter books ‘Walk on the Striped Side’ a really funny book with every ingredient you need for a few hours of total easy enjoyment and of course Gage ** drools a little ** I have read their Big Bad Bite and Ex Ops Series and enjoyed every one.

The character Ice and The Regulators that they and Chelsea Cameron have collaborated on was introduced in the recent release ‘Stripping Her Defenses’ (Ex Ops #2). Chelsea Camaron writes MC books that are on my endless TBR list but come recommended so this partnership promises good things.

Brett ‘Ice’ Grady spends his days trying to keep up with his teenage daughter, his nights consumed in Regulators’ MC business. He has no time for anything more than a casual hook-up.

How true this is as we learn on the first couple pages!

“Suck harder. Right there… Fuck yeah, that’s it.” The half-naked platinum blonde kneeling in front of me sucks dick like a damn champ.
“Shit! Dammit, Dad!” my teenage daughter Brooke suddenly shrieks from across the living room while covering her eyes with her hands.

I already liked and was intrigued about Ice from Jessie’s previous book but with the first two pages on my kindle I knew I was going to adore his daughter Brooke.

“Open this door, young lady,” I order in what comes out as a bellow. We have danced this dance on more than one occasion.
“Sorry, I’m busy searching for the eye bleach. I can’t unlock the door right now, check back later,” my sassy mini-me replies.

How fabulous is she?!?!
That is an indication of the humour and banter in this book, the characters are colourful and interesting on the whole with some definite favourite front runners for future books.

Ice and The Regulators are not your normal MC club, this group of retired Military men are much more than appearances would dictate and it’s a nice twist on what can be a jaded storyline. The action and suspense romps along with a heart-breaking storyline involving human trafficking, the most fabulous (God yes I know I’m overusing the word again!!!) torture scene that, while graphic, I loved because it didn’t sugar coat or shy away from the violence and intriguing glimpses into Coal who I so need to know more about!

The relationship between Ice and Morgan doesn’t start well, they are complete opposites, both making assumptions about the other. Their chemistry was a little off for me and with no intimacy between them until really late into the book I didn’t connect with them as a couple or with Morgan much on her own. Having said that, when she finds her sassy side and does fire back at him (Ha! fire – Ice!) the banter is strong but there just wasn’t enough of it for me.

As a first in this new series and collaboration of authors though it’s a solid one, four stars.


About the Authors


Facebook | Goodreads | Website | Twitter | Newsletter | Amazon Author Page

Jessie Lane is the best selling author of The Star Series, Big Bad Bite Series and the Ex Ops Series.

She lives in Kentucky with her two little Rock Chicks in the making and her over protective alpha husband. She has a passionate love for reading and writing naughty romance, cliff hanging suspense, and out-of-this-world characters that demand your attention, or threaten to slap you around until you do pay attention to them.

Jessie writes Adult Paranormal and Contemporary Romance & Upper YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance.


Chelsea Camaron

Facebook | Goodreads | Website | Twitter

Chelsea Camaron was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children but her heart is always Carolina day dreaming.

Chelsea always wanted to be a writer, but like most of us, let fear of the unknown grab a hold of her dream; she realized that if she was going to tell her daughter to go for her dreams, that it was time to follow her own advice.

Chelsea grew up turning wrenches alongside her father, and from that grew her love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles, which just so happened to inspired her ‘Daddy’s Girls’ series. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing and she currently has a few more projects in the works.

When she is not spending her days writing you can find her playing with her kids, attending car shows, going on motorcycle rides on the back of her husband’s Harley, snuggling down with her new favorite book or watching any movie that Vin Diesel might happen to be in.

She hates being serious and is still a big kid at heart. She is a small town country girl enjoying life and, Chelsea hopes that her readers remember not to take life too seriously and to embrace your inner five year old, because five year olds know how to enjoy the simple things in life and how to always have fun.



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love 2

Cover/Blurb reveal ~ Something Like Love by Monica James

Title: Something Like Love
Series: Something Like Normal, #3
Author: Monica James
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: February 2015

The secret’s out…
Fate has never been kind to Mia Lee, but
her misfortune has driven her to seek redemption from a past filled with
Mia’s future depends on uncovering her
past, but sadly, the answers lay with her mother, a mother who abandoned Mia
when she was only a child.
Now that Mia has finally found her kin,
she’s determined to get the answers she so desperately seeks.

But those answers come with a price…
Mia’s blossoming relationship with Quinn Berkeley
is the sole reason she carries on.  But
Quinn has a secret of his own. Will his secret destroy the one stable
foundation in Mia’s life? And more importantly, what will Quinn’s secret do to
him once he confesses the sins of his past?

Life for Mia and Quinn is about to explode in a way she never thought possible…

About the Author 

Monica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare and Emily
Dickinson. When she is not writing, Monica is busy running her own business, but she always finds a
balance between the two.  She enjoys writing honest, heartfelt and turbulent stories, hoping to leave an imprint
on her readers, and her inspiration comes from every day life.
She is an Amazon best selling author in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.
Monica James resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her wonderful family, and menagerie of animals.

Sh is slightly obsessed with cats, chucks and lip gloss, and secretly wishes she was a ninja on the weekends.

Author Links 

Other Books in the Series 

                                                      Amazon US             Amazon US
                                                      Amazon UK            Amazon UK
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Title: Pretty Hot
Series: The Pretty Trilogy #1
Author: Donna Alam
Hosted by:Francessca’s Romance Reviews

 photo Pretty_Hot_Final_zps752e5806.jpg


A charming playboy. A girl on the run from love. An exotic location where the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot.

Kate Saunders is sure of only one thing as her flight to her new life lands in Dubai: short of joining a convent, her new job teaching at a conservative all-female school is just what she needs. Until she meets Kai, that is.

Cultured and worldly, Kai lives a life of wealth and privilege where he always gets what he wants. And what he wants next is Kate. He’s determined their relationship is only going one place: his bed.

The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but it’s also littered with underwear when Kate struggles to resist his sweet, filthy mouth. Talented of tongue he may be, but he’s also not quite who seems to be. Kate’s life is about to take a turn for the complicated, making the one she left behind look easy.

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 photo shoeteaser_zps85934277.jpg


‘Well, when eight-year-olds make you feel small, heels are the only answer,’ I retort. ‘And I like nice shoes.’
Lazily pushing himself from the door surround, he saunters to my desk set at the front of the room. Almost lounging against it, he stretches his long legs out in front. Each facing the opposite direction, we’re shoulder to shoulder and almost touching as an electrical force dances in the air. I’ve never been more grateful for the curtain of my hair as he leans in, leans closer, then peers exaggeratedly down at my feet, his voice seeming to drop a full octave.
‘You most certainly do.’
Grabbing papers from my desk, I continue shoving them into my bag in an effort to avoid acknowledging the large, hot presence at my side. ‘Is this a social call or are you actually here for something?’ My tone could be described as arsey at best.
‘Pleasure, definitely.’ I think he’s still staring at my shoes, though I’m fairly certain it’s not a covetous thing. ‘I’m here to call in a debt.’
‘Oh?’ Pushing my hair behind my ears, my eyes rise in enquiry. He’s an accountant then?
‘Your rain-check. I’m here to take you for coffee.’
‘That’s correct. A word of two syllables. A social lubricant.’
I swallow, hopefully not audibly. ‘With you?’
‘You’re enthusiasm knows no bounds,’ he replies in a tone as dry as toast.
‘But that’s . . . that’s not a debt.’
‘A promise is most certainly a debt,’ he teases warmly. But there’s something else there in his words, an undercurrent of steel causing goose bumps to break out across my arms. A man who’s unused to being turned down.
‘I didn’t promise.’ Eyes down, I continue my bag filling quest. ‘And I really don’t think it would be a good idea.’
‘The promise was definitely implied.’
‘I think you’ll find it was inferred,’ I reply with a snort. Great. So now I snort.
‘And,’ he adds, ignoring me, ‘you seem far too nice a person to hurt my feelings. As for it being a good idea, how do you know without trying?’
‘I don’t think I need to try you.’ I wish I could swallow the words at once; press rewind, suck them back in.
‘I come with a satisfaction guarantee.’
‘That’s not what I mean,’ I add quickly.
‘Just coffee,’ he replies, now sounding sincere. ‘Nothing nefarious. I promise.’
‘Sorry. Like I said, I’m busy. Flat out.’
‘Interesting choice of words. But busy . . . sharpening . . . copious amounts of pencils?’ Lifting the almost industrial sized electric sharpener out of my hands, he turns it in his own. It’s about then that I notice the almost bare surface of my desk. ‘A serious business, I’m sure.’
As I raise my head, his gaze hits mine, serious eyes staring down. I’ve suddenly run out of words, every beat of my heart pounding so hard, it has to be audible.
Placing the sharpener back, he stands.
‘I’ll even carry your bag.’
‘You’re pretty full of yourself.’
Smiling lopsidedly, his eyes travel the length of my body again. ‘You know what they say, one minute a cock.’
‘And the next just a bit of a dick,’ I mutter.
‘Ouch.’ He laughs softly, rubbing a hand across his delightfully stubbled chin. ‘I believe the aphorism goes, and the next a feather duster . . .’ He sounds almost hurt as his words trail away.
Oh, bugger. So much for not mistaking his intent. ‘I didn’t mean—’
‘To injure my pride?’ His tone matches a perfectly arched brow.
‘No! Of course not. I don’t even know you, I wouldn’t presume—’
‘You can tell me how sorry you are over that drink.’
Not that upset, then. ‘I told you, I can’t. Coffee or otherwise.’
‘Can’t or won’t?’
‘Does it matter?’ I ask, exasperation and my hands rising before me.
‘Boyfriend, girlfriend? Significant other?’
‘Girl? What, because I’m not interested, I’m gay?’ My face burns and all I can think is what says gay about me today? Surely this isn’t the right response.
‘I didn’t say you weren’t interested. Reluctant, but interested,’ he asserts, masking a smile. ‘Are you seeing anyone?’
‘I don’t see what it has to do with you.’
‘Obstacles, Kate,’ he says suddenly serious. Like an egg and spoon race or the one in the sack? No, the one with the sack! ‘I like to know where I stand.’
‘Why should I be interested in where you hang? Stand! I mean stand.’ My eyes flick involuntarily to where they shouldn’t before darting away. Interested, so interested but reluctant, he got that right.
‘To the left, if you feel you must know, and slightly—’
‘Is this how you talk to women you barely know?’ Talk about degeneration.
‘I think you must be a bad influence.’
‘And I think you must be delusional,’ I retort, straightening my blouse.
‘Because I’m back to being a prick, it seems.’
He exhales audibly, ruffling a hand through his gorgeous hair, not that I noticed at all. As he falls silent, I tip my head to peer at him, fascinated by the conflicting emotions playing and fading across his face: exasperation, annoyance and eventually, a hesitant sort of confusion.
‘What have you got to lose?’
Dignity? Pride? Undies?
His hand rises quite suddenly between us as he runs the tip of one finger against my face. He’s so close that for a mad moment, I think he’s going to kiss me, my breath halting as desire, swift and treacherous, blooms inside. He’s going to kiss me and I think I’m going to let him. Then his hand lowers, sort of hesitantly, before plucking one of the humiliatingly many pencils sticking from the top of my bag. He begins to write on my yellow notepad, the only item left on my desk. As pen touches paper, his finger sparkles in the light, sprinkled with glitter.
‘My number,’ he murmurs, placing the folded paper in my hand. ‘Think about it. You owe me for saving you, at least.’
‘Why do I feel you’re not going to leave me alone until I say yes?’ My voice is soft, lacking in strength and conviction as I stare at the folded note.
‘Because you’re a very astute judge of character.’
A smile leaks from his tone as he turns to leave, his words echoing in the empty room. Staring at the paper in my hand, my heart sinks. I fold it once more and tear it in half, because I know his words couldn’t be farther from the truth.

 photo teaserclassroom_zps677fd895.jpg

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Amazon UK
Amazon USA

What others are saying

This is the first book I have read by this author and I can honestly say it won’t be my last. She is a fantastic writer and captures your attention and pulls you right in. ~ AJ’s Book Reviews

Witty banter? Check! Humor? Check! Exotic location? Check! Steamy sex scenes? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!!!!
Donna Alam has found the perfect recipe for a funny and sexy story and shows plenty of promise for her additional books in the “Pretty” series. Not only are the conversations between naïve Kate and hot, hot and worldly Kai (did I mention he’s hot?) smart and funny, but the sexual tension — and release — is combustible! ~ Goodreads Review

The story had a real mix of funny moments, intense sexual encounters and flirty banter while laying the foundations for a great story to continue on in the next book in the series. While a mind-blowing and explosive episode to Kai and Kate’s relationship brings us to the end of book one we are also left wanting more ~ Nice & Naughty Book Blog

 photo aboutmepic2_zps956d7bd7.jpg

About the Author

Hailing from the North East of England, Donna is a bit of a Bedouin, moving houses and continents more times than she cares to recall. A bit of a clueless nomad rather than the stateless kind, she once worked at a school very much like the one described in her book. Alas, there were no Kai-a-likes floating about there . .

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Voracious reader, book lover, intermittant blogger, audiologist. These things are some of me, but not the sum of me.

DPAPA's Living A Flip Flop Life

Turn Your Passion Into Your Business Online

Pink Ink

Ten authors, four countries, one blog.

After Dark Book Lovers


Book Loving Pixies

We live to read ~ we love to read!!!!

Rumpled Sheets Blog


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