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RELEASE BLITZ ~ Chronicles of a Serial Dater by Adele Huxley & Savan Robbins


Title: Chronicles of a Serial Dater
Series: Chronicles of a Serial Dater #1
Authors: Adele Huxley & Savan Robbins

Genre: New Adult Romantic Comedy
Release Date: July 13, 2016



I thought I had love and life figured out. Then my boyfriend of seven years dumped me right before our college graduation and my seemingly perfect parents announced they were getting divorced after 30 years of marriage.

Everything I thought I knew about love was erased in a matter of days and my first amazing summer as an official adult was officially… different.
Thanks to my friends, I’ve mostly recovered and feel ready to dip my toe in the dating pool. I’m thrust into a new world of dating filled with apps, emoticons, and acronyms. Swipe this, tag that…

WTF does DTF even mean??I’m off to a rocky start, starting with a guy we’ve nicknamed Mr. Chompy. It doesn’t get much better from there…



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“I’m sure it wasn’t that bad,” Anette said, barely stifling a laugh.

I shot her a long-suffering look and grabbed a can of Diet Coke out of the fridge. “It was bad. Horrific, train wreck, body-parts-flung-from-the-wreckage kind of bad.”

I nudged Zach’s legs off the coffee table as I pushed by to take my seat on the sofa. I couldn’t help a sadistic smile when he moaned. “Hey, now. Just because you had a foul date doesn’t mean you have to…”

“He chomped.”

Both Anette and Zach exchanged glances, the pair of them now fully focused on the horror show that had become my date for the evening.

“I’m sorry… he what?” Anette giggled.

“Allow me to demonstrate. You’re me.” I turned towards Zach on the sofa, my knee wedged tightly against his body. “We were at his house, sitting this close, and started making out. Everything seemed fine. Then he does this move with his hand,” I explained as I slid my hand along the side of his jaw and into the shaggy hair at the back of his head. I looked to Anette and shrugged. “Hot, right?”

“Oh yeah, I’m all tingly over here,” she conceded, crossing her arms.

“And we kiss,” I added, leaning in for the full effect. Zach stiffened, probably afraid I would actually kiss him. “He pulls back, makes this bizarre face and chomps.” I open my mouth as wide as my date had and clack my teeth together with a violent CHOMP.

I pause for a second and then throw my hands in the air as if declaring victory in the I Swear I’m Not Making This Up competition. Shock washed over their faces as I allowed the scene to sink in.

“I still don’t understand,” Zach frowned.

“That face, right there! That’s the face I think I was making… the first time.”

Anette threw her ass down on the coffee table and stared at me incredulously. “Hold on. The first time? This nutjob did this more than once?”

“You let this nutjob do this more than once?” Zach added.

I smoothed my hair out with both hands and sighed. “I didn’t want to be mean. Maybe he has a tic, or Tourette’s. At the very least, I hoped he’d had something stuck in his teeth he was trying to get out.”

“Because flossing with your face makes absolutely perfect sense. Yep.”

I rolled my eyes at her and continued retelling my night from hell. “But he kept doing it. And that’s when I realized the funny face he was making was supposed to be sexy. It was like he’d learned seduction techniques from a Looney Toons cartoon.”

Anette patted me comfortingly on the knee and returned to getting ready for work. “Well, at least you have the story to remember him by. You might have nightmares about denture-wearing zombies chasing you for the next few weeks, but whatever.”

“That wasn’t the worst part,” I intoned, unsure if I even wanted to reveal this section of my night. Maybe I should take it to the grave…







The dates Talia goes on are real. These are dates and experiences readers just like you have shared with us, as unbelievable as that might seem. The profiles on each cover are lifted from real dating profiles.

Even the text conversations are real! PLUS! Every “episode” includes bonus material posted on Talia’s blog, “Chronicles of a Serial Dater”

When it comes to the crazy world of dating in the digital age, reality is far stranger than any fiction.

Have you been on a horrible or hilarious date? Your stories from dating hell could appear in future episodes of Chronicles of a Serial Dater!

Please visit the author’s website to find Talia’s blog, Chronicles of a Serial Dater for bonus content to be released throughout the summer! If you would like to share your own stories of bad dates and dating gone wrong, it may be featured on Talia’s blog or in a future release. If it is chosen for a future release, you will receive a free copy of the series!





Adele Huxley


Adele Huxley is an author with many facets. She writes romance with unique, flawed characters and creates immersive settings. Some series are realistic and contemporary, others are suspenseful and action-packed, but all come with a story line you can’t walk away from. Her alter-ego T.S. Huxley loves to dabble in the steamier side of romance…


Savan Robbins
Savan Robbins’ creativity knows no bounds. Although she’s been writing for years, she’s excited to make her publishing debut with the Chronicles of a Serial Dater series. As an avid reader of many genres, Savan draws inspiration from many places. With an incredible story already in the works, Savan is sure to become your next favorite author!


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RELEASE BLITZ – Afterglow by Maria Monroe

Title: Afterglow

Author: Maria Monroe

Genre: Apocalyptic Romance
Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs
Release Date: July 13, 2016



Who knew the apocalypse could be so sexy?

Nina can shoot a gun, start a fire, and kick some serious ass. So when a killer virus and solar storm decimate the country, she’s as prepared as possible to survive. She just needs a motorcycle to navigate the cluttered roads and meet up with her family.

Creed, former Marine, is tattooed and tough. He’s scarred inside and out. Loss is no stranger to him, and he avoids getting close to anyone at all costs.

When Nina tries to steal his motorcycle they have a vicious fight, but necessity and attraction force them into an uneasy alliance. They travel together through the dangerous landscape, where trouble lurks around every corner and they need each other to survive.

But the biggest danger just might be falling in love.

Equally as exciting as it is sexy, Afterglow contains graphic sex and some violence, so please read at your own risk. 18+ recommended.

This is a standalone.

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Author Bio


Maria Monroe writes sexy and smart romance, often focusing on new adult characters. Bad boys, especially gruff and sexy ones, are her favorite alpha males to read (and write) about. She also enjoys reading, playing Pokemon, drinking wine, sarcasm, hiking, and laughing about inappropriate things. 

She’s from Chicago and currently lives just outside the city with her three awesome kids, two rescue dogs, two rescue cats, and the most supportive husband in the world.

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RELEASE BLITZ ~ My Zombie Fiancé by Author T. Strange

Book: My Zombie Fiancé
Author: T. Strange

Publisher: The Torquere Press



Edward Grey is no stranger to the undead; since raising his cat as a zombie when he was a child, he and his mentor Mariel have explored and developed his power as a necromancer. Despite everything he’s learned, as a necromancer and a medical student, he’s never encountered a ghost.

While Mariel is unreachable in Haiti on mysterious business, a ghost wakes Edward in the middle of the night, claiming to be his grandfather. When the ghost offers to teach him about this different form of undeath, Edward has little choice but to trust the spirit.

After receiving a phone call from a young girl claiming her father is possessed, Edward and his Undead Canadian fiancé, Kit, must travel to an acreage in Kingston…Ontario.

The haunting proves far more complicated than Edward could ever have guessed, and he finds himself pitted against an ancient evil determined to engulf everyone on the farm.

Edward’s love and connection to Kit will be tested, and his necromancy stretched to his limits as he has to find—and destroy—a twisted spirit more powerful than anything he’s ever encountered.


About the Author

T. Strange didn’t want to learn how to read, but literacy prevailed and she hasn’t stopped reading—or writing—since. She’s been published with Torquere Press since 2013, and she writes M/M romance in multiple genres, including paranormal and BDSM. T.’s other interests include cross stitching, gardening, watching terrible horror movies, playing video games, and finding injured pigeons to rescue. Originally from White Rock, BC, she lives on the Canadian prairies, where she shares her home with her wife, cats, guinea pigs and other creatures of all shapes and sizes. She’s very easy to bribe with free food and drinks—especially wine.

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COVER REVEAL ~ Last Chance by L.P. Dover


Title: Last Chance 
Series: A Second Chances Novel
Author: L.P. Dover


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: August 30, 2016
Cover Design by: Mae I Design and Photography

One last chance.
That’s all Luke Collins, local bad boy and motocross champion, has to not only find his redemption, but win back the girl he lost. He’ll stop at nothing to make her his, even if it means playing dirty.

Lara Jacobs doesn’t want her heart broken again and refuses to give Luke a second chance. After he left her after their one night stand, she ran right into the arms of her close friend, Grayson Moore. He’s always loved her, and he’s determined to make her see he’s what she needs.

However, in life nothing goes as planned and tragedy strikes. After a fatal accident nearly claims Lara’s life, she’s left inside a world she can’t remember. Her memories are gone, including those of the men vying for her heart. Grayson sees her loss as a possibility to forget her love for Luke, but Luke sees it as an opportunity to start over. All he wants is one last chance to show her that she’s the one he’s been in love with all along.


*** An updated version of One Taste (prequel to Last Chance) has been included at the beginning of the book with all new scenes. ***







New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she began her literary journey she worked in periodontics, enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.

She loves to write, but she also loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes and white water rafting, and has a passion for singing. Her two youngest fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime, usually Christmas carols.

Dover has written countless novels, including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed & Dangerous series, the Royal Shifters series, the Society X series, and her standalone novel Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense, but if she got to choose a setting in which to live, it would be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.

L.P. Dover is represented by Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency and Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management for dramatic rights.



TRAILER REVEAL ~ Burn by Elisabeth Grace

burn elisabeth

The conclusion to the Duplicity Duet is now available for the special pre-order price of $2.99!

If you’re#YearningForBURN and can’t wait to find out what happens after the stunning conclusion of HOOK,
pre-order your copy at the discounted price and have it delivered to your e-reader on July 26th.

burn pre-order price

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/29rd22r

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/29rdiOP

iBooks: http://apple.co/29xiG7y

Nook: http://bit.ly/29GcRmG

Kobo: http://bit.ly/29z5hLe

burn elisabeth

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One word.

Two letters.

But those two letters changed everything.

It was impossible to predict the impact I would have on the life of the only woman I’d ever truly loved. No way to know that I would result in her ruin.

I’d suffer for eternity with the knowledge that it was me who brought devastation to her doorstep.

Though I deserved the anguish I felt, to see her suffer was unacceptable.

I would fix this.

Somehow I would prove to her that I wasn’t the monster she thought I was.

Even if it meant becoming a monster in order to make that happen.

Haven’t met Marco Valenti yet, Now is your chance!

(Book One)

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/24dsDKh

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/23SGrgl

hook burn teaser 1

About the Authorelisabeth grace

USA Today Bestselling author, Elisabeth Grace, has a soft spot for romance novels with happily ever afters and a hot spot for alpha males! She currently lives outside Toronto, Canada with her hubby and two small children. Life is busy, but never to busy for a good story and to share her love of reading and writing with others.


Website: http://elisabeth-grace.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElisabethGraceAuthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/1ElisabethGrace

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorelisabethgrace/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7276641.Elisabeth_Grace




Contemporary fantasy author, Rhenna Morgan, is back with her latest Eden Series novel, WAKING EDEN.

Join the fun and help Rhenna celebrate WAKING EDEN’s upcoming release with pre-release tour reviews, excerpts, and more! Don’t forget to participate in the tour giveaways, too! See below for details!

 UE Prize Pack

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One (1) lucky reader will #win a $25 #giftcard from Amazon
one (1) lucky winner will win an Eden Series prize pack!

Title: Waking Eden,

Series: Eden #3

Author: Rhenna Morgan


Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance

Release Date: July 26, 2016



The only hope for saving their race is to surrender their hearts. 

With a long foretold and annoyingly vague prophecy warning of immense change for Eden, Ramsay Shantos is forced to hunt words and legends instead of rebels. For a man of action, it’s the worst kind of agony. Until he encounters a sexy librarian who bears the fated prophecy’s mark. A mark no human should possess.

 Tortured by her mixed heritage, Trinity Blair has enjoyed little human touch in her life, let alone intimacy. Even the most innocent contact fills her mind with a person’s deepest, darkest secrets—except for Ramsay. Her immunity to his thoughts sparks a fragile hope that she might finally experience the passion of her Dark Spiritu brethren…unless he’s the dangerous crossroads her father predicted.

When knowledge of Eden goes viral in the human realm, Trinity is Ramsay’s only hope for quelling mass panic. Can he risk revealing the secrets of his race to the guileless ray of sunshine? Or is she the unknown source of Eden’s destruction?

Warning: Contains one playboy warrior well-equipped with wicked words, a panty-melting grin, and well-honed moves in and out of the bedroom.

Pre-order now for only $2.99 at:

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In this scene, Trinity’s just met Ramsay and realized she can actually touch him without the same blast of visuals and secrets she gets when in contact with everyone else. The question is if that’s a good thing, or something terrible dangerous.


Eye candy. The guy was pure unadulterated, grade-A eye candy. She sucked with height estimations, but her lips were on a direct line with the rock hard pecs she’d shamelessly fondled and there were scattered light streaks in his dark hair. Not much. Only enough to imply her panther spent time lazing in the sun.

His voice rumbled, even more tempting than the rest of him. “I can wait all night.” He held his outstretched hand steady, tanned skin tempting her as strongly as his words. Definitely a sun-prone panther.

She’d touched him twice already. Surely another wouldn’t hurt. “Trinity Blair.”

Their palms met, his hand encompassing hers in a delicious heat that radiated out in all directions and made her want to snuggle up so tight no space was left between them. The world stopped. The bar ceased to exist. No images. No fearsome emotions. Just perfect, addictive touch.

Tessa’s voice cut through the cocoon of her thoughts. “Oh, my God. Did you just touch him?”

Trinity snatched her hand away and stepped back.

“Well, well, well,” Naomi’s sultry voice sounded from the loveseat as she reclined and draped one arm along the cushions. “This is turning into an interesting night.”

Margo stood, jerked her head at Naomi to move, and motioned at Ramsay to sit. “Why don’t you two take a load off? Me and Naomi are headed to the bar. Anyone want refills?”

Oh, boy. She’d seen that matchmaking gleam in Margo’s eyes before, but never aimed at her. Definitely not good if she wanted to keep any semblance of control for the rest of the night.

“Sit with him,” Margo whispered in her ear before turning and tugging Naomi along with her.

Ramsay grinned, clearly hearing her friend’s traitorous instruction. 

Mortified, Trinity dropped onto the loveseat as close to the edge as possible.

Ramsay settled close. His gaze rested on her throat before it jumped to her eyes. “So, no touching. Sounds like an interesting story.”

More like the only thing interesting about her, and yet the one thing she couldn’t talk about. Even if she could share something about her Spiritu self, her brain seemed to have gone on strike in favor of ogling the strapping god planted two inches away. “It bugs me, is all. Most people make me antsy. I guess…” She rubbed her thigh. “I guess you slipped in under the radar, and then after, I didn’t have time to think.”

Again his gaze dropped to her neck, and his smile faltered.

She checked her collar and made sure the sides were pulled together, hiding the pendant her adopted father, David, had given her before he died.

“You sure?” Ramsay tilted his head, considering. “I think we should try again. Test the theory.”

Well, if that wasn’t a perfect opportunity offered up on a silver platter. All her life, the only person who’d been able to touch her without impact was Kazan. She’d give anything to try something beyond a simple handshake.

Ramsay leaned in, his arm stretching along the seat back. His facial structure radiated the same power as his body. Proud nose, strong jaw covered in sexy stubble, and thick eyebrows, one arched a little more than the other. His warm, earthy scent surrounded her, clean with a hint of something exotic. Sandalwood maybe. “Touch me.”

Hard to call it a command the way he said it. More of a dark, sensual dare. One that worked nerve endings she hadn’t even know existed. “Where?”

As soon as the question left her mouth his eyelids lowered slightly over stormy silver eyes. “Carte blanche. Lady’s choice.”



Also available in the Eden Series:



Coming October, 2016: EDEN’S DELIVERANCE, Book 4

About the Author:Primary Headshot

Rhenna Morgan writes for the same reason she reads—to escape reality.   A native Oklahoman with two beautiful girls and a fantastic husband, her resume reflects her passion for new experiences. Since graduating with a Bachelors in Radio, Television, and Film at Oklahoma State, she’s racked up positions ranging from on-air radio talent, skip tracer, and promotions director, to real estate agent, project manager, and business analyst.   Like most women, she’s got obligations stacked tight from dusk to dawn. That’s where the romance comes in. Reading, or writing, romance has been her happy place since she cracked the spine on her first Christine Feehan book years ago. Nothing thrills her more than the fantasy of new, exciting worlds, and strong, intuitive men who’ll fight to keep the women they want.   Whether it’s contemporary, paranormal, or fantasy you’re after, Rhenna’s stories pack romantic escape for the women who need it.

Connect with Rhenna:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon Author PageGoodreads | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr | Newsletter



RELEASE BLITZ – Hello by Jamie Lee Scott




Title: Hello
Series: Dressing a Billionaire #1  
 Author: Jamie Lee Scott


Genre: Romantic Comedy 

 Release Date: July 12, 2016

With the same wicked humor USA Today bestselling author Jamie Lee Scott used to write her Gotcha Detective Agency mysteries, comes a whole new romantic comedy series, Dressing A Billionaire.

HELLO – Maisy Tucker, Texas born and bred, former “stylist to the stars” in sunny southern California, last seen living in her Jetta, wearing the same clothes for three days, and sporting an adult diaper.Seen by, billionaire Hugo Popovits (a Duck Dynasty reject, wearing a graphic tee, board shorts, and camouflage Crocs) as Maisy’s car dies in front on his at an intersection in Dallas.

Maisy needs a break, and a job.

Hugo needs a personal and wardrobe makeover.

Will a chance meeting give both Maisy and Hugo what they both need?

Or will it lead to a funny and unpredictable series of events that puts Maisy and Hugo at odds, while Maisy rebuilds her personal stylist career, and Hugo insists his “style” is just fine.

Hello – Dressing a Billionaire #1

Style – Dressing a Billionaire #2
Mine – Dressing a Billionaire #3


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I’d been on the road for three days, which meant I’d heard every song on my iPod about a hundred times, and I had way too much time to think, cry, scream obscenities at the universe, and contemplate my future. And yet by the time I’d made it to merely blocks from my destination, I still had no idea what the hell I was doing, or going to do next.

Somehow driving to Los Angeles from Dallas had been much prettier. The sky bluer, the hills, well, let’s face it, just as brown, there’s a drought after all. The route from the City of Angels back to the “Big D” lacked the same appeal.

It took me a full day to get the nerve to call my parents and tell them, “I’m coming home.”

“Great. Are you getting a hotel?” Mom asked.

“No, Mom, I’m coming home to stay.” The words caught in my throat and I cried.

“Oh,” she sounded terrified, not sympathetic.

“Can you tell dad?” I hiccuped through the sobbing. “But don’t tell anyone else.”

She’d obviously called my best friends, because suddenly my phone blew up. I ignored it as much as possible. I refused to respond to the calls, messages, and texts, figuring I’d tell everyone at the same time, so I didn’t have to relive the story over and over.

By the time I’d hit the Dallas city limits my back ached, my knees throbbed, and my eyes needed toothpicks to hold my lids open, but I had only a few miles left to get to my parents’ place. If I could take both hands off the wheel and still drive, I’d put my hands over my face and scream into them.

Stopped at a light, just a few miles from home, the reality sank in. I’d left my career over a stupid guy. Three days ago I’d been in the most fake place in the world, and I loved it. This was home, real home, where even though I knew they cringed and prayed I’d only be staying for a few weeks at the longest, my mom and dad would welcome me with open arms, and I dreaded it. I waited for the light to turn green, wondering for the gazillionth time what I was going to do next.

A horn blared behind me, and I resisted the urge to roll down my window and flip them the bird. I stepped on the gas, and my Jetta died. No problem, this had happened before. It groaned and almost caught life, then nothing.


I tried again.


“No.” I slammed the heels of my hands against the steering wheel.

More horns blasted a symphony behind me. The urge to flip them off overwhelmed me, but I had a stronger urge to cry. I searched around the steering wheel and dashboard for the hazard light thingy. I’d never had to use it in the decade I’d owned the car. You’d think they put them in the same place on every car. I knew where it was on my mom’s Ford Edge. But no, stupid Volkswagen had to be different.

My hand trembled as I looked, because now I heard shouting as well as honking. Okay, stop, think. I tried to start it again. I heard a chug, chug, chug sound, but nothing actually happened. I grabbed my phone to call my dad, and as I picked it up, I saw the battery read one percent. By the time I got the number dialed, the phone would be dead. And with my car lifeless, I couldn’t charge my phone. Why the hell hadn’t I plugged it in when I’d started driving earlier that morning?

Ah, the triangle doodad, that must be the…I pressed the button. Both blinker lights blinked. Good, now maybe everyone would stop honking and hollering. Besides, we’d sat through the green, to another red light. I took a deep breath, then looked out my driver’s side window.

I screamed, “Holy shit!”


I kid you not, a Duck Dynasty wannabe stood outside my car. Full brown beard, matching hair falling over his shoulders, and surfer clothes, he may as well have had a sign that read “will work for food.” I shook my head. I needed some sleep. Real sleep, like three full days of uninterrupted sleep.






Author Bio

 Jamie Lee Scott is the USA Today bestselling author of the Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries. Originally from the Central Coast of California, Jamie was swept off her feet by a dashing Iowa farm boy and moved to the Midwest.

After several years of running a restaurant with her husband, she felt the urge to kill people. Rather than going postal, she began writing mysteries.

Jamie also writes screenplays for feature films and TV.

Her short film, No One Knows, was produced in 2012 and made its film festival rounds in 2013-14. It was nominated for multiple awards and won its category at Bare Bones Film Festival. In January 2015, No One Knows made its television debut on DirecTV, where it was voted Editor’s Choice for ShortsHD. The short film has a two year contract with DirecTV, and will be shown periodically.

Along with her critically acclaimed Gotcha Detective Agency series, Jamie debuted her Uncertain series in 2015. 2016 is the year of romantic comedy for Jamie, with her Trilogy: Dressing a Billionaire releasing this summer. Book #1 – Hello Book #2 – Style Book #3 – Mine

Jamie lives on a farm with her family, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 horses. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s riding horses and competing at barrel races and making films. 

Author Links





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RELEASE DAY BLITZ ~ Sins and Scars by K. Renee






Sins and Scars Ebook

Cover Design: KLa Boutique

Cover Model: David Byers

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Sins and Scars


I am not a good man.

I tried to stay away, but every time I pushed her away, she fell harder.

I took away her innocence and I don’t regret a damn thing.

She owns me. Mind. Body. Soul.

I never wanted to lose her, but I did. I’m a monster and she knows it. She’s seen the darkness in me and she ran as far as she could. I had plans to bring her back, but I saw the happiness written on her face. When threats surface, I bring her home where she belongs, kicking and screaming.

The sins I’ve committed leave scars on her body and soul. She hates me for what I’ve done and I don’t blame her. I’ve killed for her and I will kill again if need be.

The only thought that I fear is losing her forever. Losing her forever will be my downfall. Losing her temporarily drove me to the edge. I won’t let her go without a fight. She’s the light and I’m the dark. I’m the sins and she’s the scars.

I’ve ruined her.

I love her.

I would rather fall on my own knife than lose my only saving grace.

Amazon Global

Portrait of charming model lovingly looks at tattooed man

Sins and Scars Teaser 2


I let her lead me back into the bar area of the clubhouse because I’m sure she needs to cool down. Shit, so do I. I want so bad to bend her over my desk and spank her tight little ass for the disrespect she showed me when she first walked in the clubhouse, but I didn’t.

If my men talked to me the way she did, I would have their heads. They all know I’m a sucker for the girl, and there isn’t one person that would think to say anything except Romeo, my VP. When I see him, he motions for me to come towards him.

I wrap my arm around her waist before she gets too far away from me. “Behave.” She turns and gives me the stink eye before turning back towards the bar. Before I release her, I give her one more piece of advice. “Any of my men touch you because you can’t keep yourself from proving a damn point to me; their blood is on your hands.” I feel her body tense up, and when she turns around she looks even angrier than before.

“You don’t own me Stav. I can fuck, and flirt with whomever I damn well please.” Her voice isn’t more than a whispered yell. She thinks that I won’t kill anyone who touches her? She has another thing coming.

“I do own you. Mind, body, and soul, babe. You just seem to forget. Give me a kiss.” She pushes my chest, and I give her ass a squeeze.

“You’re a pig.” She breathes. I can feel her body start to react to me and I know she wants me as bad as I want her. Fucking other bitches never gave me the satisfaction that she just gave me in my office. Her body has always been made for mine, and the quicker she realizes that, the easier this shit can go. We have enemies that are ready to declare full blown war on us, and the only thing I can care about is making sure she’s safe.

“Kiss.” I growl this time. She searches my face for a second before she pinches my nipple and walks towards the bar. Shaking my head, I can’t help but grin. She’s feistier now more than ever before, and I can only imagine what the sex is going to be like when she finally submits to me again.

I watch her ass sway from side to side as she walks to the bar and orders a drink from one of the new prospects. He almost looks scared of her. I can only guess the look she’s giving him right now. She can be a real bitch when she wants to, and I know all her anger is aimed right at me. Mick just happens to be the poor bastard in front of her to take her wrath.


K.Renee is from sunny, California. Creative by nature, she decided to put her imagination to paper. K. Renee is an avid reader. During the day she works in an office and at night she writes. These stories have been in her head for years and are finally coming out on paper.



Amazon Author Page

Instagram: k.renee.author

FB Author


Author Goodreads


BOOK BLAST ~ Dear Mr. Weaver by Kit Morgan

Dear Mr. Weaver Book Blast Banner

Dear Mr. Weaver

 by Kit Morgan


DEAR MR. WEAVER by bestselling western romance author, Kit Morgan, is the first in her much anticipated Mail Order Bride Ink Series. Welcome to Nowhere, a town where everyone knows everyone else’s business, and in Daniel Weaver’s case, his business is that he needs a wife. Enter Ebba Knudson, who wonders why everyone in Nowhere looks at her with such curiosity.
What does the future hold for Daniel and Ebba?
Can they make their unconventional marriage work?
Will there be a happily ever after for these two wayward hearts?


Join Kit Morgan and the Killion Group as we celebrate the release of Dear Mr. Weaver with this 17 stop Book Blast from July 11th to 15th. Included in this book blast is exclusive content, guest posts from Kit, book reviews, a spotlight of the book, and a giveaway. One GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card & a SIGNED copy of Dear Mr. Weaver!

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Follow the book blast to these participating blogs for new content each day:


Happily Ever Chapter

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Book Loving Pixies

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Title: Dear Mr. Weaver

Series: Mail Order Bride Ink #1      

Author: Kit Morgan


Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: April 28, 2016


Daniel Weaver was ready for a wife. His three older brothers had been married for several years and now it was his turn. So, like his brothers Arlan, Benjamin and Calvin, he sends for a mail-order bride, with a little help from their cousin Matthew of course. After all, he helped his brothers write their letters to their prospective brides, so why not him? But when the letter from his bride comes, it’s got more than her acceptance of his proposal written in it. Worse, it gets picked up and read by the town’s worst gossip, Nellie Davis.

Ebba Knudson can’t figure out why folks in her intended’s town of Nowhere would be giving her such odd looks. It was bad enough she had other things to deal with by coming to the Washington territory to marry a farmer, but now this? Was there something wrong with her future husband? Or just with her? Of which she knew there was plenty. Enough to make her think she might not get married at all…

Enjoy this sweet, historical, western romance and the first book in this laugh out loud new series!


Available Here: Amazon

Excerpt #3:

“Ah, sweetie, ya poor thing. Ya must be plumb miserable. Do ya know what’s wrong?”


“Of course I know what’s wrong!” she yelped, then sneezed again. “It’s just that I don’t know what to do about it!” More sneezing.


Daniel swallowed hard, trying to figure out what to do, then reached into his pocket, pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to her. “Here, take this.”


She grabbed at empty air, unable to see it, until he put it in her hand. She immediately blew her nose with it, then promptly sneezed some more.


“Great jumpin’ horny toads!” Daniel exclaimed. “I ain’t never seen nothin’ like this!”


“You’re not helping,” she groaned, and blew her nose again.


Daniel, unsure of what else to do, began to chuckle. “I’m sorry, sweetie, it’s just that I ain’t never seen someone sneeze so much.”


“Well, I have, just about every day of my life!”


Daniel laughed. “I still don’t believe it.”


“You have eyes, don’t you?” She pointed at herself, sniffled, and sneezed again.


“Ain’t there no way to make it stop?” he asked helplessly.


“If there was, do you think I’d be standing here like this?!” she asked tersely.


“No need to bite my head off. I was just askin’.”


“Your mother … achoo!  achoo! … gave me something yesterday … sniff … it seemed to help.”


Daniel nodded, pulled her against him, then picked her up.


“What are you doing?” she screeched.


“Gettin’ ya back to the house as fast as I can ‘fore ya plumb sneeze yerself to death!”


“I’m not going to sneeze myself to death!” The only reason she knew that was that if it were possible, she’d have been dead a long time ago. “Put me down!”


“Nope,” he said firmly. “Yer eyes are so full of tears ya can’t see straight anyways. Yer liable to walk right into a tree and knock yerself out.”


She couldn’t even answer – the sneezes were coming thick and fast now.


“Land sakes, darlin’, don’t die on me! We ain’t even married yet!”


“No one is … achoo! … dying!” she whined. Though the thought did have merit – at least she wouldn’t be sneezing anymore.


About Kit Morgan:21934_1283408600039_5692913_n


Kit Morgan, aka Geralyn Beauchamp, has been writing for fun all of her life. When writing as Geralyn Beauchamp, her books are epic, adventurous, romantic fantasy at its best. When writing as Kit Morgan they are whimsical, fun, inspirational sweet and clean stories that depict a strong sense of family and community. Kit likes fun and romance, and there’s plenty of both in her books. Kit resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a little log cabin on Clear Creek, from which her fictional town from her Prairie Brides and Prairie Grooms series are named after.


Connect with Kit:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads


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