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RELEASE BLITZ – Up in Smoke (Hot in Chicago Rookies #1) by Kate Meader


Hot in Chicago Rookies #1

Kate Meader

Release Date: February 22

Lives are on the line at Engine 6 … and so are hearts.

Newly-minted firefighter Abby Sullivan is exactly where she wants to be: Chicago Fire Department’s Engine 6, the station where her mom blazed a trail as one of the first female firefighters in the city. The first to fall in the line of duty, too. All Abby wants is to succeed, but that’s a tough proposition when people only see a feel-good story, a token woman failing at a man’s job, or the princess in need of protection. And the man tasked with watching her six? 

Lieutenant Roman Rossi, the one person she can’t let close.

Having the daughter of his boss and nemesis under his wing shouldn’t be a problem for Roman—he’s a professional and can treat her like any other firefighter rookie. Except she happens to be the gorgeous woman he once shared a slice of cherry pie with, followed by the hottest, sweetest, most pulse-pounding kiss of his life. He didn’t know her name but he had planned to find out.

Now Roman knows exactly who Abby is: a threat to his self-control more dangerous than a five-alarm blaze. Lust has no place in the firehouse, and a distraction like Abby with her electric blue eyes, waves of flame-red hair, and freckles Roman wants to map with his tongue, is one he can ill afford. 

Becauseq one wrong move … and it could all go up in smoke.

Up in Smoke is the first in the brand new Hot in Chicago Rookies series about firefighters navigating the trials of new jobs and sizzling romances as they find their place in the world and the love of a lifetime.

Buy Links:

Amazon https://amzn.to/3w9CFQY

Apple https://apple.co/3ECei1p

Kobo https://bit.ly/3nOypTm

Nook https://bit.ly/31eeOnW

Meet the Author:

Originally from Ireland, USA Today bestselling author Kate Meader cut her romance reader teeth on Maeve Binchy and Jilly Cooper novels, with some Harlequins thrown in for variety. Give her tales about brooding mill owners, oversexed equestrians, and men who can rock an apron, fire hose, or hockey stick, and she’s there. Now based in Chicago, she writes sexy contemporary romance with big-hearted guys and strong heroines – and heroes – who can match their men quip for quip.

Connect with Kate Meader:

Newsletter: https://www.katemeader.com/newsletter

Website: https://www.katemeader.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorkatemeader

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katemeader/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KittyMeader 
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6551743.Kate_Meader 
BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/kate-meader

Reader Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/578930782228475/

Amazon Author Page: https://amzn.to/3kFUYcJ

NEW RELEASE – Scarlett and the Big Bad Billionaire (Eastport Bay Billionaires #6) by Tru Taylor

Title: Scarlett and the Big Bad Billionaire
Series: Eastport Bay Billionaires #6
Author: Tru Taylor

Genre: Small Town Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 14, 2022


In my expert opinion, every woman who’s been left at the altar should follow up that singularly humiliating experience by spending a week in paradise with a totally inappropriate—and totally sexy—stranger.

Even better if you meet him at the bar of the resort hotel where your destination wedding and honeymoon were supposed to take place.

Even even better if he’s hot and jacked and there are no names exchanged and zero chance of ever seeing him again afterward.

One week of no-holds-barred sex, sun, rum, and fun and your broken heart is on the road to recovery— or at least approaching the on-ramp.

Of course, the key to pulling off this surefire heartbreak cure is to make sure you don’t fall for him during that amazing week during which you lived out every sexual fantasy you’ve ever had.

And whatever you do, don’t run into your non-honeymoon fling three years later—at your matchmaking grandma’s house.

SCARLETT AND THE BIG BAD BILLIONAIRE is a hot small-town rom com take on Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. It’s a standalone enemies to lovers, mistaken identity, jilted bride romantic comedy filled with heart, heat, and billionaire romance fun!

GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59587209-scarlett-and-the-big-bad-billionaire

BOOKBUB LINK: https://www.bookbub.com/books/scarlett-and-the-big-bad-billionaire-a-small-town-enemies-to-lovers-romance-eastport-bay-billionaires-book-6-by-tru-taylor


US: https://amzn.to/3kmGEFa
UK: https://amzn.to/3H3o133
CA: https://amzn.to/3n1Itt1
AU: https://amzn.to/3D5L8r8

Free in Kindle Unlimited



“I hate him,” I said, not for the first time tonight. Wouldn’t be the last either.
“We all do, honey,” Maddie soothed. “He’s a cotton-headed ninny muggins, and you’re better off without him.”
Maddie had replaced all her favorite swear words with toddler-appropriate variations since becoming a mother, but I appreciated the furor and loyalty behind the silly phrase.
I rested my forehead against the cool surface of the outdoor bar. It smelled like beer and pineapple. “What I don’t understand is why he even flew here with me in the first place if he knew he wasn’t going to go through with it.”
“He told Joey he didn’t want to embarrass you since you’d already had your bridal shower. And he thought he could do it… up until this morning.”
“It’s like my dad and mom all over again.”
They were never married?” my younger half-sister asked, clearly shocked.
“No, no, they were, but he left. They all do eventually.”
“Not all of them,” she said. “Not Joey. He knows I’ll track him down and deep fry his Rocky Mountain oysters if he even thinks of leaving me alone with two kids under five.”
“You wouldn’t get the chance to mutilate him because I’d do it for you,” I vowed before slurping what remained of the brightly colored drink in my glass. “Besides, you can’t go to prison—you have to be there for the kids, whereas I will apparently never be having any.”
Maddie gave me a chiding glance as she offered me a sip of her club soda. “Last one, okay? You’re not used to drinking so much. You’re just piling misery on top of sorrow. Besides, I can’t stay awake much longer, and mom wants us to do brunch tomorrow morning before she and my dad leave.”
Unlike me, our mother had managed to find a great guy after her marriage to my father ended. A couple years after she’d married David, Maddie had been born, and my life had become infinitely better.
At the moment though, I didn’t want to face any of them—not even my sweet half-sister who wanted me to be sensible instead of ordering every umbrella drink on the bar menu.
“Nooooooooo,” I whined. “No brunch. No Eggs Benedict and sad eyes and ‘I’m sorry’s’ and ‘better luck next time, kiddos.’ I wish I could have gotten a flight out today. Then I wouldn’t have had to spend two hours at my ‘un-reception’ assuring everyone how okay I am and trying not to spill on this dress so I can re-sell it.”
My reception dress was a clingy red knit that matched the beautiful bougainvillea growing all around the property of the resort hotel. It was the only thing I’d packed for my destination wedding and honeymoon that wasn’t beachwear or resort casual.
Come to think of it, maybe I should have just changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. It wasn’t like I was going to impress anyone at this point.
For some reason I’d had some thought of maintaining dignity or some such nonsense. That concern was long gone tonight, thanks to Captain Morgan and the crew.
Maddie patted my back. “Well, for what it’s worth, I think you should keep it. It looks amazing on you. Bryce didn’t deserve that dress, and he didn’t deserve you. He’s boring—and he smells like hot dog water.”
I lifted my head. “What?”
“He does. I didn’t want to say anything about it when I thought you’d be spending the rest of your life with him, but it’s true. I don’t know how you stood it. I’ll tell Mom and David you don’t feel up to brunch. You can just see them when everyone gets home.”
Ugh. I did not relish the thought of going back to face all my co-workers and friends who hadn’t gotten the word yet about my canceled wedding.
But I would. Because I had to.
What was the alternative? Spending my honeymoon here alone? Maddie and Joe had to go back home—they both had work, and Trina had school. Mom and David were scheduled to go off on an excursion to the Acropolis tomorrow, not that I’d want to spend my un-honeymoon with them.
“What you need now is a hot bath and a good night’s sleep,” Maddie said.
“What I need is another drink.” I raised my hand to get the attention of the young bartender who was looking more and more like Tom Cruise as the hours—and colorful drinks—added up.
He nodded at me and started mixing a replacement for my empty glass.
“Or maybe a lobotomy so I can’t think about it anymore,” I added.
Or… a night with one of those guys,” Maddie said with waggling eyebrows. “I’ll bet you wouldn’t even remember Bryce’s name in the morning.”
I followed my sister’s pointed gaze to a group of guys on the other side of the bar. They were boisterous and loud as if maybe they’d started the party elsewhere and this was just one of many stops along their trail of debauchery tonight.
Every one of them was jacked, like they were bodybuilders—but then, no, they weren’t puffed up and slickly styled. Rather they were tough looking, their sinewy strength the kind that resulted from manual labor or old-fashioned bodyweight exercises. Several of them were tatted up.
“Don’t be ridiculous. The last thing I’m interested in right now is men. You don’t cure a hangover with more alcohol.”
“Um… have you never heard of ‘hair of the dog that bit you?’” she asked.
“I’m not interested in dog hair, horsehair, or sexily scruffy dark hair with a golden auburn streak,” I said, checking out the attractive guy at the very end of the bar. He didn’t appear to be drinking like the rest of his posse. “And I’m definitely not interested in a military guy.”
“You think they’re military?” she asked, studying them more closely now. “What’s wrong with that?”
“My dad was a SEAL, remember? Ninety percent divorce rate?”
“Oh right. But how do you know these guys are military?”
“Don’t stare at them,” I hissed. “They’ll take it as an invitation.”
She grinned, talking through her teeth like a ventriloquist. “Too late. Incoming hottie alert. Look alive, solider.”


Someone was shining a flashlight into my eyes. A strong one.
The red glow boring through my eyelids hurt—everything hurt, actually. My head felt like it had a heartbeat, and my body weighed at least six hundred pounds.
Cracking my eyelids, I determined the source of the irritating light wasn’t a flashlight but an opening in the hotel room curtains. Hot morning sun streamed in, landing on my face and interrupting a heavy sleep marked by strange dreams of a wedding that never happened and a man who wasn’t my groom spending the night.
I sat up abruptly, causing my brain to slosh in my oversensitive skull and turning my stomach.
It hadn’t been a dream.
The wedding had been called off—and there had been a man. But apparently he hadn’t (thank God) spent the night. Except for the spot where I’d slept, the bed was empty and still neatly tucked.
Looking around the room, I saw no sign of the disconcertingly hot guy from last night.
I had vague memories of vivid green eyes and white teeth that had gleamed in a wolfish smile so charming I’d actually forgotten for whole minutes at a time that yesterday had been the worst day of my life.
But it had.
And this afternoon I’d get on a plane, go home to Minnesota, go back to work, and try my best to forget about the whole thing.
Ugh. I dreaded the looks of sympathy coming my way—or worse, the friends and co-workers who wouldn’t look at me, who’d find a way to be “busy” when I came into a room because they didn’t know what to do or say.
Oh well. What was the alternative? Stay here in the Greek islands and hide forever?
Not only could I not afford to do that, the prospect of going on my pre-paid tours and dining at beautiful seaside vistas alone was enough to get my pitiful hungover ass out of bed and moving toward my suitcase to start packing.
The sound of a toilet flushing made me jump. Were the walls of the hotel room that thin?
Wait—this was a bungalow. There were no shared walls through which you could hear a neighbor’s flushing. Which meant the sound—and the sound of running sink water that followed it—had come from thisbungalow.
“Oh good, you’re awake.”
A man had rounded the corner and was now standing—shirtless—in my room.
Not a man, the man. The one from last night.
He looked even better than I’d remembered, with dark, messy hair and a body so fit and muscular it would have made me drool—if I hadn’t been too dehydrated to produce saliva at the moment.
His eyes were arresting, and his face as a whole gave me serious young-John-Stamos vibes. Yes, I’d binge-watched every episode of Full House when I was younger—not sorry.
“I used one of the complimentary toothbrushes in there. Hope you don’t mind,” he said cheerfully. “I figured since Bryce wouldn’t be using it, it was fair game. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave any shirts, so whenever you’re feeling up to it, I’m gonna have to ask for that one back.”
I looked down at myself, only now noticing I was wearing an unfamiliar, and heavenly smelling—good God what was that amazing scent?—man’s t-shirt.
And not much else.
I pulled up the hem to check and confirmed that yes, I was still wearing the ridiculously expensive, crystal encrusted “bridal thong” Maddie had given me at my shower.
“Yes, they’re still on,” he said.
I looked back up at the grinning guy…. what was his name? Fox? No, that wasn’t it, though I’d heard it at some point last night and it was completely appropriate when it came to this guy.
Wolf. That’s what it was. Also appropriate, considering the look on his face as he stared at the place where I’d drawn up the shirt for a panty-check.
I dropped it and tugged the hem down in a futile attempt to cover more of my thighs.
“I know. I just… um… did we…?”
I’d never had to ask a question like this before, having never been roofied—or drugging myself to the point of oblivion as I apparently had last night.
“Did you… sleep over?”
His smile widened. “I did.”
My heart plummeted then fell further as he added, “But there was no sleeping involved.”


“Miss Hood?” A nursing assistant peeked into the room. “There’s someone who’s asking to speak with you in the hallway.”
“Oh. Okay, sure.” I leaned over and kissed Vivi’s cheek. “Be right back.”
I stepped into the hallway, expecting to find a nurse or doctor who wanted to speak with me privately.
The person waiting there was actually the last one I’d ever have expected to see.
My former fiancé gave me a sympathetic look and stepped forward to hug me. I was so shocked, I let him.
You know what? My sister was right—he did smell like hot dog water.
“How are you, sweetheart? I came as soon as I heard,” he said.
When he released me, I stared at him. “What are you doing here?”
“I went to the mansion first—wow, what a place. That must have cost some big bucks. The housekeeper there said your grandmother had been brought here, and you went with her. Is she okay?”
I nodded, feeling numb. “She’s doing alright. They’re running tests.”
Staring some more, I tried to get it through my head that my ex had flown halfway across the country and was standing in front of me.
“Is something wrong?” I asked him. “Did something happen at home?”
“No, your family’s all fine. I’m fine,” he said, “Actually, no, that’s a lie. I’m not fine. I haven’t been fine since I lost you.”
“Lost me? You didn’t lose me, Bryce. You returned me for a full refund.”
“The biggest mistake I ever made,” he said adamantly.
“I’ve doing a lot of thinking. And here’s the thing—you’re the love of my life, I can’t live without you. I want you to give me another chance. I want to be there for you… till death do us part.”
From behind his back, he produced a bouquet of flowers that had obviously been purchased at the hospital gift shop. In fact, there was a card nestled in the vase with the hospital’s logo—and the inscription, “For Patty. Get well soon. Love, Harold.”
Noticing it, Bryce snatched the card out and dropped it on the floor. “Not sure how the florist got that confused.”
He shoved the vase of flowers at me. “I know it’s been hard on you since we broke up. And I know you’re not with anyone. You’ve been single since what should have been our wedding night. But you don’t have to be lonely anymore.”
Just then, Gray rounded the nurses’ station holding two cups of coffee from the hospital cafeteria.
“Actually, she’s been with me since your non-wedding night,” he announced, coming to stand beside me and handing me a cup, which I took automatically.
Thanks for that, by the way,” Gray said to Bryce. “I never would have gotten the chance to propose to this amazing woman if you hadn’t fucked up so thoroughly.”
“Propose?” Bryce yelped.
I shouted the question just as loudly inside my head.
“I’m her fiancé,” Gray calmly lied. “We’re getting married.”
My ex-fiancé’s gaze fell to my bare left ring finger, and Gray saw it.
“We’re still picking out the ring,” he explained. “I want her to have the perfect one. We were planning to fly to LA and New York this weekend to look at two different choices. Vivi’s little scare here might put that off for a bit.”
“What are you, some kind of billionaire?” Bryce emitted a snort-laugh.
Gray’s expression stayed cool. “Maybe. Maybe not. My financial status is none of your business. The only thing you need to know is I’ve got everything it takes to make Scarlett happy and take care of her. She doesn’t need you—or want you.”
He looked down at me, sliding his arm around my shoulders and silently willing me to go along with the ruse. “Right babe?”


US: https://amzn.to/3gsJdmN
UK: https://amzn.to/3gsJeqR
CA: https://amzn.to/32ZnJuH
AU: https://amzn.to/3rrGe4v

All free in Kindle Unlimited


Award-winning romance author Tru Taylor writes romantic comedies to make you swoon, smile, and snort with laughter.

She runs on Coke Zero and dark chocolate, lives for lunches with her girlfriends, and drives to the town beach several times a week to watch the sun set over the water.

She loves LOVE and will attempt to turn any show or movie she’s watching into a romance whether it is one or not. Star Wars? A romance. Lord of the Rings? Clearly a romance. The Expendables? Okay, well not even Tru can redeem that one.

When she’s not writing, Tru enjoys watching movies and reading books with happy endings, spending time with her husband and two kids, and sneaking Hershey’s Kisses from the top shelf of the freezer throughout the day. (Top shelf because… two kids. Enough said.)

Tru is the author of the Eastport Bay small town rom com series and loves living in a small New England town where she’s surrounded every day by the beautiful coastal setting you see brought to life in her books.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tru-Taylor-Author-107664454229005
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trutaylorauthor
Website: https://trutaylor.com
Newsletter: https://bit.ly/TruTales
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tru-Taylor/e/B0984RHFLJ
Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/tru-taylor

RELEASE BLITZ – High Meadow (High Mountain Trackers, #1) by Freya Barker

Title: High Meadow

Series: High Mountain Trackers, #1

Author: Freya Barker

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 21, 2022
Cover Designer: Freya Barker
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

An emergency call to pick up an injured stallion on the side of the road sends Alexandra Hart, the new owner of Hart’s Horse Rescue, into action. A recent addition to the area, she is not impressed when the animal’s taciturn owner shows up. With his less-than-stellar disposition, he’s the kind of man she normally avoids at all costs, unfortunately, he owns the ranch just down the road.

However, when the manhunt for a pair of escaped prisoners gets a little too close for comfort, Jonas turns out to be a better neighbor than she expected.

The Alex who shows up at his ranch to help with his prize stud’s recovery is not exactly who Jonas Harvey expected. This is the same bleeding heart he met on the side of the road. Worried she’s not up for the job, he’d prefer to keep a close eye on her but his High Mountain Trackers team gets called in to track down a group of domestic terrorists.

But the slip of a woman proves him wrong. On all fronts. Alex not only charms his horses but him as well, and when trouble comes calling she proves to be a worthy ally to boot.


Tweet: ✨ #ReleaseBlitz ✨ From brothers in arms - to teammates on horseback. Grab your copy of High Meadow by Freya Barker ➜ https://ctt.ec/p5Fb1+ #FreyaBarker #romanticsuspense #newbookrelease #westernromance


A new series from Freya Barker and a host of new characters to get to know and love…. abs it’s gonna be fun!!

High Meadow was a really great start to the new High Mountain Trackers series. Suspense, action, intrigue and danger along with great characters and world building all added to the read.

As always with Ms Freya, or MCs are older, have experienced life, love and loss in different forms but are still trying to live their best lives.

Alexandra (Alex) has raised her son, see him grow and leave home and is now running her Horse Rescue Centre in Montana. Living a new life in a new area her first interaction with Jonas didn’t make for a good impression.

Jonas is ex special-ops, now running a ranch with the men he considers family from his military days. When they’re not in the ranch, they work as Trackers, using their skills to help the police and others when hired.

Neither of them play games. They’re past dancing around what they want. They say what they think, even when what the have to say is blunt as all get out. Jonas has a little bit of a ‘pita issue’ at times, that being he is one on occasion with some of the things he says…. coming across as overprotective and stubborn while hiding the softer, caring man he can be!!

I loved Alex. She sees people. Cares about those around her but isn’t afraid to get involved if she thinks it’s the right thing to do. Working in what is traditionally considered a ‘man’s job’ she’s a little defensive at times (understandably) when her abilities are questioned but she soon proves her doubters wrong!!!

Jonas is loyal to those he cares for, protective of his friends and family and though he can come across as harsh, when he sees (or is told 😉) what he’s been missing, he’s a good man, steps in and does his bit to help.

I loved meeting the other characters so far. Jonas’s dad was fab (I know a man or two like him and while they vex me I love them dearly!!?). The other guys I feel are gonna get a run for their money with their significant others… and I’d love to see more a bit more of Alex’s son or find out at least how he’s doing. 🤞🏻

I’m so looking forward to the other books in the series and Freya had already paved the way for the next couple…. I’m excited to find out what our upcoming leading man is all about!!

If you’re a current readers of FB’s books you’re gonna love this. If you’re a new reader, it’s a good place to start… though you really should get on her other series asap!!!

USA Today bestselling author Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

With forty-plus books already published, she continues to create characters who are perhaps less than perfect, each struggling to find their own slice of happy. 

Recipient of the ReadFREE.ly 2019 Best Book We’ve Read All Year Award for “Covering Ollie, the 2015 RomCon “Reader’s Choice” Award for Best First Book, “Slim To None”, Finalist for the 2017 Kindle Book Award with “From Dust”, and Finalist for the 2020 Kindle Book Award with “When Hope Ends”, Freya spins story after story with an endless supply of bruised and dented characters, vying for attention!

Social Media:

Facebook: http://bit.ly/FreyaFacebook

Twitter: http://bit.ly/FreyaTwitter
Instagram: http://bit.ly/FreyaInstagram
Web: http://bit.ly/FreyaWeb
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/FreyaGoodreads
Newsletter: https://www.subscribepage.com/Freya_Newsletter

Bookbub: http://bit.ly/FreyaBookBub
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@authorfreyabarker

Pre Order the rest of the series!!


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