BLP THOUGHTS………. Confused, perplexed and disappointed


Most of time, as we live in different countries and have our time taken up with that inconvenient issue called real life – you know, pesky things like kids, husbands, family, work – our book conversations are usually messages or occasional long phone calls when we can find time when we’re both free, so it’s a treat to have a rare weekend together to talk books, authors, blogging, reviews, signings, social media and everything in between. As these convos have lasted into the early hours we found ourselves disappointed, perplexed and somewhat confused, hence this post and the title……..

When did this universe of words, characters, stories and worlds, this common love of books become the multi-headed monster of darkness, nastiness and negativity that the social media book world unfortunately so often is of late?
Where did the pleasure go??? 
Creativity creates beauty and the stories we escape to, be they m/m, f/m, menage or group, be they paranormal, fantasy or contemporary, sexy and hot, be they BDSM, vanilla or any variety of kink you can think of, the world of romance books has something for everybody, to satisfy all and every appetite no matter how different that palate might be…. so where did this intolerance for the right for people to have their own likes and dislikes, that has grown to the proportions seen at the moment, come from? When did it become acceptable to NOT be able to express your enjoyment or disappointment in a book without the anonymous keyboard warrior trolls making it too uncomfortable to do so?  When did this entitlement to dictate to an author how they should write their characters or the direction the story and/or series should take? On the flip side when did it become okay for an author to set her street team onto other authors or readers/reviewers for giving an honest opinion?
Where is the love? Tolerance? Patience? 

Debate and discussion done with respect enriches the soul; words are powerful and as readers and authors we should know and remember that, but increasingly, this book world that we all involved in, in different ways, has become a mean girls mentality drama-fest of nastiness and negativity.

Social media while letting us interact with like-minded bibliophiles can, at times, be a dark monster created by the unprecedented access to the indie authors we love, which has led some readers to feel entitled enough to dictate the direction and content of the next book or series, to demand a time frame for a book and woe betide any author who dares to have real life interfere with these expectations.
Several years ago some of the Facebook book groups where we discussed our beloved fictional characters were made up of women we felt so comfortable with that discussions were not just about books but life – our kids, our men, our fantasies, sex, toys and rock n roll. Many a night was spent laughing and enjoying each others company, over many miles, countries and time zones friendships were made, including this one between Tracy and I, these groups and chats had no judgement, no bullying, no negativity, we laughed, educated, talked and listened. How many of those exist now in that same form? How many have been joined and left over these years as they have developed and changed but not in good ways? How many of you have given nothing more than an opinion only to be jumped on and made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome and unwanted?
So I’ll ask again…….

Where is the love?

Where is the patience?

Where is the tolerance?


Remember that heady feeling when an author who had given you hours of escapism and pleasure with characters, who still live in you as real, interacted with you.
Remember the friendships made, the fun times, the laughs, the giggles and the gasps. Wind the clock back and enjoy the good that social media brought to our lives, kick out the judging, the bullying, the negative and the nasty.
Bring back the pure pleasure, after all isn’t that what romance should be?
~ Rebecca’s Ramblings

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We live to read!!! Our favourite genre is PNR - yep, we are more than happy to admit that we are complete #parawhores...... saying that, we will read and review a real mix of genres - from the better known authors to new-to-us authors and everything in between. We hope you like our posts/reviews and enjoy our blog. Thanks for stopping by our site!!!

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