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PROMO POST ~ The Billionaire’s Jackpot by Jeannette Winters


Drew Navarro believed life was a gamble and he was all in. When it came to money, he’d lay a fortune on the table without hesitation. He’s risk anything to win big. That excitement was all he craved until he met Katherine.Katherine O’Malley spent most of her adult life caring for others as a trauma nurse. After suffering her own tragedy, and losing all she had ever loved, she was left feeling broken and lost.

To have her, he’d have to break his own rules and put more on the table than he could walk away from–his heart.

To be with him, she’d have to believe a player was worth the gamble.

Together they discovered they could have the ultimate jackpot–true love.

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 Billionaire Jon Vinchi is a man with one passion: work. His friends decide to shake him up by entering him as a prize at a charity event.Accountant Lizette Burke is dressed to the nines and covering for her boss at a charity event. She’s hoping to land a donor for the struggling non-profit agency that employs her.

She never expected to win a date with a billionaire.

He never thought one night could turn his life upside down.

One lie stands between them and their happily ever after. Too bad it’s a big one! 


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Betting on You Series:

Book One: The Billionaire’s Secret (Free!)

Book Two: The Billionaire’s Masquerade

Book Three: The Billionaire’s Longshot (Coming July 2015)

Book Four: The Billionaire’s Jackpot (Coming October 2015)



About The Author

Jeannette was born into a big family in northern Rhode Island, where she still makes her home.  Deciding against following her mother’s footsteps, she raised a single – and wonderful! – son. By day she works in marketing, and by night she writes steamy romances.

She loves visiting historical monuments with good friends and family, and comes home to the best dogs in the world.



RELEASE BLITZ – Game On by Katie McCoy



Title: Game On

Author: Katie McCoy

Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Release Date: October 21, 2015




Rule of reporting 101– don’t bang your subject.

Sophie Hall has just gotten the opportunity of a lifetime–to profile Nathan Ryder, the hottest baseball player since A-Rod, for her first solo assignment as a reporter. Rumor has it Nathan is going to be drafted to the Major league, and yet he still fits an intense training regime around volunteering at a animal shelter. He’s a prodigy with a heart of gold, as American as apple pie and has an ass that deserves a trophy all its own. He may be the country’s heartthrob, but Sophie isn’t going to fall for that. She just has to remain objective and cover the story.

But she didn’t bet on Nathan’s gorgeous green eyes or the way his arms flex with muscle when he’s holding a bat. And she certainly didn’t think he’d be witty and smart and caring. Nathan is completely untouchable, but she can’t help it if those lingering gazes turn into something more. How could she not fall at the thought of the hottest guy she’s ever met devoting his limited free time to saving puppies?

When Sophie’s scoop turns into Nathan’s scandal, Nathan needs her more than ever. With both of their careers on the line will they strike out – or hit a home run?





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Author Bio


 Katie McCoy is a self proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical. A St. Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn’t writing books about hot men and the girls who love them. 


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RELEASE BLITZ ~ Whatever He Needs by Alexa Davis

Whatever He Needs RB Banner

Whatever He Needs

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Olivia isn’t making it in Hollywood like she thought she would. She would go back home if she knew her father wouldn’t say, “I told you so.” Her two roommates are doing fine with their acting careers and they expect her to pay her share of the rents. So after she can’t find a job she gets hired at a place that she would never admit to anyone.

Billionaire Tristan Davis just got a divorce so how does he deal with it? His favorite underground club where pleasures could be paid for. That’s where he meets Olivia. She’s gorgeous and he can control her however he likes. But when his secrets are revealed will she not want to be around him like everyone else in his life?

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Whatever He Desires

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Whatever He Wants

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RELEASE TOUR ~ Mr. Blackwell by AB Novak

GENRE: Paranormal Romance
PUBLISHING DATE: October 15, 2015
In the deep, bice, swampy waters of Louisiana, novice journalist Vivienne Gray falls head over heels in love with a man she supposed to be interviewing, Jase Blackwell. When Vivienne saves Jase’s life they are pulled into an ancient curse that has plagued the Blackwell family for years. There is a reason behind superstition. It’s because it’s all true. Not believing does not make it go away.


Unsure whether I was making a mistake or not, I sat back down and, from the moment we restarted the interview, it went pretty well. Jeffery and Julius answered most of my questions, and Father Joe commented here and there. Jase was the only one who didn’t talk or seem interested in the conversation. Everyone else was cooperating, though, so I didn’t mind.
That was until Julius brought up Jase’s snakebite. I learned that in the springtime, just a few months ago, Jase was bitten by a diamondback rattlesnake and had survived on his own, for about a day, in the swamp. The snake bit him in his lower abdomen, and he almost died. When they found him, he was barely breathing and had to be flown to the hospital to receive twenty-two anti-venom shots.
My reporter’s brain started spinning fast. Intrigued by his survival story and desperately wanting to know more about this man, I asked if he could show me how, what, where, when, and how he survived. He was hesitant, but in the end, the family made him do it, most likely just to make it up to me. That’s why I ended up in a dark corner of the Blackwell hunting cabin, cradling my plate, and waiting for him to say something, anything.
He must have known I’d wanted to clean my plate because he got up, walked over to take it from me, and exited through the only door. I heard him scraping both plates and then running water. He came back with two clean plates.
Not wanting any more silence, I spoke up. “So is this where you were bitten?”
He put the plates away on the shelf above the fireplace then strode back to the table, and sat down in a bit of a huff. He ran his fingers through his auburn hair and rubbed the back of his neck a few times. 
I kicked an invisible piece of dirt on the ground, pretending I wasn’t watching his every move. Another shiver went down my spine. I reached up with one hand to untwist my necklace, thinking once more I shouldn’t have come out here. 
Again, I barely heard him speak. “No, it’s a two-mile hike from here. I’ll show you in the morning. We got a late start today. I’m not taking you out there at night. We’ll leave at first light and get you back in time for your flight.” 
My mouth felt dry. I liked his slow, southern way of speaking. Shaking my head a little and deciding to take a chance, I went to my bag and pulled out my pen and pad. I didn’t really need to take notes because I knew that nothing he said would be forgotten. I sat back down at the table, gave him a reassuring nod, and he began. 
He focused his piercing eyes on the fire across the cabin. “As I said, I hiked about two miles east from here. I was looking for some wood for a bow I was working on. The rattlesnake must have just shed its skin or the rattle was broken off because I didn’t hear or see it until I was right on top of it. Mating season makes the snakes more aggressive. He got me here.” 
Leaning back in the chair, he patted his lower, right abdomen. I was hoping he was going to lift up his shirt, but he didn’t. A girl can dream. Pushing those thoughts out of my head, I pretended to make a note. “You have to stay calm when you get bit like that. You don’t want to get your blood pumping too fast because the venom will spread faster. By the time I made it back here, I was feeling the effects… bad.” His deep voice was extremely attractive. 
He got up effortlessly from where he was sitting at the old wooden table, walked across to the fire, and poked at it with a stick of some sort. Feeling myself shiver, I slowly walked over to where he was by the fireplace and sat down cross-legged, needing the heat. He glanced sideways at me and put down the makeshift poker. He sat, too, resting his weight on his hands behind him and stretching out his long legs. The fire danced in his eyes. They were normally a deep royal blue, but when they mixed with the yellow firelight, they seemed emerald in color. Every hair on my body felt like it was standing on end, ready to ignite. 
“My head was throbbing, my right leg was numb, my back ached, and I was getting sick to my stomach.” He reached up and touched his forehead as if the pain was still there. It wasn’t me making him act this way; he was reliving the horrifying experience. He’d thought he was going to die out here. 
I opened my mouth to speak, to tell him to stop. He didn’t have to tell me any more. I couldn’t stand to hear the pain in his voice anymore. But before I could say anything, he continued. “I crawled to the boat. I don’t know how I was able to start the motor, but I did. I hoped I’d pointed it in the right direction down river. I don’t remember anymore. Dad found me a few hours later. The boat was grounded on the riverbank a few miles up from here.” His eyes became distant as his thoughts engulfed him. 
I never wanted him to feel that way again and changed the subject, quickly. “So since you’ve caught my gift of gab, Jase, why don’t you tell me more about your gift of silence?” I liked the way his name slipped easily off my tongue. I smiled at him, hoping he found the humor in my words. He closed his divine eyes for a moment then he was back from wherever he had gone. I got my first real smile from him, and it took my breath away. 
I watched as his sublime lips parted, and he began to speak. “I find that if you listen, you learn a lot more than when you talk.”
“Ouch,” I said. “You really don’t like me, do you?” I asked, tapping my pen on my notepad, trying not to sound hurt. But I was. 
“You don’t understand what I’m saying, Miss Gray,” he chuckled, sitting up and poking at the fire again. 
Feeling as if he’d just called me brainless, I lashed out. “I see and understand everything, Jase Blackwell. I can comprehend everything you’re saying. You think I’m some young, dumb, blonde girl who has no business being out here. Hate to break it to you, bud, but I think you’re more afraid out here right now than I am.” His eyes never left mine during my rant. I felt my body moving involuntarily closer to him as I watched his eyes light up with amusement. “What’s so funny?” I asked in the meanest tone I could muster. 
What’s with me? One minute I’m captivated by this man, and the next I want to slap him across his bearded face. I sat back with a huff then got up and walked back to my dark corner. I was ready to tell him to just forget it. 
He stared into the fire and spoke quietly. “I’ve learned that when you’re nervous, you don’t know what to do with your gentle hands. You often reach up to make sure your necklace is there. It must be of some importance to you. When you get mad, your eyes narrow, and I can almost see the fire burning inside you. I can tell you’re in good shape because most people don’t hold up well in temperatures like this unless they’re used to it. You don’t mind the dirt and grime that comes with spending a night in the swamp, so I’m guessing you’re not from the city like my dad thought. The big bugs freak you out… a lot. And when your yellow hair blows in the breeze, it reminds me of sunbeams, and when you’re embarrassed, your fair skin turns my favorite shade of red.” 
I stood there, not knowing what to say. If he could see my cheeks in the shadows, he’d probably be happy. Trying to shake off the chill and yearning for the heat of the fire, I emerged from the darkness. “Well, that was honestly the biggest flying monster I’ve ever seen. It was huge. It wouldn’t leave me alone. It kept coming back, and it stung me twice.” I snatched the poker out of his hand and poked at the fire with it, not wanting to talk about me. “It’s your perfume. It’s very sweet. I should’ve warned you before we left the house.” He grinned, sniffing the air with his absolutely perfect nose. 
I stopped fiddling with the fire and glanced at him out the corner of my eye. I wasn’t sure if my face was giving anything away, but I was certainly doing back flips on the inside. “I don’t wear perfume. I’m allergic.” 
His piercing eyes looked like he had just revealed a secret that he wasn’t supposed to, and his lips parted slightly as we once again locked eyes. My skin was on fire again, and the urge to reach for him was back. 
Shaking his head slightly, he stood up, went over to our gear, and started laying out our sleeping bags. I saw him pull out a large, silver knife and place it next to his sleeping bag. Next, he moved his bow and arrows closer to the fireplace. 
My eyes grew wide, and my heart beat rapidly. So consumed was I with trying to figure out Jase Blackwell that I’d forgotten I was miles away from civilization in the middle of a Louisiana swamp with a man I had only known for a few hours. He sensed my sudden edginess. 
He lay down and said, “Don’t worry—you’re safe with me. I’ll never let anything happen to you.” It was as if he was stating a fact he had known all his life. 
And I believed him. I did feel safe and warm when he was near. No man had ever made me feel this way. I should be afraid, but I wasn’t. I should want to be boarding that plane back to Baltimore, but I wasn’t. For some unknown reason, I knew I didn’t want to be anywhere but next to him. He laid a muscular arm over his face to block out the moonlight coming through the front window of the cabin. Or maybe it was just a sign for me to stop talking. 
“Good night, Miss Gray,” he whispered. 
“’Night, Jase,” I said. It was all I could manage. 
With that, I went to my bag and pulled out a hair tie. I braided my long, blonde hair back as I did every night, took my boots off, and slipped into my sleeping bag. For a while, I just lay there in the moonlight, watching Jase’s chest rise and fall and thinking about how satisfying it would be to touch him. I thought about what his beard would feel like if I ran my fingers through it and gave it a tug. I thought he’d like it. I didn’t care if he saw me watching him—I couldn’t help myself. I kept my hands pinned under my head just in case I got the urge to reach out for him. All the emotions that had been running through me simmered as I realized I was lovesick for Jase Blackwell.




A.B. Novak grew up in Northern Maryland. She graduated from college with a degree in Fashion Design. In 2009 she married her college sweetheart, moved to a farm and had two beautiful children. She is an avid horse rider, author and business owner with her husband.



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RELEASE TOUR ~ Starlight Wishes by ME Montgomery



SERIES: Book 3 of the Polaris Series (stand alone book)

AUTHOR: M.E. Montgomery
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
CONTENT WARNING: 18+ for sexual content and some violence
Her wishes dissolved in the darkness… 
Jennifer Mitchell grew up knowing what she wanted out of life, and she didn’t let anyone dissuade her. But not all wishes come true. After years of blaming herself for a horrifying experience, she feels her dreams are forever shattered. Attempting to move forward, she searches for someone who can help her escape the nightmare of her past. Many have failed, but now the one person she has sworn to ignore has dared her to dream again and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Can she trust him? Will this choice be the final piece to her heart, or will it be the one who shatter her life into total disrepair? 
His wishes struggled to find light…
Tyler Cranston’s life was planned for him at an early age. He lived his life to please others, only to have everything go tragically wrong. Now as an adult he chooses his own path, living and playing hard and earning a playboy reputation along the way. But being carefree isn’t as ‘freeing’ as he thought it would be, and he longs for something more. Now once again he’s willing to do anything to make someone else happy, but she believes she’s happier without him. How can he prove he is worth the risk when he isn’t even sure himself?
Through tears and whispered wishes in the dark, can Jennifer and Tyler become the light for each other and turn their ordeals of the past into dreams for a future?


Damn! Damn! Damn!
My mental swearing pulsed in rhythm with my rapid heartbeat as I hopped around on one foot, nervously trying to shove my right leg into the uncooperative leg of my shorts. Just as I thought I had found success, I bumped into the bottom corner of my mattress and fell forward, face-planting almost on top of a lump shaped like a foot. I sucked in my breath, cursing my clumsiness as I stood up. I glanced over my shoulder at the form stretched out on my bed, but he didn’t as much as flinch. 
Phew. Unable to stop myself I gazed at the broad, tanned back that tapered to a narrow waist. The sheet rested just below the slight indentation at the base of his spine. I knew what I’d see if I removed the bed covers – a drool-worthy tight ass and long, muscled legs. I’d felt their power as my hands clutched and squeezed those muscled cheeks while my own demanding legs wrapped around his in an effort to pull him tighter to me. Even now, my heart accelerated at the memory of how he made me feel; not just the multiple orgasms I hadn’t known I was capable of having, but the care he’d given afterward.
Moving my eyes upward, I marveled at how I could see the definition of the muscles in his relaxed arms as they cradled his head under the pillows, unperturbed by the events of last night. In sleep, his lips lost their quirky smile, and his closed lids hid the teasing, arrogant brown eyes; eyes in which I got lost during a particularly vulnerable moment. He looked content and at peace, the exact opposite of how I felt this morning. I ripped my eyes away from their feast and managed to get my shorts pulled up and zipped. With as much stealth as I could manage, I opened a dresser drawer and grabbed the first shirt my fingers landed on.
If I could smack myself with any real results, I would. What the hell had been wrong with me last night? Every guardrail, every rule I’d put into place to protect myself from just such an event had been tossed aside, betrayed by my stupid desires. I’d let him, begged him even, to make love to me. Make love? No, that was more my style. For him, I’m sure it was sex, plain and simple. Well, maybe not plain and simple, more like spectacular and mind-blowing, at least for me. Regardless, how could I have allowed such a thing to happen? Had I drunk that much? You wish you could use that as an excuse, but you knew exactly what you were doing. You’re a first class idiot, Jennifer Marie! Now you’re just one more notch on his bedpost.
Feeling suffocated by my thoughts, I shoved my feet into my canvas slip-ons. I turned to the nightstand and stretched out my hand to grab my cell phone. I stopped when I saw the bottle of pain reliever and two of its contents beside the glass of water he’d set out for me the night before. Why did he have to be so damn thoughtful? And who would have imagined the innocent quest for those little white tablets would bring about more havoc than what they were designed to cure? I tried to stifle the memories they conjured, picked up my phone and tip-toed out of the bedroom. 
In the kitchen I found some paper and scribbled out an excuse, a lie actually, and left it where I hoped he might find it. I found my purse and quietly opened the door of the apartment. A next door neighbor with a newspaper tucked under one arm and a cup of coffee in his hand was just opening his door. He paused when he saw me, a knowing grin on his face. He winked at me, confirming that I hadn’t been able to completely muffle the cries of pleasure that had burst past my lips last night. Scowling at him, I hurried down the hall, anxious to put some distance between the man in bed and me so I could figure out how to fix this. Fix? The little hammers in my head ramped up their tapping to full blown pounding as if suggesting this would be no ordinary fix, but full-blown reconstruction time.

I knew I was taking the coward’s way out this morning, but I was doing both of us a favor. In the end, he’d be grateful I’d let him off the hook. Massaging my temples as I rode the elevator down to the lobby, I continued to convince myself it was better this way. Reaching the front door, I closed my eyes and shook my head in disgust. I had always promised myself I would never do the walk of shame, and yet here I was, stealing away in the early hours of the morning. And even then I couldn’t do it right. I mean, whoever heard of anyone sneaking out of their own home after a night of the most mind-blowing sex they had ever had?




M.E. Montgomery has been an avid reader her entire life, and her Amazon account will attest to that fact! Recently, several voices began telling their own stories in her head. After being assured she wasn’t crazy and this was the sign of an emerging novel, she decided to put her fingers to work and started typing, and with lots of encouragement, decided to share Alex, Kayla, and Aiden’s dramatic and heartwarming tale.
Her family considers her adept in most subjects, to include science, history, reading, spelling, and all mathematical studies, which loosely means she is the homework queen to her four school aged children. Fortunately, her biology and elementary school teaching background help her to keep up the expert façade, at least for now.
Although born and raised in the Washington DC metro area, she has considered many places to be called home since she left to attend college in North Carolina. She is a proud Navy wife, setting up hearth and home wherever in the world the Navy sends her husband. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves to go camping with her family, drinking wine on the deck, and romantic getaways when her husband’s work permits.

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BLOG TOUR ~ His Lullaby Baby by Airicka Phoenix

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Title: His Lullaby Baby
Author: Airicka Phoenix


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Tours


Nothing ever happens by accident.

Ex-combat search and rescue officer Toby McClain had seen all aspects of humanity in his ten years of service until friendly fire took him out of action. But bitterness was something Toby could never do. He was alive. He had his family and, after being ambushed by a door, he had his eyes on the sexy new innkeeper.

Adelaide Nixon had felt the burn of love once already. It was a mistake that cost her six years of her life. It was a punishment she never wanted to feel again, especially when there were two little people who depended on her to keep them safe. The last thing she wanted or needed was the attention of a guy whose family kept the gossip mills turning.

But no secret ever stays hidden in a place like Willow Creek. Even as Toby breaks through Addy’s walls, a new threat comes to town, leaving her no choice but to put more than her heart in Toby’s hands and trust him not to destroy her.


HLB Teaser 2

Author Bio:Airicka-Phoenix

Airicka is the prolific author of over eighteen novels for those who crave strong, female leads, sexy alpha heroes and out of control desires. She’s a multi genre author who writes young adult, new adult and adult contemporary and paranormal romance.

For more about Airicka and the realm she rules with an iron fist—and tons of chocolate—visit her at:

Amazon Author Page:

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“I’m sorry,” she whispered, not sure why. It wasn’t like it was her fault.
His chin tilted in her direction. Shadows played chase across that beautifully defined lines of his face from the kitchen lights breaking through the windows. They glimmered off the velvety surface of his breathtaking eyes and collected in dark pools in the hollows of his cheeks and temples. She stared hypnotized as he studied her.
“What are you doing, Addy?”
Having not been doing anything, Addy gave a start at the gruff demand. Her thought scattered as she tried to think.
“I’m not—”
Surprisingly warm fingers cut through the space between them and ghosted lightly along the side of her cheek. The feather light caress rocked her all the way to her toes.
The light shifted and she could just make out the slow curl of his lips. “You just can’t seem to make up your mind which one to call me, can you?” The fingers drifted back and curled around the nape of her neck. She was dragged to him and positioned with her hips cradled between hard thighs. “If it makes any difference, the way you breathe my name, the way you say it with just a hint of pleading, makes me all kinds of crazy with the need to devour you.”
His fingers tightened in her hair, locking her in place, helpless to do anything more than allow it when he pulled her closer. Her hands flew to his shoulders.
“Kiss me, Addy.”
She should have said no. Commonsense demanded it. Logic and rationality insisted. But his mouth was right there, a delicious, taunting sin begging her for just one taste.
Her fingers curled into the material of his sweater, gripping him like a life preserver even as he was the one pulling her under. Her body dipped into his, no longer under her control. His heady scent of man, soap, and cheesecake consumed what little sense she had remaining.
She kissed him.



RELEASE DAY BLITZ ~ Infatuation by River Savage


Title: Infatuation
(Knights Rebels MC #4)

Author: River Savage

Release Date: October 20, 2015

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Beau McIntyre is driven by a past smothered in blood and covered in bruises.
Though tragic, it’s help shape his future and define the man he’s become.
Day in and day out, he’s reminded of his failures in the faces of the women he saves. But what happens when one girl threatens to blow all of that apart? Will Beau lose his grip on the controlled lifestyle he abides by?
Mackenzie Moore is running from a past she needs to forget. A past that has molded her into a woman living in fear. One fateful night, her carefully constructed world is pulled down around her, forcing her to make a decision she’s not sure she can live with. 
Turning to the Knights Rebels MC for help is the last thing she wants, but everything she needs. 

Can Beau save her once again, or is what she running to far worse than what she’s running from? 




“Kenzie, I’m heading out. Will you be all right on your own?” I call out to her but receive no reply. Her door is ajar a few inches, so I knock, letting the force push it open further.

She is standing there. Her pert tits take my attention first and instantly my cock stirs back to life. She doesn’t stop to cover herself and I don’t look away.

“I’m heading out.” I manage some cough mumble thing, my throat becoming dry. She doesn’t say anything and her eyes don’t leave me. I should turn away, let her change in private, but I’m lost in the sight of her.

The soft glow of her bedside lamp highlights her against the dark room but even from this distance, I can see every one of those goose bumps glazing her skin.

We continue to stand silent for what feels like hours, until the soft whisper of her nightgown falling to the floor shocks me back, like the first momentary sonic boom that fills the skies on a Fourth of July weekend. My eyes follow its descent, pausing at the lace covering her pussy.

Jesus, fuck, turn around, man.

I swallow past my hunger and try to will myself to leave, but fail when her fingers hook into the side of her lace panties.

“Mackenzie, don’t.” My warning comes out strangled, my resolve slipping, but it doesn’t stop her. She continues to undress, sliding her panties down her legs then stepping out of them, leaving her completely exposed to me.

She’s beautiful. Fucking perfect. Every fucking inch of her. But there’s an innocence to her. One touch, one taste is going to destroy me.

What the fuck is wrong with you, man? Go to her. Fucking take her.

“Darlin’,” I say with a heavy breath, forcing my eyes away from her naked body and back up to her face. Her pink, plump lips, swollen from our kisses, slightly part as she draws in a long breath.

“You’re making this really fucking hard to stay away.” My voice cracks as my gaze catches her hand sliding between her legs.

“If you’re not going to help me, then leave.” Her voice is barely a whisper as her finger slips between her pussy lips disappearing from view. And fuck it turns me on.

Before I realize what I’m doing, my legs carry me to her. Not giving it a second thought, I slap her hand away from her pussy and pull her naked body to me. She comes willingly, a small cry filling the room at my touch.

“Fuck,” I groan, knowing I’m close to losing control. “I need you to think this through, darlin’. Be real fucking sure, ‘cause once we start, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop,” I tell her when her chest hits mine.

“I’ve never wanted anything more, Beau.” My name coming from her lips in a plea cancels out all my reservations, and before I can comprehend what’s happening, I have her on her back on the bed.

Pulling off my cut and shirt in record time, I flip the button of my jeans. Mackenzie comes up on her elbows and watches as I lose my jeans.

“Holy shit, you have it pierced.” She looks down at my cock, intrigue turning to wonder.

“I have two.” I point to the Apadravya piercing. The small barbell runs through the head of my penis. I then pull to show her the Frenum piercing on the underside of my cock.

“Did they hurt?” She bites her lip, her eyes not leaving the piercing.

“I survived. Had it done years ago.” She nods but doesn’t say anything.

“You keep looking at me like that and I don’t think I’ll last long,” I admit. Her inquisitive eyes move from my piercing up to my face and I realize it wouldn’t matter what way she looked at me. I’m wound up so fucking tight from not having my cock in a woman for God knows how long, I’m not going to last long regardless.

“Like what?” She looks back down at my cock and it bounces its own hello.

“Like you want to wrap your mouth around my dick and milk it dry,” I offer the visual, the picture playing out in my mind.

Yep, there is no way I’m going back on this, now.

“No one has ever spoken to me like this before.” Her teeth graze her bottom lip, and I don’t know if she’s afraid of me, or fucking turned on.

“You want me to stop talking to you this way?” I ask, placing a knee down on the bed and moving over her.

“I don’t think so.” She lays back, her dark hair spilling around her.

“You don’t think so? It’s a yes or no question, darlin’.” I keep my eyes on her, like I need to memorize every inch of her body.

“No,” she answers instantly.

“Then I won’t.”





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River Savage is the Author of the Knights Rebels MC Series. She released her debut novel, Incandescent, in August 2014.

An avid reader of romance and erotic novels, her love for books and reading fueled her passion for writing. Reading no longer sated her addiction, so she started writing in secret. She never imagined that her dream of publishing a novel would ever be achievable.

With a soft spot for an alpha male and a snarky sassy woman, Kadence and Nix were born.

River would love to hear from you. You can contact and/or follow her via…

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Email: riversavageauthor@gmail.com




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NEW RELEASE ~ Commodity by Shay Savage

 Shay Savage’s new book COMMODITY is LIVE!


Tired of the usual romance?

This brand new, stand-alone novel from Shay Savage
will keep you turning pages well into the night!


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A woman hunted by human traffickers.

A hot and dangerous bodyguard.

Utter destruction.

The end of civilization.

The beginning of a new form of currency.

Women are now the highest COMMODITY.



Commodity Prologue

No one ever saw them.
We didn’t know where they came from or why they came here. We only knew that in one blast, the planet was left in ruins. For weeks, the bodies of men rotted in the streets.
Men. Not women. Not children.
The women and children were gone.
With the cities destroyed and communication impossible, we could only guess what happened. Men gathered in loose tribes, trying to get answers, but there were none to be found.
As the weeks turned into months, survivors emerged from secluded, rural areas, underground shelters, and subway systems in the larger cities. Only a handful of women were among them. Men outnumbered them a thousand to one.
During the first year, the weather warmed. Rainfall nearly stopped. Lights began to appear in the sky, moving slowly over our heads, but they never came down. We had no face for our enemy, so we turned against each other.
Fights broke out as survivors struggled for limited resources. Clean water and food were at the top of the list and would only be traded for fuel, guns, or ammunition.
The few, unfortunate females still to be found became the most prized commodity.



“Ms. Savinski, you need to let me do this. You don’t have any other options.”
“Fuck you,” I growl at him, but he doesn’t change his stance.
“You are under my protection.” He separates each word, making them all count. “I will not let anything happen to you. Sometimes that means going against your wishes, but it’s always in your best interest. Now, we can do this with your cooperation or without. Your choice.”
“What are you going to do?” I ask, challenging him. “Tie me down so you can operate on me?”
“I don’t want to have to do that.”
“But you would?” My heart is pounding again, and there’s pressure behind my eyes.
He closes his eyes and brings one hand up to rub at his forehead. I watch his chest rise and fall as he takes a deep breath before looking back down at me.
“Please, Hannah.” He drops down to his knees in front of me. “I don’t want you scared. I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t touch you any more than I have to in order to get your leg fixed up. Please let me do my job. Let me help you.”
I look down at him in front of me, and I can’t doubt the sincerity in his eyes. My heart is still racing, and I can feel my pulse all through my leg. When I glance down, I see it’s bleeding again.
“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”
“I’m sure what I can do will be better than nothing.”
I close my eyes and bite down on my lip. It hurts, but my leg hurts more. I nod quickly before I can change my mind.
“Is it going to hurt?” I ask.
“Yeah,” he says. “Want more whiskey?”
He hands me the bottle, and I take a big swig.
“Take another,” he suggests, and I do.
He goes back to one of the footlockers for more supplies. I don’t look at what he’s bringing over and stacking on the floor next to the bed. I don’t think I want to know.
“Scoot back on the bed,” he says softly. “Lay on your side with your left leg up.”
I do as he says. My whole body is tense despite the whiskey running through my system.
“Try to relax,” he says quietly.


Excerpt 2 (sexy)

I feel his hard cock up against my thigh as his mouth covers mine. I taste myself on him, and it only makes me want more. Despite the release, my pussy is still throbbing. It’s not enough just to come—I want to feel him inside me. I want to watch him lose himself in my body.
Falk wraps an arm around my shoulders and rolls, pulling me over on top of him. I have to adjust my balance as I straddle him and lean back, staring at him. He wants me on top; I can see it in his eyes. He’s still hesitant and unsure, waiting for me to change my mind.
“I want this,” I tell him again. “I want you.”
“You have me,” he says simply. “Do whatever you want.”
“I want you inside me.” I feel his cock flex as the base presses at my apex in answer to my desire, and I reach down to wrap my fingers around it.
It’s glorious, thick, and throbbing in my hand. I run my finger along the vein at the base, and Falk shudders. I glance at him, and his eyes are closed. He runs his tongue quickly over his lips, and his chest rises and falls rapidly.
Wrapping my fingers around his shaft, I angle his cock upright and raise myself up on my knees. The head slides easily through my folds, still wet from my orgasm and his tongue. I guide his cock into position, and slowly lower myself over him.
I gasp as our bodies connect. For a moment, I can’t move—I just pause and feel him inside of me. I clench around him, getting used to the pressure, and Falk runs his hands over my hips, then up to my breasts. I start to move on top of him, slowing raising myself up and then dropping back down again.
He feels so perfectly right inside of me—warm and sensual. He alternates between watching my face and looking down to where we’re connected. Every time he looks down, I can feel him tense beneath me.



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