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BLOG TOUR ~ SoulDeath (Soulmate series) by J.Thompson



Title: SoulDeath
Series: Soulmate

Author: J. Thompson

Publication Date: October 13th 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance




Even Death craves love.

All of her life, Andromeda has felt like she was outside looking in. With only a few friends and a mother
who is a sandwich short of a picnic, she feels she can do little else but bury herself in her work.

At 24, Andromeda is the youngest Master Silversmith in the country, commissioned on a daily basis to
create bespoke pieces that speak of love and beauty. On the outside, her life seems perfect, but at night,
Andromeda feels the stab of loneliness, feels the bite of having no one to share her hopes and dreams with, no one to hold her and be that shoulder to cry on.

Dreams of different lives fill the void until a commission brings with it a tall, dark stranger with eyes like
the midnight sky. He enters her life and pierces her soul, bringing with it a hunger that scares her but also
excites her.

Hades, lord and god of the underworld, has watched over the realm of Elyssia since the great battle. He
has spent his long, lonely existence watching over the souls that enter his realm. A summons from the
goddess of love forces him back into the world of the living, making him see how much of life he is really
missing and uncovers a secret he has been hiding for over 500 years.

Cashing in on a favour owed to him by love, can the dark prince of Olympus find his happy ever after, or
will fate see to it that gods can’t have love like the mortals can?

Warning: forget what you know about the Greek myths and legends, forget what you’ve read in the
history books, for the gods make the rules and it’s up to the mortals to defy them.


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400 years past- Olympus, seat of the Gods

Hades sat on his throne that had been placed at the front of his temple that overlooked his realm. The underworld, home to the fields of Elyssia, fields of punishment, Tartarus, and much more, was his home and his charge.
His task as the lord of the underworld was simple; to house the evil souls that passed, letting them receive justice as they lived out their deathly existence in purgatory. On the flipside, Hades was able to watch the souls that were granted passage to the fields of Elyssia, a place where they were reunited with loved ones and were also give the option to be reborn.
The great god watched as a fresh influx of souls entered the fields where many waited to see if their family had joined them. Most were filled with trepidation at being in this unknown world. A world from myth and legend. It hadn’t helped at all that this particular group had been greeted by the guardian himself. Cerberus had managed to escape from his leash and had bounded down upon them. If they were not already dead, Hades was positive the three-headed dog would have caused many a heart to falter. Only, if they looked closer, they would realise he wasn’t the evil hellhound of legend but rather an overgrown puppy who craved love and attention. All he really wanted was a scratch behind his ears and maybe a tummy rub, but few would venture past a horrified look at the drooling jowls and sharp teeth. His barks of delight at seeing a friendly face would always be misinterpreted for aggression and would quickly send them running, not giving him the love the big, soppy oaf craved.
As with most days, the souls that were permitted onto the fields of Elyssia were greeted by Hades’ staff and those relatives that had decided not to move on and be reborn. Even though death was the reason they were here, most now smiled brightly and welcomed their time in the underworld. Those that had immediately decided they wanted to go back to the mortal world were led by Hades’ faithful servants towards the river Lethe. This graceful river flowed through the underworld and called to those that wanted to start afresh, unburdened by their past mortal life. They were given the chance to be reborn and to live out a new life with no knowledge of their past. The myth of past lives stemmed from this very river and its mighty powers, but over time, this power diminishes and is how the mortals are able to gain some semblance of their past memories.
Hades let his eyes roam over the throng of souls from his perch. He was vigilant in making sure none of the damned had made it through the barrier that separated the fields of punishment and the fields of Elyssia.
It saddened the great god that mortals took their short lives for granted; most who entered the underworld died well before old age had taken hold, their life threads cut when there were still things to finish and life to experience.
Both men and women of all shapes, sizes, and colours walked into Elyssia, bowing before him as they passed, their eyes widening only slightly when they realised the legends were, in fact, true. It wasn’t a surprise to know that even though the mortals still prayed and worshiped the gods, their actual belief was wavering.
He swept his gaze once more over the small crowd, happy that all had been accounted for and would be taken to wherever they preferred to spend their time. His gaze snagged upon a bent head of ebony hair that shimmered like the wing of a raven as the starlight touched upon it, it fell straight and true down her back. But it was her eyes that had captivated him, they stopped his heart for a second and changed the course of its beat. His soul pulsed deep inside as if she had a direct link to it. He felt like her delicate hand had wrapped around it and pulled.

About the Author

J. Thompson is a indie writer of fantasy fiction and paranormal romance, and a major fan of procrastination. Jenn has always loved history, so using her wild imagination and tying in her love of history and fantasy, she began a new adventure into the world of words. Weaving romance into old worlds and giving life to her mythical inspired novels is what Jenn does best, and she has a lot more planned in the future, including some hard assed demons.
When she isn’t bent over her laptop with the crazy writer eyes, you will find Jenn making jewellery, cross stitching and it doing paper crafts. Jenn is also a fitness lover and enjoys working out with her husband, either at the gym or at Caveman Training.
J Thompson is a passionate, if a little nuts, author who believes wholeheartedly that people are good and that everyone deserves romance – even Hades.

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