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BLOG TOUR ~ Wrecked by Jennifer Burrows



Title: Wrecked 

Author: Jennifer Burrows 







Cameron Taylor is young, handsome, obscenely rich, and a rock music God. He is also a train wreck, and has only known privilege his entire life. Unscathed by his lifestyle of partying with a healthy dose of womanizing, his world is about to come crashing down around him when he comes face to face with the woman he thought only existed in his dreams.

Upon discovering she is not merely a figment of his imagination, Cameron can’t shake an unrelenting feeling of fate and destiny stepping into his life. He stops at nothing to discover who the woman from his dream is, and what significance she holds. Focused only on his new obsession, Cameron redirects his energy from the music party scene to the new love of his life, Sarah Thurston.

Unaware this “angel”, is the center of his life being turned upside down, Cameron soon finds himself forced to keep his relationship a secret, and through a bizarre turn of events, winds up arrested. Once on top of the music world, he now finds himself having to choose between his bandmates and woman he hardly knows.

Following several strange and unforeseen turn of events, Cameron finds himself at the precipice of his life. Has he really fallen this far, this fast? And can anything save him, or have his poor choices finally caught up with him?

The answer may lie within a source he never considered before…










Jennifer Burrows released her debut book A Shot in the Dark July, 2013, followed by Into the Light in December of 2013. Most recently she has release the Surrender Trilogy including Surrender, Shattered, and Saved. Jennifer is currently working on her newest project entitled Wrecked with a projected release of Spring 2015.

Jennifer enjoys going to the gym, traveling, snowboarding, scuba diving, hiking, and camping. In her free time, Jennifer is an avid reader who loves to talk about stories with her best friend.

Jennifer currently resides in Southern California with her husband and their three amazing boys, two dogs, too many fish to count, and two desert tortoises.





BLOG TOUR ~ Time Series by Lily Morgan

Time Series

Author: Lily Morgan

Genre: Paranormal Romance





Time Eternal

Time Series – Book One

Aug 2015



Time Eternal is the story of Skyla Gray, a TSCAA agent in the present day, and Rei Dusan, the crown prince of the sixteenth-century Serbian Empire, who has traded his soul to the gods so he can travel through time to find his one true love, Elizabeth Magini.

The story opens with Agent Gray time-ported to an underground bank vault. Her mission is to retrieve a device, but someone else has gotten there first. More maddening is that she recognizes this man’s voice even though she cannot remember ever having met him before. Sent back to the present day by this stranger, she finds the life she knew slowly beginning to unravel… and learns that the stranger is not the only one who has been looking for her these past five centuries.

At the Last Battle, Rei Dusan lay dying alongside his father, his brothers, and his countrymen, when a handmaiden from the gods offered him a bargain: his soul and his eternal pledge to do the gods’ bidding in exchange for immortality. With his life, he will avenge his family, his country, and his beloved Elizabeth, who sacrificed her life to save his. He accepted the bargain with the gods only to later discover Elizabeth did not perish in the fire.

Will Skyla remember who she really is? What Rei meant to her – to Elizabeth? Will she accept Rei in her present life, where she is no longer a helpless young girl needing rescue from an evil Medici lord, but an ass-kicking agent fighting terrorists for a living? And how will Rei answer to the gods when they find out he has defied their orders? Will there be a happily ever after for Rei and Skyla?

Time Eternal is the first book of the Time series, which tells the story of the men and women who are part of a secret government agency, fighting not garden-variety terrorists but the gods and their enemies, who are facing off in a final showdown. Should their wars not be contained, the world will go up in flames – literally. 





US | UK | AU | CA







Time Untamed

Time Series – Book Two

Sept 2015



Benjamin “Butch” Stone, a member of TSCAA Team Mu, is a former US Marine who has no family, no love except for his country, and his missions until he meets Savannah Green by chance at a bar in Germany. His attraction to her is instantaneous and combustible. They spend a gorgeous night together. When Savannah gets pregnant shortly after, he doesn’t hesitate to marry her. He thought this was his fairytale ending—a beautiful wife and rambunctious son—until a house fire, rips them away from him. The tragic news reaches him while he is in some godforsaken place, saving his country when he can’t even save his wife and young child. His heart and soul died that day. 

Savannah Sabbah, also known as Savannah Green, is a part of an ancient order of assassins historians believe ceased existence in the thirteenth century. Her first assignment is to seduce a US serviceman for military secrets, but she falls hopelessly in love with her mark instead. When her father recalls her back to the family, she is ordered to destroy all evidence of her existence in her husband’s life. She defies her family’s orders and hides her son away. Yet this secret could be the end of her, her husband, and possibly the world. 

Once again, TSCAA must go back in time to stop an alteration of history, to prevent a “contract to kill” on Jack Evans when he is still a boy. Jack will grow up to be the lead passenger, staging the counter attack inside UA Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. Should Butch and his team fail in protecting Jack, the present they know will be drastically different. World War III is almost guaranteed. But how can he trust the woman he loved with all his heart and soul when she deliberately deceived him, not only about who she really is but also about their son? 

Will Butch and Savannah be able to overcome their distrust of each other? Will they be able to fight against their still-sizzling connection in order to remain cool-headed against her ruthless father and powerful family?





US | UK | AU | CA




Lily has spent her entire adult life working for several Fortune 500 companies but has always dreamed of being a writer. Her first encounter with Anna Karenina in college was love at first read. Throughout her corporate career, Lily never truly let go of that first love and eventually garnered enough courage to try her hand at writing. And it was the most amazing and fun experience she’s had in a long, long while. As any happily-ever-after story should go, the rest is history.

Social Media: Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Twitter


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COVER REVEAL ~ Louis’s Story (Dial A Stud Series #2) by J.A. Melville


✦Cover Reveal✦


Title: Louis’s Story

Series: Dial A Stud 

Author: J.A. Melville





What do you do when nobody wants you…..?

Harry was tired of being used, abused and taken for granted by men. Surely he deserved better than to be cast out like last night’s leftovers?

All his life he’d been treated like that. When he’d come out to his parents about being gay, they’d reacted by throwing him out, not wanting to acknowledge a homosexual son. They even went so far as to pay him a monthly allowance to keep him out of their lives.

What was wrong with him? Why didn’t anyone want him?

One night at the club after being dumped by his boyfriend, he thought he might find the answer in the bottom of his wine glass, or at the very least, drown his sorrows in it.

They say when one door closes another opens or something like that…….

Enter Louis; tall, handsome, confident and sexy. Louis makes Harry feel like he’s never felt before. 


He also makes him want to break all his own rules, deciding a one night stand with this stunning man is a good way to get over a broken heart or distract him from it at least.

The attraction between them is instant, their passion intense and Harry realises every sexual encounter he’s ever had is insignificant in comparison to how Louis makes him feel.

Louis is older, wiser, so much more experienced than Harry. He also has a wild past, a past Harry can only imagine.

The emotions he feels around Louis both give him strength and bring out his insecurities. He can’t think around him, so powerful is the hold this man has over him.

Maybe he should listen to the advice of his best friend Nora and stop overthinking things. Advice that sounds great in theory, but….

That might have worked until Harry discovers Louis is keeping secrets from him; secrets that will drive them apart if Louis can’t open up to him.

When the truth finally comes out, Harry is left reeling. He’s also left with an important decision. Cut Louis from his life and have his heart broken or stay with him and help him face all that troubles him, knowing that in the end, everything that matters to him may be lost.


Author Bio


For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to write, poetry, short stories just about anything. My English teachers in school kept telling me I should write and it took me a lot of years to finally get around to it. 

I spent too long worrying about failing as a writer before I realized that living with the regret of never trying was worse.

I live in a sleepy country town in Tasmania, Australia with my partner and our three children, who aren’t so little anymore, plus a whole assortment of animals. 

 Natasha’s Awakening is my first book but I have no intention of stopping now and will continue to live my dream of being a published author. I have just published Taming Eric which is his POV to Natasha’s Awakening. 

 My interests are writing of course, reading, watching movies and hanging out at home with my family, our six cats and one dog. 

You can find me on Facebook under my author page J. A Melville and my book’s page Natasha’s Awakening.





PRE-RELEASE BLITZ ~ One Last Song by Kristi Cramer

One Last Song
A ‘The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas’ Book
Kristi Cramer
Releases February 29, 2016

The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas is a series of  standalone novels featuring characters  connected to the town of Syracuse, Kansas. 
Most notably a family of cattle ranchers whose  ties to the land go back to the 1880s.
Good,  old-fashioned cowboys.
No anti-heroes and no graphic sex, though there is brief graphic  violence and intense, suspenseful situations.
One Last Song
(The Boys of Syracuse,  Kansas Book 3)
In a bold operation that leaves the tiny town of Syracuse reeling, Kylie and Jax are kidnapped. Getting nabbed for human trafficking would be bad enough, but their captors have an additional agenda.
Singing is her ticket out.
Kylie Thomas works at the diner, but she dreams of becoming a star. She sings from her heart, capturing the attention of everyone in town. She knows someday she’ll perform in concert halls around the world. 
Being her best friend isn’t enough.
Jax Belamy has loved Kylie since he was fifteen, but she won’t take him seriously. He’s had to settle for being a friend, taking advantage of any opportunity she gives him to get close…even if it means stepping out of his comfort zone.
Will their song end before it begins?
When a talent scout approaches them after a karaoke contest, Kylie hopes this will be her big break. Something doesn’t feel right to Jax, but he ignores his instincts to please his friend. What happens in the next twenty-four hours is not on any playlist.
One Last Song is Book 3 of The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas, a series of standalone suspense novels featuring characters connected to the town of Syracuse, Kansas.
(Please note: While One Last Song can stand alone, several characters from earlier books recur and brief mention is made of their stories. As a result, readers may enjoy reading the series in order.)
200 pages


Last Shot at Justice 
(The Boys of Syracuse,  Kansas Book 1)


Denver Detective Mitzi Reardon doesn’t know what she did to anger her boss, but he is gunning for her. Literally. Now a prostitute is  dead, and she is the prime suspect with the law  hot on her heels. With nowhere to run and no  one to trust, Mitzi’s only hope lies in the  hands of a sexy stranger. 
Blue Thomas is new in town. Denver’s  bright lights and big city bustle are 250 miles and a world away from his family’s cattle ranch in Kansas, and he is out of his element. He came to find work and save the ranch from foreclosure, but on a rainy night a desperate woman finds him. Back home, he would never let anyone— especially a woman—face danger alone. Without fully understanding what he is in for, Blue pledges his help, whether she wants it or not. 
As a trap closes around them, Mitzi must abandon her usual strategy of careful planning and situation management, instead relying on  quick thinking and a bold, head-on approach that may just get her—and Blue—killed. Before the last bullet flies, Blue will find out just how far he is willing to go to live up to his old-school ideals of gallant chivalry. 
This book was previously released as Blinding Justice. There were no plot changes. If you read Blinding Justice you do not need to purchase this title. The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas, is a series of standalone novels featuring characters connected to the town of Syracuse, Kansas.
237 Pages





Last Second Chance 
(The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas Book 2)
An ex-con’s search for a new start leads to a  chance at a life and a love he never expected.
But the life he left behind won’t stay quietly in his past. 
Reach for a Better Future 
Tim Reardon made a real mess of his life, and spent the last five years paying for it in a federal penitentiary.
Thanks to his sister, he has a chance to work on a ranch in a small town where
no one knows his history and he can start over
Even his heart likes his prospects in Syracuse, Kansas. 
Release the Past
All Janie Thomas ever wanted was to live a simple life as a veterinarian, taking care of her daughter and the pets and livestock in  Syracuse. She had enough drama after giving birth at seventeen. Kylie’s father, Cody Buford couldn’t be bothered with a kid and ran off to the  big city, leaving her to raise their child alone. 
Janie hasn’t risked her heart since. 
Brace for a Reckoning 
Now Cody is back, asking for Janie’s  forgiveness, but is she ready to give it? On top  of that, the brooding, sexy new ranch hand out at the Lazy J is bringing up emotions she thought she had put to rest long ago. Tim thinks  he might just be able to leave his past behind  him and put his life together.
There’s just one  problem. His past is hell-bent on finding him. 
Last Second Chance is Book 2 of The Boys of  Syracuse, Kansas, a series of standalone novels featuring characters connected to the town of  Syracuse, Kansas.
286 Pages





Kristi doesn’t know how she got old enough to say she’s been writing for three and a half decades. She has always considered herself a writer, although she has worn a lot of hats in the course of her work history–from cashier at the movies and car wash, all the way to insurance underwriter. After leaving Portland, Oregon for life in a smaller town, she tried on a few more hats before she met her husband, started a trucking company, and ultimately left the office to drive over the road with him. On the road, she rediscovered her love for writing, and knuckled down to complete her first self published novel, a romantic suspense: Knight Before Dawn.





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BLOG TOUR ~ Temperature’s Rising

Temperature’s Rising Blog Tour


Looking for the perfect romance read for Valentine’s Day?

Below, we’ve got excerpts from six of today’s best contemporary authors.
And watch out as the heat level goes from sweet to sultry to downright sinful.
Read on and get ready for your temperature to rise!




If you want a sweet read for the holiday, then look no further than Royal Chase by Sariah Wilson. When PR agent Lemon Beauchamp gets her client Prince Dante of Monterra booked on a reality show, she never expects to find love. But when flirting turns to something more, they share their first kiss…


“What is that scent?” he asked.

“Lemon sugar,” I said, my heart beating too quickly.

“Sweet and tart, like you,” he said before he planted a soft kiss at the amazing spot where my neck met my shoulder, and the earth shifted on its axis.

I decided it had been far too long since I’d last kissed somebody if this was how I was going to react. I also thought for a moment that I should stop him, but the only thing I said was, “My lip gloss is lemon-flavored, too.”

Which was such a blatant invitation, and from the fire in his eyes and the seductive smile on his face, he knew it.

“I do appreciate the commitment to your name.” He set down his drink and used his free hand to run his fingers up and down my arm, which gave me chills and hot flashes at the same time.

“Well, not everyone gets to be named after a fruit. You have to have fun with it.”

He pressed another kiss to my throat, and I closed my eyes as a tingling warmth spread slowly through my body.


Learn more here >> http://bit.ly/RoyalChase






For a savory reading treat, Recipe For Kisses by Michelle Major will hit the spot. Ben “the Beast” Haddox is a bad-boy chef returning to his hometown to open a new restaurant…the only problem is the sizzling Chloe Daniels. Refusing to give up her storefront–or to give into Ben’s charm–the two are at a standoff that simmers with attraction.


“I want to kiss you,” he whispered, and his soft voice and the wicked intentions it carried made her ache for more. “But only if it’s what you want, too.”

She swayed closer, caught in the intensity of his eyes. After her reaction to him reaching for her in the store and that first night when she’d maced him, he must understand that she wasn’t a good bet. “I don’t think I know how to be with someone like you. I like things ordered, soft and gentle.”

“I can be gentle.”

She almost laughed at that. “Right.”

“Give me a chance to show you, Chloe.” He ran his hand along her arm, higher to her shoulder then to her neck. She knew he was giving her a chance to become accustomed to his touch and found herself melting because of the thoughtfulness behind the gesture. “Tell me you want this.”

As his rough fingers caressed her jaw, she leaned forward with her heart beating double time and whispered, “Yes.”


Learn more here >> http://bit.ly/recipeforkisses






Kick up the heat with Jamie Beck’s Worth The Trouble. Sophisticated cover model Cat St. James could not be more different from rough-around-the-edges carpenter Hank Mitchell. But that doesn’t stop the irresistible pull these two feel for each other.


Her uncertain smile twisted him up inside as she reached one hand up and fingered the ends of his hair. “Kiss me goodnight.”

All the blood drained from his head and raced to his crotch. The relentless throbbing between his legs urged him to comply despite his better judgment. Just a kiss.

As if watching himself in a dream, he saw his fingers caress her cheek. She raised her chin and parted her lips, and he pressed his mouth against hers. He gave over to the moment, to taste her once more, to slip his tongue inside her mouth and tangle with hers. The faint taste of champagne and honey overwhelmed his senses as he grazed her lower lip with his teeth.

Time slowed. Every part of his body came alive. She bulldozed her fingers through his hair while moaning, engulfing him in desire.

“Like I remember,” she whispered against his skin. He’d been teetering on the verge of making a gigantic mistake, until her words summoned bitter reminders of the last time he fell for her games. Abruptly, he grabbed her wrists and pushed back.

“Hank!” She fell back into her pillow. “Stay.”


Learn more here >> http://bit.ly/WorthTheTrouble





The bright lights of New York City have nothing on the dazzling attraction between set designer Simone Oliver and director Zach Hammond in Abigail Strom’s Nothing Like Love. This sexy British hero with a penchant for quoting Shakespeare and a romantic heart will have you as hot and bothered as the cynic heroine.


He spun them around so Simone’s back was against the wall. He put his hands under her arms and lifted her up, and when her legs went around his waist, he leaned in close.

His erection was cradled against her center now, and they were face-to-face. His heart was pounding hard enough to shake him and he couldn’t seem to find his breath.

But the only thing he wanted to breathe in was Simone.

When he brought his mouth to hers it was like tasting sweetness and fire at the same time. Her arms were around him, her legs were around him, and her scent engulfed him in an erotic wave.

His lips urged hers apart and his tongue slid inside.

The hot silk of her mouth was like a drug. Her tongue found his and they stroked and tangled, a thousand strands of need and desire binding them together.

His body throbbed against hers. If his lust drove them right through the brick wall and left the two of them lying in the rubble, he still wouldn’t be able to tear his mouth away.


Learn more here >> http://bit.ly/NothingLikeLove







If out-of-control desire is your reading #goal, then J.S. Scott is going to be your new BFF. The author has won readers over with her H-O-T Sinclair brothers, but the stakes are raised with oldest sibling Evan. He is arrogant, Alpha, and amazing, and schoolteacher Miranda Tyler finds herself saying yes…to everything he asks in The Billionaire’s Touch.


“Kiss me,” Evan demanded as he moved his hands down her back and cupped her jean-clad ass with both of his large, strong hands. His fingers gripped the flesh and pulled her molten core into his hard form. “You asked me not to kiss you, so you have to kiss me.”

Randi’s willpower broke as she looked up and saw the longing in Evan’s eyes. It was an echo of exactly what she was feeling, and she could no more resist him than she could stop breathing. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she speared her hands into his coarse hair and yanked his mouth down to hers. She needed his touch more than she wanted to resist him, and as his lips collided with hers, Randi completely forgot why she was even trying to fight the urge to devour him.

He sprang into action the moment she kissed him, taking control as he demanded her complete surrender. Tasting. Teasing. Commanding. Evan’s tongue swept into her mouth, wiping away every doubt she had as he conquered her mouth with his own, leaving her breathless and mindless as he finally surfaced, his teeth catching her bottom lip and nipping at the flesh as though he wanted to mark it.

His lips were suddenly everywhere, and Randi’s hand left his hair and wrapped around his neck as she felt herself being lifted off her feet. She landed on something soft— she assumed it was the couch—but she wasn’t about to turn her head away from his mouth to look. She was too obsessed with the feel of his body against hers to give a crap what she’d landed on.

For some unknown reason, she felt safe letting Evan take control of her body while it burned for his possession. She knew he was feeling the same insane desires that she was experiencing right now.


Learn more here >> http://bit.ly/BillionairesTouch






Forget about a love triangle, let’s talk love “square”! Author Melissa Brown’s newest romance If You Can’t Take The Heat has three sexy men after the same woman. And while casting director Whitney Bartolina is usually decisive, the choice between THREE men proves to be too hot to handle. Read on to find out how this take-no-prisoners heroine deals with a hunky cowboy from Montana.


Still holding on to his collar, she threw her head back in frustration. “You’re trying to torture me, aren’t you?”

Suddenly serious, Wes smoothed her hair down and rested his hands on her shoulders. “Not at all.”

“Then what is it?” Didn’t he want her as badly as she wanted him?

“Maybe I like keeping you in suspense.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I noticed.”

“And it gives us something to look forward to”—he trapped his lower lip beneath his teeth—“next month in Los Angeles.”

Whitney’s stomach did a gigantic flip-flop. “You’re gonna do it?”

Wes nodded slowly. “I have to see you again. It’s not a choice. It has to happen.”

He pressed his lips to the exposed skin of her neck, sucking gently as his fingers weaved through her hair.

Pure. Torture.

“My hotel isn’t far away. Pleee-eease reconsider.”

Wes said nothing but continued to lick, kiss, and suck at her sensitive skin. She wanted nothing more than to pull him into his car and straddle him right that second, but maybe he was on to something in delaying their gratification. The anticipation of seeing him again, of waiting until the next time they could be intimate, was intoxicating in and of itself.


Learn more here >> http://bit.ly/TakeTheHeat


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