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FIRST LOOK CELEBRATION ~ Cowboy Rising by Mia Hopkins


Feisty reporter vs. gruff cowboy—buckle up for a hard ride…

Come back to the rodeo with Mia Hopkins and the newest release in
the Cowboy Cocktail series, COWBOY RISING!




Journalist Georgia Meyers is writing an article about MacKinnon Ranch in a last-ditch effort to save her job at a failing newspaper. At first, the hot-as-hell rancher wants nothing to do with her. But butting heads leads to knocking boots, and soon she’s getting the real story—in bed and off the record.

Cattleman’s son and petroleum engineer Daniel MacKinnon turned down a lucrative oil career to take over the family farm. Frustrated about giving up his dreams and worried about money, Daniel buries himself in ranch work—that is, until gorgeous Georgia shows up and rocks him to the core. A blazing one-night stand leads to something deeper. Despite their feelings for each other, he’s tied to the land and she’s a rolling stone. When the time comes to part ways, will the lovers choose duty over desire? Or will they face their fears and rise to the challenge of love?

Warning: Get ready for sassy banter, sizzling sex, orgasms galore, and a nerdy dirty-talkin’ cowboy who can go all night long.

On Sale in Digital: November 22, 2016

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Instead of saying anything, Georgia slid her hands free and ran them through his hair like she’d wanted to do all night. Short and soft. Her fingertips tingled. She did it again. “For a cowboy, you’re awfully fatalistic.”

“You must not know a lot of cowboys if you think that.”

His fingers curved around the back of her neck. When he leaned down and kissed her throat, the first hot wave of arousal rushed down her spine, and she jerked backwards, shocked at the intensity of the sensation. Gently, he pulled her close and kissed her again, dropping open-mouthed kisses down the side of her neck and along her collarbone.

“Scoop,” he whispered.


“I want to love you up. Will you let me?”

Had anyone ever strung those words together and made them sound sexier than Daniel MacKinnon just did? Georgia didn’t think so. She rubbed his back, packed tight with solid muscle. Under the covers, their bodies grew hotter and hotter until Georgia kicked off the bedspread. Cool air sizzled on her face and arms. Daniel lay her on her back and put both hands on her hips, pinning her to the mattress. When he kissed the tops of her breasts just at the neckline of her camisole, his hot, smooth lips made her gasp.

“Georgia.” His voice was rough in the dark. “Tell me this is okay.”

Was she awake? Was she dreaming this? If she was, her subconscious had outdone itself—this was the hottest man she’d ever fantasized about, even in the pitch-black darkness.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, Daniel.”

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“Mia Hopkins knows how to put characters on a page.”  – HEROES AND HEARTBREAKERS

“Mia Hopkins is an imaginative author who doesn’t take the easy road to a formulaic book.”– USA TODAY

“Sweet and filthy at the same time, just the way I like it. This book made me so happy.”– READ ALL THE ROMANCE

“The writing is excellent, the emotions leap off the page, and the sex is downright earthy.”– JILL SORENSON, AUTHOR

“Beautifully descriptive…hot, sexy and full of yearning!”  – DELILAH DEVLIN, AUTHOR

“Off the charts hot.”  – THE ROMANCE STUDIO

 “A tantalizing slow seduction of the senses.” – STRANGE CANDY REVIEWS

“Hopkins packs a lot of heat and romance on the pages…Caution: hot, sexy times ahead!”– READER GIRLS BLOG

 “Filled with sizzling chemistry, hot sex, and just enough sweetness to leave me wanting more…And those sex scenes…Holy hotness!”  – CRYSTAL BLOGS BOOKS

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Forget chocolate and flowers. This homegrown honey is all the sweetness he craves.

Small-town life is nothing but a waiting room for eighteen-year-old honor student Corazón Gomez. Work and school leave little time for love, but with a full-ride Ivy League scholarship and a one-way ticket out of the boondocks, who needs it?

The answer appears on Valentine’s Day when her old cowboy crush ambles into the ice cream parlor where she works, inviting her to go on a late-night ride in his truck. For the first time she wavers between staying on the straight and narrow, and going off-road with the handsome heartbreaker.

After four years working on ranches all over the country, Caleb MacKinnon is back on the family farm helping out his mom and brothers while his father fights cancer. The one bright spot: smart, funny, and wickedly sexy Cora.

From the start, they both know this blazing-hot love affair can’t last. But when autumn comes and Cora has to leave for the East Coast, Caleb must find a solution to keep himself—and his heart—from falling apart.

Warning: Contains hard, cherry-poppin’ sex in a pickup truck and a cowboy charmer who talks dirty in two languages.

Book 1 Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Google Books | Kobo | BAM


Ball-busting business woman meets no-holds-barred cowboy. He’s gonna need a longer rope…

Marketing hotshot Monica Kaur has put her big-city life on hold to help bail out her brother’s failing business. Now she’s got three months to plan and promote a rodeo, the first her tiny hometown has ever seen.

To ensure the rodeo’s success, Monica enlists a local hero, a rancher’s son who’s made a name for himself on the bull-riding circuit. Problem? She can’t stop daydreaming about the cocky bastard—and all the things she longs to do to him out behind the chutes.

Professional bullfighter Dean MacKinnon is home helping his family while his father fights cancer. Haunted by bad memories, jaded by love, Dean finds escape in a no-strings-attached go-round with brainy, sexy Monica, whose close-knit Sikh-American family would sooner run him out of town than see her with a notorious rodeo Romeo.

In private, Monica and Dean play as hard as they work. But as the rodeo draws near, that clean break they promised each other is getting more and more hung up in the rigging.

Book 2 Available at:  Amazon  |  B&N  |  iBooksKobo  | Goodreads


For eight years, Melody Santos played the game of love and lost—big time. Now she’s back in her tiny hometown looking after her younger sister, making ends meet with an assortment of odd jobs. When her childhood best friend hires her to help him sell his family’s grass-fed beef, the last thing she anticipates is falling in lust with the legendary, brown-eyed player.

To put his family’s cattle ranch back in the black, Clark MacKinnon has his sights set on big contracts—gourmet chefs and restaurateurs. If that means long hours traveling from farmer’s market to farmer’s market, Clark doesn’t mind. Particularly since his new assistant is his childhood crush, all grown up and sexy as hell.

One night in bed leaves them breathless and hungry for more. But when his love-’em-and-leave-’em reputation collides with her trust issues, Clark and Melody must face the truth about what they’ve become: not friends, not lovers, but players in a game that’s impossible to win.

Warning: Contains filthy banter, raunchy sex, excessive Johnny Cash references, and hundreds of pounds of raw beef.

Book 3 Available at: Amazon | Kobo | iTunes | B&N | Samhain | AllRomance | Google Play | Books-A-Million Goodreads


When Harmony Santos’s boyfriend dumps her on her birthday, she doesn’t get mad. She gets lucky…with a mysterious cowboy whose bedroom eyes and rough edges bring out her inner bad girl. But when their one-night rodeo turns into more than a rebound, Harmony worries her heart hasn’t healed enough to take on someone new—even if that someone is as sweet as he is sexy.

Tie-down roper Lucky Garcia can’t believe his good fortune. A shot at national finals and now this—his longtime crush, in his arms at last. The more time he spends with Harmony, the harder he falls for her. But financial demands and family responsibilities take him further and further away from her—as does his secret fear she hasn’t quite gotten over her dickhead ex.

Behind closed doors, Lucky and Harmony are filthy perfection. But when reality comes knocking, the star-crossed lovers must decide: walk away intact, or risk it all for a chance at happiness.

Warning: Get ready for rope tricks, spanking, self-pleasure, and a smoking-hot cowboy who puts the big D in Dominant.

Book 4 Available at: Amazon | Goodreads

 Author Bio:mia-hopkins-headshot

Mia Hopkins writes lush romances starring fun, sexy characters who love to get down and dirty. She’s a sucker for working class heroes, brainy heroines and wisecracking best friends.

When she’s not lost in a story, Mia spends her time cooking, gardening, traveling, volunteering and looking for her keys. In a past life, she was a classroom teacher and still has a pretty good “teacher voice” and “teacher stare.”

She lives in the heart of Los Angeles with her roguish husband and two waggish dogs.

You can also visit her online at the following places:

Website Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads | Pintrest Instagram



BLOG TOUR ~ The Long Ball by Aria Cole





The star player with a troubled past…

Cash Greenwood escaped a difficult past by becoming a star baseball player. Now, one of the major league’s rare double threats, all his effort is thrown into the sport. He’s never had any interest in women, until he meets the one woman who wants nothing to do with him.

The daughter of baseball royalty…

Delilah Gray’s life revolves around numbers, research, and data. She has no time for anything messy like emotions or relationships. Especially not when they come in the sexy guise of a baseball player. She’s seen first-hand the devastation caused by dating a man obsessed with the sport, and that’s one risk she’s not willing to take.

She is one curveball he never saw coming…

But this is one pitch Cash is determined to hit out of the park. Sexual tensions run high and feelings start to develop, but will Delilah ever see that they could have a solid future together? Determined to make her his, she may just prove to be the hardest game of Cash’s life.

WARNING: The Long Ball features an obsessed jock with six-pack abs in tight pants determined to get his girl. If syrupy sweet romance and fiery passions appeal to you, then hold onto your panties because this one may just hit them out of the park.


Watch the trailer HERE



“Stop being a whiny bitch, Greenwood! Bottoms up!”
   My best friend and resident troublemaker of the team smacked me on the back. His boisterous laugh and booming voice took up all the space around him. I loved many things about the man, but the thing I loved the most was that in his presence, I became invisible. Since the age of 16 I’ve been recognizable. Once you were a star athlete with a future and the hope of winning a championship, you became a commodity, something shiny. And being simultaneously a slugger and a pitcher was a combination so rare that those with it, like myself, were priceless.  
   It hadn’t taken me long to learn that being invisible keeps you safe.  
   “We have to meet that analytics chick in an hour. I don’t want to reek of alcohol. Coach will kick our asses.” I didn’t like to drink. Most days I can’t even stomach the smell of it, but for the sake of keeping up appearances I usually nursed a glass in my hand and always offered to be the designated driver so no one suspected anything. Rod was really good about covering for me when needed, chugging back the drinks people often bought for me, acting like the cocky best friend he was.  
   “It’s still technically the off-season. Another one won’t hurt.”  
   “Another always hurts, particularly in the form of a hangover the next morning,” I replied.
   “You sound like a dodgy old fuck. Where’s the guy who used to party with me all night long? I want him back.”
   I chuckled, thinking about all the times we’d been in trouble. I prided myself on how well I blended into the crowd and let him take the attention. Rodriguez and I had been buddies since our rookie year. We’d grown up together on this team, cut our teeth on the ins and outs of playing professional ball, but as time passed I found that faking it seemed to exhaust me more and more each day. I was tired of it all, and the only thing that still made me feel something was the game. Everything else was endless noise that passed by with no true meaning or intention. I felt like I was walking in a blur, just waiting for time to pass.  
   “I’m not twenty-one anymore. Coach said any more stunts like that one you pulled at warm-ups and we’re both benched. And you, motherfucker, are not getting me benched.” The idea of sitting out a game was unbearable. Rod and I were thick as thieves, and Coach knew that if anyone could reel him in, it would be me. But what the coach didn’t know was that the idea of losing baseball in any way was like a noose around my neck, tightening until all the oxygen was ripped from me.
    “You’re my wingman, buddy, and ya gotta admit, spiking the water cooler was pretty genius.”
    “And landed us in a shit load of trouble. Frankly, I’m just too old for this shit anymore. Let the rookies have at it. We had our fun.”
   “You make thirty sound like a death sentence. Not for me. When I turn the big 3-0 next year I’m going big. I want my feet in the sand with a drink in my hand and a pussy on each arm. Fuck it, a limo full of pussy. I am gonna get more ass that night than a toilet seat.”
   “Yeah, I bet you do.” I’d never liked how Rodriguez embraced the cliché ball player persona. He played ball hard—out on the field he was a beast. But he partied even harder, a revolving door of girls after every game. I was always up for a few drinks, but the groupies that surrounded Rodriguez always made my stomach turn. It was so obvious they wanted him for his status and money—his staggering salary was very appealing to bunt bunnies. I had absolutely zero interest in them.  
   All the women around ball players didn’t have much to offer, and my life was so messed up that I doubt any woman wanted anything to do with it when she found out. The only kind that would stay would be one that would hope for a staggering payday at the end. I had enough people standing by with their hand out, so I wasn’t interested in a woman who wanted that, too. Besides, I only had a few more years to play this game, and I wasn’t going to squander them for some chick. These women didn’t care about the men. They cared about the limos, the big ticket items the ball players paid for, and the thousand-dollar dinners. Rodriguez made hundreds of millions, just like so many of my buddies, and just like the other ball players, he had no issue living like a king. But that lifestyle didn’t interest me in the least.  
   This life wasn’t for everyone, I wasn’t even sure it was for me sometimes. I rarely liked to go out, and the women did nothing for me. I lived and breathed the game, so much so that I couldn’t imagine what else I would be doing if it wasn’t this. I had one single focus and that was to win the World Series. I had been playing ball for eleven years with the MLB, and that was the only thing that eluded me. I was known as the best player in the entire league and yet I didn’t have that World Series title under my belt. My years left playing ball were dwindling—a ball player was gettin’ some age by thirty—but it was the one dream I hadn’t yet attained.
   “Let’s head over, man. Don’t want to piss off Coach.”
   Rod slammed his shot glass down on the counter, his eyes shining with excitement. “Wanna place bets on how fast I can get up the analytic girl’s skirt?”     
   “You haven’t even seen her yet.” We walked out the doors of the corner bar, afternoon light heating my skin as we walked the short block to the stadium. Today we had a meeting with what would be the new official star analytics firm for the club, before opening day tomorrow. I’d been waiting months for this day, the time between playoffs and opening season always left a pit of dread in my stomach. If I could play twelve months of the year I would.  
   We pushed through the stadium doors and made our way down the dim hallway, headed for the conference room next to the locker room. I nodded at Coach when we walked in and greeted a few of the other guys as the entire team settled on benches around the center of the room.  
   “I don’t want to take up much of your time, so I’ll cut right to the chase.” Coach looked around the room. “A few of you have been fucking off, so we need focus if we’re going to have a good season. I don’t expect miracles, but I do expect you to listen. No more antics. Stay focused. I expect each of you to improve your averages by the end of the season. “
   “Like it or not, stats are down, guys. We need all heads in the game if we’re gonna improve and have a shot at going all the way this year. Delilah Grey from Lionsgate Analytics is here to help us do that.. She’ll be with us—every game, every day—all season. She’ll be sending me the stats throughout the game, and I want you guys tuned in to your averages. Push yourselves every night.”
   He glanced around the room, pausing for a moment on Rod. “And please treat Delilah with respect. She knows we need some help, but she doesn’t need to know you’re all a bunch of animals.” God, I loved Coach. So steady and calm. He was the reason this team was great. Without him we’d all be a bunch of animals on the field.  
   Coach swung open the locker room door and in walked a fucking vision.  I noticed the heels first. Sexy stilettos with leather cutouts that made me want to get down on my knees and slip them off her feet one at a time. My eyes devoured her creamy, toned calves, and not even the conservative pencil skirt could hide the full curves of her hips.  
    Rod said under his breath.
    I nudged him, for the first time in my life irritated by his overt appreciation of a woman. Looking at Delilah, the hairs on my arms stood to attention. As did something else. Damn, she was stunning, I’d never seen a woman so radiant in my entire life. She had dark silky hair cascading down her back in loose curls, so damn soft-looking that my hand itched to brush up against them. I, Cash Greenwood, for the first time in my life had a desire to brush up against a woman’s hair.
   “Hey guys, I’m Delilah Grey.” She nodded, her spine rigid as she leafed through a handful of papers in her arms. “If you could pass these around, I’ll tell you a little about me, then we can chat individually.”
   “Individually?” Rod chimed, his horny grin sending anger racing through my stomach.  
   “Yes, that’s how I prefer to work. Deal with each player’s specific issues before we bring the whole team together.”
   “I’ve only got one issue.” Rod shifted in his seat, his hand brushing over his crotch. My nostrils flared. Why was he such a dick?. At that moment I hated my best friend so much I wanted to pound his face into the ground. The thought made me feel ashamed and idiotic. I knew Rod, he was a joker, more talk than action on most days, but the fact that he was being crass to this woman upset me beyond all reason. I didn’t have an explanation, but I did not enjoy the idea of Rod looking at her like she was a piece of meat. Not one bit.  
   Delilah’s deep chocolate eyes narrowed in a flare of anger for a moment before she turned back to her paperwork. If one paid close attention to her, as I was doing, one could see the patch of red forming on the back of her neck. “I started Lionsgate Analytics nearly three years ago. I want you to be the best players, on and off the field, and excelling in this world isn’t just about home runs and fly balls. It’s also about measuring speed, distance, velocity.” Her eyes flicked over the team again. “I’ll be hanging out at all the games, laptop open and watching just how consistent everyone is, and hopefully it won’t take us long to get an average. Anyone have questions for me?”
   “Yeah, got plans tonight, sweetheart?” That was Rod, and I nearly shoved my fist in his gut for that one. I watched as Delilah’s jaw ticked. She was tough, I could tell. I liked that. I liked that she wouldn’t take anything sitting down. I had had enough of women taking things sitting down, so the fighter in me was drawn to the fire in her.
   “Let me make one other thing clear: if anyone calls me sweetheart, toots, doll, baby, or any other demeaning term of endearment again, I can’t promise you won’t feel my high heel in your balls. I don’t play well with men who act like animals. We’re here for one thing and one thing only—to get this team in shape to win this year. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t make an ass out of yourself in the process. Have I made myself clear?”
   Fire blazed through my veins when she spun and exited the very door she’d come from. Well damn, after thirty years I finally found a woman who could make me take notice, make me want to chase. And not only chase, but tie her up and hold her against me, bind her to me in every way possible.




Aria Cole is a thirty-something housewife who once felt bad for reading dirty books late at night, until she decided to write her own. Possessive alpha men and the sassy heroines who love them are common, along with a healthy dose of irresistible insta-love and happily ever afters so sweet your teeth may ache.

For a safe, off-the-charts HOT, and always HEA story that doesn’t take a lifetime to read, get lost in an Aria Cole book!
Follow Aria on Amazon for new release updates, or stalk her on Facebook and Twitter to see which daring book boyfriend she’s writing next!

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RELEASE BOOST ~ Don’t Say It (Ronacks Motorcycle Club #2) by Debra Kayn

Title: Don’t Say It
Series: Ronacks Motorcycle Club #2
Author: Debra Kayn

Genre: Erotic Contemporary/Motorcycle Club
Release Date: October 18, 2016
The woman’s shelter gave Gia two options. A house in the middle of Wyoming or share a duplex in Montana with a biker.From the first day of her arrival to Haugan, Gia pushes herself into Swiss’s routine. Then, danger moves her into his side of the duplex. The stoic biker with few words and more mystery than her body can handle pulls her under his protection with a profound commitment to keeping her safe from the men trying to kill her. But, close encounters and long nights fail to protect her heart, and she falls in love with Swiss. And, that’s the one stipulation guaranteed to push Swiss away from her.

Swiss’s ex-Army skills benefit Ronacks Motorcycle Club and the patch on his vest gives him the freedom to live without responsibilities. Responsibilities that nearly killed him in the past. He thrives off solitude until his isolated existence gets interrupted when a sexy lady moves into the duplex and his gut tells him something isn’t right.



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He continued gazing at you and after a few seconds where she believed she’d crumble in her chair at the hypnotic pull from across the table, he said, “You and your dress, and the way you’re blushing right this second, has me thinking I’m going to kiss you.”She caught herself panting and closed her mouth.

“Not here.” He straightened and looked around the room and mumbled, “Later.”

“Later?” She ducked her chin. Oh God, she’d said that out loud.

He chuckled low. “Do you need a specific time?”

She looked through lowered lashes. “That might help because I can’t even think right now with you blurting out everything I’m thinking and looking at me that way and me being scared and not knowing what is going on with everything outside of us…and you. You scare me, Swiss.”

He ran his thumb and index finger down the outside lines of his goatee. “All you have to do is tell me no.”

“No,” she blurted. “I mean yes. I want you to kiss me.”

The corner of his mouth lifted. Gia sighed in impatience.

“I don’t know what I’m doing. You’re like nobody I’ve ever known.” She glanced around making sure they hadn’t grabbed anyone else’s attention. “I’m also feeling guilty.”


She sagged in her chair. “I came here with the intent to use you for protection like some big warning sign to keep the bad men away and instead…”

“Instead, you want me,” he said, shrugging. “It is what it is, sweetheart.”

She burst out laughing and shut off her nervous amusement instantly, mortified that she’d forgotten about everyone else in the bar and nodded. “Yes, I guess that’s what I’m saying.”


Also Available



Author Bio

Debra Kayn is the author of the Bestselling Bantorus MC series, Moroad MC series, Red Light: Silver Girls series, Hard Body series, Playing For hearts series, and a huge backlist of books.

She lives with her family in the Bitterroot Mountains of beautiful Northern Idaho where she enjoys the outdoors, the four seasons, and small-town living.

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RE-RELEASE BLITZ ~ Hell by Elena M. Reyes


Author: Elena M. Reyes

Cover Design by:❤️Coquette Graphics❤️
Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance

Re-Release Date 10/27/2016







How do I dominate and enamor the woman who’s in charge of signing my paycheck?


That’s the one question, Joshua Timbers, has been asking himself since he first stepped foot into his own personal Hell. JT, or Yoshi—as his tormentor likes to call him—has lived a life of hardship and loss since an early age. Being the product of a single parent home, he’s accustomed to hard work and lonely nights.
Seeing the strong man that raised him suffer after the loss of his mother made JT’s own heart harden. All that mattered was seeking instant gratification to curve his enormous appetite. Until the blessed day he met his fallen angel, Janelle.
Beautiful, and with balls bigger than her entire crew, Janelle is accustomed to the leering looks of men, even though she’s their boss—the owner of Walker Constructions, alongside her brother.

Her beauty is untouchable to everyone, but how far will Joshua go to bend his hellion to his will and make her his?








What was hell?
If you asked a member of any church today, they’d say it was nightmarish—a dark and gloomy place filled with horrific images and boughs of endless pain. A place where demons roamed freely, feeding off the dregs of the deceased.
A part of humanity that lost its moral compass: the common sinner.
These pour souls sinned in order to achieve greatness; sold their very essence to attain the vanity-filled dreams everyone covets:
And at the end they’d find themselves with nothing but eternal pain.
Then there were those we called our loved ones. Targeted, they lost the small morsel of their souls that made them good. It made them an easy target.
At the very least, that was what the religious people of the world claimed. Wanted us to believe.
Neither of those descriptions meant shit to me. Religion never mattered much. Not when you’d lost so much and witnessed firsthand just what losing faith did to a person.
I wasn’t most people.
Most had chosen to believe the words drilled into their minds from an early age, but I knew better. Hell wasn’t somewhere dark where the eternal flames glowed and the sinners were condemned to—to pay for the unforgivable deeds of their past life. Acts that were unforgivable in the eyes of the church.
In my reality, though, that was a blatant lie.
Hell was here, surrounding us day in and day out. We paid for our sins in life, not death. One way or another, karma would collect those that wronged another. No one, no matter who the fuck they were, could escape this bitch named life.
Problem was that no matter how much I looked at my current situation, I was at a loss. What the fuck had I done to deserve her?
My hell—the one that tortured me while both awake and asleep—wasn’t dark or terrifying. It wasn’t painful in the general sense. Well, that was unless you counted the pain my cock had suffered to be life threatening. I guess it could be considered cruel; she loved to torture me when I couldn’t react or make her pay.
“You are here to work, not fuck me. My pussy’s not on your daily task sheet!”
I’d never been so hard…so fucking swollen, as I’d been in her presence. Twitching and pulsating against the zipper of my Levi’s, I hurt, and she refused to right the wrong she’d created.
“I don’t fuck my employees…not even the promising outline of your big cock will change that.”
You see, my personal hell was all wrapped up in a lustful package. A body created by God himself, made for the sole purpose of fucking up my quiet and ordinary life. This woman brought me down to my knees—demanded that I pay on a daily basis for the lustful thoughts and impulses she, herself, caused.
“Worry about making sure all the drywall on this floor is up; drilling me isn’t on the agenda and never will be.”
And I would gladly repent daily, on my knees at her temple, if she would just give in to me.
My version of hell was a woman. A cock tease.
A woman whose inner and outer beauty surpassed the normal standard society had deemed appropriate. Janelle was a temptress, my personal mistress.
Rendered me incapable of both speech and function at times when all I wanted to do was make her mine. One day Janelle would break me, of that there was no doubt. Problem was that in pushing me past my breaking point, she was losing her power over me and becoming my target. My prey.
When that day came, I would take her without mercy. With no remorse because by then she would be as consumed in her need for me as I was for her.
This woman, angel, or my personal demon, has had my dick hard, leaking and begging for her attention since she first entered my life all those glorious months ago. Now, it was her turn to be miserable.
To feel an eighth of the demands my body made whenever she entered a room. I would make her beg me. Come from a mere look.
Janelle would cry out for me one day, and only then would I gift her my cock.
Her time was up.
I was coming for her.


About the Author:

Elena M. Reyes was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would.
As a small child, she was always intrigued with all forms of art—whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her first taste of writing came to her during her fifth grade year when her class was prompted to participate in the D. A. R. E.
Program and write an essay on what they’d learned. 
Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with
hours of pleasure. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She now resides in Central Florida with her husband and son, spending all her down time letting her creativity flow and
letting her characters grow.


Connect with Elena M. Reyes



FACEBOOK Reader Group:



BOOK TOUR ~ Boondocks by Casey Peeler


“One twist of the lid changed everything…”




by Casey Peeler




Amazon UK: 






One twist of the lid changed everything…

The devil sat on my shoulder from my first breath, he watched my every move, and with the first strike of lightnin’ I was pulled under.

Walking into Boondocks the voice of an angel called to me and I vowed to live a better life.  She kept me on the righteous path until Satan called one last time.

It was time to take him down or lose my angel forever.






Watching her place her perfect lips on the side of Logan’s face made me cringe. I know I have no right to feel this way, but those two have something that I can’t quite understand, and I’m jealous. The question is, what do I do about it?  As she walks toward me with a huge smile on her face, all my craziness evaporates into the evening sky.

“You ready?” she asks.

“As I’ll ever be,” I reply.

After swinging my leg over my bike, I pass Chauna a helmet, and we put them on together. As she swings her leg over, I hold still and wait for the moment she wraps her arms around me. I take a deep breath as she eases into me and rev the engine to life; all eyes are on us.

“Hold on tight,” I say, and she pulls herself even closer. We take the driveway slow, but when we hit the main road, I pull the throttle and we pick up speed as we make our way toward Sammy’s. As we approach the drive-in, I realize that Chauna is completely right; this place is nothing like it was earlier today. The Sammy’s Drive-In light is lit up like Christmas, and it reminds me of Flo’s Café in the movie Cars. There’s so much neon, and instead of cars, there are monster trucks everywhere. Pulling the bike in, we park, and I look to Chauna for direction as country music plays in the background.

“Welcome to Barber. Where the trucks are hot, but the girls are hotter,” she says with pure sexiness. In this moment, I know that this is just the beginning of an epic, new chapter in my life.



About the Author:

Casey Peeler

Casey Peeler grew up in North Carolina and still lives there with her husband and daughter.

Growing up Casey wasn’t an avid reader or writer, but after reading Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston during her senior year of high school, and multiple Nicholas Sparks’ novels, she found a hidden love and appreciation for reading.  That love ignited the passion for writing several years later, and her writing style combines real life scenarios with morals and values teenagers need in their daily lives.

When Casey isn’t writing, you can find her near a body of water listening to country music with a cold beverage and a great book.

Connect with Casey




Instagram: @AuthorCasey

Snapchat: @authorcpeeler


Giveaway link:



RELEASE DAY BLITZ ~ Perfect by Dani Wyatt


Perfect Dani Wyatt Ecover.jpg

Homeschooled and under the stifling grip of an overprotective father, Talia Fielding’s life is pretty miserable. Playing her beloved ukulele and writing songs is as close as she comes to having fun. But that all changes on the night of her eighteenth birthday. She’s invited to her first party where she learns two things: girls can be very, very mean and Griffin Stanford kisses better than any fantasy she’s ever had.

To most of his friends, Griffin Stanford is the handsome football star. However, under those good looks lies the heart of a geek. His passion for numbers has ensured him a life changing job straight out of college. The contract he’s signed has him boarding a plane to halfway around the world the morning after he meets the girl of his dreams.

The obsessive draw Griffin feels toward Talia has him questioning his life’s choices. One night, one kiss and Griffin knows this may be his one and only chance to capture the perfect girl… How can he stop her from slipping through his fingers when the world seems determined to keep these two virgins apart?

Author Note: These two fall in love instantly. If you’re looking for a filthy fantasy fix complete with a Dani-style dirty talking hero topped with heaping helpings of swoony romance, you’re in the right place. This is a standalone novella, with Kindle melting heat, safe, no cheating and filled with virgins who magically know exactly what they’re doing from the very first kiss.






AP new - excerpt.jpg
I’ve lost the power of speech.  She’s wearing that gorgeous little daisy-yellow nightgown dress I sent her a few weeks ago.  The soft light from behind her highlighting every contour and line of her lush body.  A body that will soon be under my tongue and in my hands.
I never dreamed I would see her like this, like she is right now.  But here she is, and it’s glorious.  I can see all her curves, the pink circles of her nipples pressing through and she’s not doing anything to cover herself.  I’ve just won the lotto and a Nobel prize, and whatever trophy they hand out when you come first in life.

“What are you doing opening the door wearing that, baby?”  I’m not sure if I’m raging mad about it or just about as thrilled as any virgin ever was.  My cock is about to snap in half, curved up and around where he can’t escape because my belt is holding his greedy, cum-dripping self in place.  “I mean,” I shake my head and rub my hands over my face trying to reset, “I’m sorry.  You are fucking stunning beyond words, but, baby, what if it wasn’t me?”

As happy as I am to see her, the jealous beast in me lights up, the thought of another man seeing what’s mine has me off my nut.

“I only opened the door after I saw who it was.  I peeked through the peephole first. It’s a sign, I know it is.  I just tried this on for the first time and here you are.  Here you are, I can’t believe it.”  She does this little bunny hop and I don’t miss how her full tits bounce and move with her, making my dick drip into my pants.  I am fairly sure I could watch that little move for the rest of my life and never, ever get tired of it.

Her hands pull at the long tendrils of hair hanging over her shoulders and I realize I haven’t kissed her yet, so I remedy that right away.

My arms pull her to me, sweep up and down her back, up and down the soft fabric that covers her equally soft body, as my lips mount hers.  I kiss her with the force of a man here to finally claim what is his, letting her know I’m here and she’s mine.  After a long kiss, I lean back to drink her in.

“I love that you are wearing this.  It means a lot to me.”  I hook my thumbs into the ruffle around the neckline and trace it up and down, my vision drifting down to where it scoops low, barely covering her ample tits and I want them in my mouth so badly it hurts.

“You must be hungry after your trip.”  Her voice flutters around my head, soft and like a dove, not quite ready to fly away.  Her breath between the words tells me I’m distracting her and I love that.

I bring a hand up to comb my fingers through her hair.  I’ve dreamed of how it would feel for so long.  Silk is like twine compared with its softness.  The black strands fall between my fingers and I’m hypnotized by the sight and feel of it.  It’s so real and I’m so fucking gone.

I taste her lips again with a quick kiss, then put my mouth next to her ear.  “I’m hungry for one thing, and one thing only right now.  That’s you, Wildflower, my mouth between your legs.  I told you, that’s the first thing I want to do to you.  I want to taste your first orgasm.  I want to remember it forever.”


perfect 1.JPG

AP new -about the author.jpg
Dani Wyatt loves her alpha men; make them military, cowboys, MMA — any uber alpha with a wicked possessive streak and an insatiable libido. Receive a free exclusive unpublished title when you join Dani’s private readers group for updates, free chapters and discounts.
She’s a 40 something regular lady who just happens to love badass alpha males who pull your hair and love their women with a lethal passion.
When she’s not writing (which is not often) she is probably laughing about some irony (like A-1 Steak Sauce is vegan), riding her horse, wondering why The Walking Dead can’t have a new episode every night, or looking cross-eyed at some piece of technology sent to ruin her day.
Author Links




SPANISH PROMO ~ La Obsesión del Multimillonario La colección completa – Author JS Scot




La Obsesión del Multimillonario
La colección completa en estuche incluye:
Mía Por Esta Noche, Mía Por Ahora
Mía Para Siempre, Mía Por Completo
TBO espanol.jpg
*****Un éxito de ventas de NY Times y de USA Today****


La Obsesión del Multimillonario, que antes era una trilogía, se completa ahora con una historia adicional en
esta colección completa sobre Simon y Kara.

La colección completa de La Obsesión del Multimillonario incluye:

Mía Por Esta Noche
Mía Por Ahora
Mía Para Siempre
Mía Por Completo

Corazón de Multimillonario ~ La historia de Sam y Maddie y 
La Salvación del Multimillonario~La historia de Max y Mia ya están disponibles en Amazon.

Kara Foster, estudiante de Enfermería y camarera a jornada completa que pasa una mala racha, recibe un duro golpe a su situación económica, ya desesperada, que con toda seguridad la dejará viviendo en la calle. Kara necesitará nada menos que un milagro para salvarse y es rescatada por alguien desconocido, improbable y abrumador. El multimillonario Simon Hudson le hace una oferta imposible de rechazar, pero le aterra aceptar algo así de un hombre al que no ha visto nunca. ¿Será el macho alfa, guapo y multimillonario la verdadera solución a sus problemas, o terminará convirtiéndose en una complicación y un riesgo para su salud emocional?

El multimillonario solitario Simon Hudson preferiría pasar el tiempo delante de un ordenador creando videojuegos que codeándose con la élite. Sabe exactamente lo que quiere hasta que conoce a Kara Foster. Algo en ella le llega de un manera que no ha experimentado nunca, y no le gusta nada. Durante más de un año, Simon vigila a Kara, pero se niega obstinadamente a reconocer su deseo de poseerla, ni siquiera a sí mismo. Pero cuando ella se ve en una situación que bien podría acabar con su vida, Simon se ofrece a ayudarla, sin percatarse de que al salvar a Kara, podría estar salvando su propia alma.

(Esta novela es un romance erótico. Contiene lenguaje gráfico, escenas amorosas muy tórridas y muchas emociones).



La Obsesión del Multimillonario:
La colección completa en estuche
Mía Por Esta Noche, Mía Por Ahora
Mía Para Siempre, Mía Por Completo





Corazón de Multimillonario,

La Obsesión del Multimillonario ~ Sam


Género: Romance Contemporáneo para Adultos.
Sam y Maddie ya están aquí!!! El multimillonario Sam Hudson ha vivido su vida sin excusas pues trata de nunca hacer algo de lo que se pueda arrepentir….con la excepción de lo que le hizo en el pasado a la Dra. Madeline Reynolds.
Después de muchos años de arrepentimientos, Sam se encuentra de casualidad con Maddie; su hermano Simon se va a casar con la mejor amiga de Maddie y los dos se ven forzados a ser cordiales. Pero Sam quiere ser más que educado, y quiere otra oportunidad para limar asperezas y arreglar las cosas, así que le ofrece a Maddie una atrevida propuesta, una oferta que ella encontrará difícil de rechazar por más que lo odie.
La Dra. Madeline Reynolds adora a su mejor amiga Kara y a su prometido Simon, pero el verse forzada a estar en compañía de Sam Hudson únicamente por que los dos estarán en la boda de Simon y Kara, es un suplicio. Lleva años odiando a Sam, pero cuando este le ofrece un trato, algo que está muy cercano a su corazón, se debate entre su desdén hacia el hombre que tanto le disgusta, y algo que desesperadamente ha querido siempre. Ya una vez, Sam casi la destruye, pero Maddie descubre que a veces las cosas no son como parecen ser. Podrá ser Sam un astuto rompecorazones, o existe algo más debajo de su apariencia?
Podrán dos personas con tantos años de resentimiento entre ellos aprender a volver a confiar el uno al otro?.
Tenga en cuenta: Este es un romance tórrido y no es apropiado para lectores adolescentes. El libro contiene escenas de amor ardientes, situaciones y lenguaje que no son aptos para lectores adolescentes.



CDM KU.jpg


MAX esp.jpg
El multimillonario Max Hamilton pensaba que por fin había empezado a sobreponerse, dos años después de que su esposa, Mia, muriera ahogada en el mar.
Había encontrado una hermana de la que no conocía su existencia. Por fin, tenía de nuevo una familia, un paliativo al dolor y la soledad que lo había acompañado desde su trágica pérdida. Sí, se sentía tan feliz como se podía esperar de un hombre que había perdido la mitad de su alma y casi la totalidad de su corazón cuando el destino le arrebató a su mujer.
O así lo creía… hasta que un día auxilió a una misteriosa mujer en el parque, una mujer que hizo revivir algo que él creía muerto desde hacía mucho tiempo.
De repente, su instinto de macho protector, dominante y posesivo volvió a despertar, sin entender cómo era posible que una misma pasión pudiera sentirse por segunda vez. ¿De verdad le daba la vida otra oportunidad de ser feliz o solo jugaba con él?
Descúbralo leyendo “La salvación del multimillonario”, Volumen 3 de la serie “La obsesión del multimillonario”, best selling serie en la lista del New York Times. El volumen es una novela de romance erótica, contemporánea… ¡Completa!







Nota de la autora: Aunque esta serie está ligeramente relacionada con la serie La obsesión del multimillonario, se sostiene por sí misma y puede empezarse sin leer la serie La obsesión del multimillonario. Sin embargo, habla de un romance tórrido con un millonario alfa, así que sálteselo si no le gustan el romance erótico ni el lenguaje explícito.
La historia de Trace y Eva:
Me llamo Eva Morales, y estaba a un paso de quedarme de patitas en la calle cuando Trace Walker entró en mi vida. Quiero odiarle debido a mi pasado, pero en lugar de eso acabaré haciendo un pacto con el diablo con el joven y arrogante millonario. En realidad, no tengo opción. Es aceptar el trabajo que me ofrece o pasar hambre, y ya he pasado hambre durante bastante tiempo.
No pensaba que ser su prometida falsa durante las vacaciones fuera a ser un trabajo difícil, pero resultará ser más complicado de lo que jamás podría imaginar, y veré una cara completamente nueva de Trace una vez que baje la guardia. Su pasado lo acecha, igual que el mío, pero hay cosas que no puedo contarle nunca, secretos que no me atrevo a revelar.
Finalmente, me encontraré en una situación difícil debido a nuestra mutua atracción volátil que no se puede negar. ¿Debería decirle la verdad o terminar el trabajo por el que me paga y alejarme con mis secretos todavía ocultos y mi orgullo intacto? Me pagará bastante por este trabajo como para cuidar de mí misma una vez que haya terminado. Siempre he estado sola, y siempre creí que lo prefería hasta que… hasta que conocí a Trace. Tendría que arriesgarlo todo para ser sincera con él, pero podría ser el primer hombre por el que merece la pena correr ese riesgo. Francamente, pondría en peligro algo más que mi orgullo. Podría soportar sentirme como una perdedora, porque me he sentido más o menos así durante toda mi vida. Lo que me aterra realmente es ser vulnerable y la posibilidad de terminar con el corazón destrozado…

Desahogo KU.jpg



J.S Scott es una de las autoras más vendidas de novelas de romance eróticas. Aunque es una lectora ávida de todo tipo de literatura, escribe lo que más le gusta leer. J.S. Scott escribe historias eróticas de romance, tanto contemporáneas como paranormales. En su mayoría, el protagonista es un varón alfa y todas terminan con un final feliz porque no parece que la autora esté dispuesta a terminarlas de otra manera. Jan vive en las hermosas montañas rocallosas con su esposo y sus muy consentidos pastores alemanes

Recibe todas las Novedades de la Autora suscribiéndote a la hoja informativa aquí
Sección en Español


La Obsesión del Multimillonario~KADE


RELEASE TOUR ~ Crossover by Ryan Michele & Chelsea Camaron



Title: Crossover

Series: Prequel: Devil’s Due MC & Vipers Creed MC

Author: Chelsea Camaron & Ryan Michele


Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 25, 2016

Two motorcycle clubs, two different reasons for being, and one lifestyle find each other together.

– Devil’s Due MC –

Respect is earned, never freely given.
Our road is a path for justice. Nomads always on the open highway, we follow the trail, no matter where it leads, everyone be damned.

– Vipers Creed MC –

Respect is hard earned.
Live by the creed, die by the creed. If you aren’t with us, you’re against us. If you step into our world, your balls better be big and your cock even bigger.
Brothers, bikes, and bitches collide. Respect is everything.

When two clubs cross over into each other’s worlds, only madness, mayhem, vengeance, and heat can possibly ensue.








Rafflecopter giveaway




USA Today bestselling author Chelsea Camaron is a small town Carolina girl with a big imagination. She’s a wife and mom, chasing her dreams. She writes contemporary romance, erotic suspense, and psychological thrillers. She loves to write about blue-collar men who have real problems with a fictional twist. From mechanics to bikers to oil riggers to smokejumpers, bar owners, and beyond she loves a strong hero who works hard and plays harder.



Ryan Michele found her passion in making fictional characters come to life. She loves being in an imaginative world where anything is possible and has a knack for special twists readers don’t see coming.
She writes MC, Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, New Adult, Inspirational, and many more romances. And whether it’s bikers, wolf shifters, mafia, or beyond, Ryan spends her time making sure her heroes are strong and her heroines match them at every turn.
When she isn’t writing, Ryan is a mom and wife living in rural Illinois and reading by her pond in the warm sun.









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